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Jasmine Greene

"Dauntless Princess #2" by Jasmine Greene

SciFi/Fantasy text 4 out of 6 by Jasmine Greene.      ←Previous - Next→
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What happens when the dragon actually shows up?
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The Dragon's Folly


            The Dragon spotted his victim from the air and thought it rather too easy to kill right away.  After all, it was a woman who was his intended target and near her was an old fashioned knight that wouldn't be put up too much of a fight.  After all, he was wearing a rusted armor.  How mid 12th century.  No, he decided, this would be very, very easy.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Little did The Dragon know that when Princess Overall was in a bad mood, she couldn't be harmed by anyone, for some reason she became invincible, but it was too late for The Dragon to turn back.  He descended from the sky with an authoritative whoosh, and landed in front of Overall expecting her to scream.  Of course Overall, who never did what anyone expected of her, did not scream.  In fact, she completely ignored The Dragon and attempted to push through him as if he were not there at all.  At first, The Dragon was taken aback, he had never been ignored before, but soon after, he began to roar and spout fire.  Under normal circumstances, even the bravest knights would start shaking in their armor.  Naturally, Overall did not quake at all to the annoyance of The Dragon.  As a last resort, The Dragon blew a fire ring around Overall, thinking that would frighten her, but his attempts were in vain.

            "Well done, The Dragon.  I thought that you would be larger and fiercer, but I guess that none of  my expectations are ever met.  Just looking at you makes me want to pity you.  How all the other dragons must tease you for being such a baby, because I am sure that you are not quite 1,000 years old yet.  Probably not even 900!  Who do you think you are trying to fool The Dragon?  Ah well, I suppose that we all must face up with reality sooner or later, don't you think so?  Well, I do believe that I've wasted enough time now, so please step out of the way because I need to get back to my palace before everyone starts celebrating my death."  The Dragon, wondering where he had gone wrong, dutifully stepped aside and let Overall make her way back to the palace.  He felt defeated, which of course he was, so he decided to turn to the knight who had been hiding under a rock the entire time.  The Dragon had come across such knights before, cowardly fellows, and decided to just play with the knight's ego.

            "Back I say! Back!"  The knight shrieked when he saw The Dragon advancing on him.  The knight unsheathed his sword and began to hack feebly at the air for he could not see The Dragon very well, what with the armor on and all.  In his amusement, The Dragon sat back and watched the knight tumble around to try and fight him.  Little did he realize that Overall was watching the entire scene and was rather disgusted at the sight.  There was a knight who did not know how to use his sword and The Dragon that was using the knight for his own amusement.  Under other conditions, Overall probably would've joined in with The Dragon to ridicule the knight, however, Overall was experiencing mood swings and pitied the poor knight who at least tried to save her although she could take care of herself thank you.

            "Will this day never end?" Overall questioned the trees and the rocks.  Being inanimate objects, the trees and rocks decided it would be better not to answer, as it would probably lead to their downfall.  So, having no answer from the objects, Overall decided to go back and save the prince.

            The blue sky began to turn black and the sun began to disappear from view.  Suddenly…  well, that's an entirely different story.  Moving on.

            When Overall arrived closer, she saw that the knight had taken off his armor and continued to fight The Dragon.  However, he was no better off.  The knight did not know the first thing about fighting and was being defeated over and over again.  The Dragon was not even trying.  All he did was laugh, which made the ground shake (that is what early humans came to know as earthquakes) and made the prince retreat.

            "Look, The Dragon, I don't think that is amusing at all.  Well, on second thought, I do find this extremely amusing.  However, it is not fair to the knight to fight you because he is unaccustomed to violence as I see.  So, I will offer you this, you may fight me in place of the knight and if you win, you can eat me or whatever.  If I win, then you will bring me home and get rid of this knight.  I do believe that is fair."  Overall had made an enormous challenge, which The Dragon could not refuse.

            "I will accept your challenge dear princess."  But before the brawl could begin five other dragons were seen circling the sky, and one of them descended and landed in front of The Dragon.

            "You know you should not accept challenges from the sacrifices The Dragon.  Now, you take her and bring her to dinner.  We are all very hungry."  Said the Other Dragon. 

            "Apologies for not battling, but you know family.  Or then again maybe not.  I suppose that I will leave the knight here because he is quite harmless and hopefully has learned his lesson about trying to save damsels in distress. This isn't a fairy tale boy.  At any rate Overall, you're coming with me, knight, you stay here."  And with that, The Dragon grabbed Overall in his claws and flew off to the top of the Himalayas leaving the prince alone.

            Overall looked down at the world below her and sighed.  She really did not want to be dinner, but as was the custom for sacrifices, they were usually eaten. 

            "I don't understand why you have to eat humans.  Aren't lambs and cows as filling?  Don't they taste better?"  Overall questioned.

            "Yes they do, however, we are sort of keeping quotas on the human population.  You see, if we don't kill a certain number of humans, then the world will be overpopulated and all the resources will be depleted.  Humans must be kept in check and that is what these sacrifices are for.  If humans are left alone to live out full lives and be able to reproduce, the whole world will go to hell.  It’s like Malthus’s theory of population growth.  Oh you know.  The resources increase arithmetically while you humans increase geometrically.  So let’s say in theory that there are only 2 humans.  They would then…" 

“Oh shut up, I don’t care about your crazy dragon reasoning and your crazy dragon ideas.  Besides, that's the same excuse that hunters give when they hunt for deer, or other type of wild life. 'We're keeping the natural balance.' They say that because they need justification for killing innocent creatures.  You can say all that crap to make you feel better, but in the end, you're just murderers."  Overall was very anti-hunting, and also was involved in animal rights.

            "True," replied The Dragon, "which is why we do not allow animals to be sacrificed.  What have they ever done wrong to the environment?  Humans are not that innocent, which is why it is ok to allow them to be sacrificed, see?  Too many humans lead to destruction and devastation."  Overall was silenced by the last remark and sighed once again.  She was not feeling sorry for humankind, oh no, she was just feeling sorry for herself, as usual.  The Dragon really was not feeling sorry for Overall because she deserved to die.  With most of the victims, they were usually very pure and innocent, some were even babies and The Dragon always felt guilty killing them.  In the case of Overall, he knew better than to feel sorry for her.  He had read about Overall in his 100 most dangerous people book.  She was the second most dangerous, next to Lancelot of course.  It was even rumored that she had stolen candy from a baby and taken IRS relief money from the elderly. 

All her other schemes he had read as well.  He was especially disgusted with the way she treated the people in her kingdom.  She taxed the poor an outrageous amount and the rich hardly any, giving them relief.  But why would they need relief, was what one poor man asked.  Overall said that the money from the poor would be reinvested back to the poor in other forms.  Those other forms turned out to be higher taxes, less Medicare, and less help from the IRS.  Many poor people could not afford insurance of any kind, and they could not even find any jobs.  When the peasant masses began to riot, Overall decided to "change" her evil ways and began to charge less taxes on the poor and took some more money from the rich.  Overall stated that she would make changes and she did.  She made herself a new swimming pool, mall, and some more hotels.  Overall's mother did not do anything to stop her, and Overall's father supposedly committed suicide.

"Overall, you are a terrible person."  The Dragon stated.  He could not keep his anger in check anymore.

"What possibly possessed you to say such an awful thing to me?  I am a wonderful person!  All people in my kingdom love me!"  Overall was not lying.  She had no idea that everyone in her kingdom abhorred the sight of her, that her face was the target for many archery contests. 

"You can't lie to me," The Dragon retorted, "I read all about you in my book.  You have led an incredibly unproductive life.  Your entire sixteen years, all you have done is lie, cheat, and steal.  You have never helped out humankind.  You do not even deserve to live."

"Hey, don't you talk to me that way!  I am the princess!  I am allowed to be rude and not have a conscience.  It is in my nature and in my contract.  No one said that I was supposed to be a nice girl, so shut up, ok?  Do you have any idea how hard it is to be me?"  The Dragon sighed and did not say anything for a while.  He knew that there really was no way to get through to Overall and make her change her evil ways.  Maybe the best thing would be to drop her and let her die.  She did not even deserve to be sacrificed. 

Overall was bubbling over in rage.  No one had ever told her that she was terrible, no one had told her that she was the scum of society.  Well, The Dragon really hadn't said that, but that was the main idea.  And since The Dragon had told her that previously, it really couldn't be said that no one had told her she was an awful person.  So really to make the statement more accurate, only The Dragon had really told her the truth.  On second thought, everyone really had called her a hag and had spit on her whenever she walked through town.  Overall had thought that was how peasants said hello, so she always spit back.  Come to think of it, even her mother had told her she was a terrible person.  No one liked Overall, and she began to feel very alone and very small. 

"I wish I were dead," muttered Overall.

"So do a lot of other people," replied The Dragon, and landed on top of the Himalayas.

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22 Dec 200445 TragicMystery
HA HA hA ..HA...I want to see what becomes of the poor princess and if that sad night..will come back into the story or not....
15 Nov 200845 Anon.

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'Dauntless Princess #2':
 • Created by: :-) Jasmine Greene
 • Copyright: ©Jasmine Greene. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Dragon, Fairy tale, Mare, Prince, Princess
 • Categories: Parody
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