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Jeff Karlson

"Laiz" by Jeff Karlson

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 8 by Jeff Karlson.      ←Previous - Next→
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I just found this on my computer and realized with a little editing, it might not be half bad. So check it out.
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←- Bite | Of Wolves And Spiders -→

            Laiz sat on the barstool, ordering a shot of bloodwine. He slurped the thick liquid down quickly, then wiping the remains off his face with a scaly, clawed hand. He sighed, and did what he did every night at this time. Laiz looked down at his inferior body, and wished he had been lucky, like his siblings. Almost all off his blood brothers and blood sisters were born as dragons, and taken in by his parents. But of course, Laiz and a few others weren't so lucky. They were shunned, having picked up some of the genes of their ancestors who had not been dragons. Laiz was no more than an overgrown lizard in their sights. They didn't even give him a name before throwing him out. Once the egg was cracked, Laiz was left to fend for himself.

            Laiz ordered another shot of bloodwine, and, much to the disgust of some of the patrons, loudly slurped down the concoction of blood and alcohol. He licked the blood off his mouth with his forked snake tongue. Slowly he swiveled around on his barstool. Two men were standing right in front of him. Laiz sighed. Some humans thought all reptiles were just evil creatures bent on destroying the human race, or something crazy like that. He never knew what really drove them into blind hatred.

            "'Ssscuse me, gentssss," Laiz sneered. He attempted to walk between them. They didn't budge. He tried moving to either side, slightly bored. They blocked his escape. This had happened too many times before. Every single time, he never used violence. Staying calm and letting people try to beat the crap out of him had usually amused him. Their pathetic fists couldn't begin to scratch the hard, scaly exterior. But tonight it was different. His hatred to his family was so fresh in his mind. He bared his claws; no match for dragon claws, but could still do some damage.

            "Get out of my way," Laiz said in a calm, yet threatening voice. They smiled and showed no intention of moving. One man pulled out a very shiny greatsword. Laiz guessed it was new. The man wielding the sword looked pretty young. This would supposedly be his first attempt at killing a reptile. Laiz knew of no reptile that had been beaten by one of these self-righteous humans. He did know, however, that a greatsword was nothing to ignore. The sharp blade could easily penetrate his scales. He looked to the bartender. Certain weapons weren't allowed in pubs because of the damage they could bestow onto the premises. Laiz noticed the bartender wasn't at the bar. He turned back around.

            "Out of my way," he said quietly, still calm. He pushed the one without the sword away so he could go past them. The two considered this a sign of aggression. The man with the greatsword swung the massive metal object and struck scales in Laiz's arm. Laiz howled in pain as he backed into the bar, clutching his bleeding arm.

            "Overgrown lizard scum!" the man yelled, triumphantly. The reptile's rage was increasing. But he decided against attacking the humans. Most courts turned the other cheek when it came to matters like this. No reptiles ever could be judge. Still, the pain in his arm was slowly increasing. If only he could breathe fire or have a venomous bite. He was starting to think that he was nothing more than an overgrown lizard.

            The rage was not helping the pain. Neither was the pain helping the rage. They both increased rapidly. Soon he was staring right at the two, feeling immense hatred. He wanted to kill them. He wanted to eat them. He wanted to mutilate them. He wanted to do anything. He wanted to do anything that could be fatal, or at least induce a lot of pain.

            Suddenly, his fingers started to feel like they were burning. He hissed as this newfound pain was adding to his torture. Looking down, he noticed a translucent liquid with a hint of orange coloring secreting out from where his fingers ended and his claws began. Now infuriated, he plunged his hand into the stomach of the attack with the greatsword. The man let off a large scream as he felt his insides burn away. Laiz withdrew his hand and watched as the other man ran in fear from the pub, as well as most of the patrons. He turned back to the bar and waited for the bartender to return. He was thirsty.

            Laiz slowly examined the dead man on the floor and saw what he had done. The orange liquid must have been acidic or something. It was painful for him, but lethal to humans.

Laiz smiled. He had discovered a gift given to him from his dragon heritage.

←- Bite | Of Wolves And Spiders -→

5 Mar 200445 Crystal 'Kitty' Tosi
You need to edit out the swear word. It might force to Mods to come after you *winks* Anyways, nice job. Can you please explain this Dragon gift of his. Didn't really understand it. Keep up the work ^^

1 Jeff Karlson replies: "No problem. I have this really bad habbit of creating a story in my mind and then leaving certain bits still inside my mind. It makes a perfect story for me...lol...anyway...basically he found that if he was angry enough, he could secreet a fiery substance from his claws that made the attack very painful. I hope that helps."
24 Mar 200445 Danny Maile Wilson
Very good funny and good i like laiz bye

1 Jeff Karlson replies: "I like Laiz too! lol"
30 Mar 2004:-) Frank Gale 'coyote' Garcia
Hey neighbor to left of me, i liked you story, but would have like more description of your surroundings and characters.

17 Jeff Karlson replies: "  uhh...I'm no good at describing anything...but I can try...I just finished my newest story so I have no project to work on...maybe editing and adding more to Laiz...anyway...thanks for your comment!"
31 Aug 200445 Stephan Calloway
Very nice work. Short but extremely emotive. I applaud your talent on a very good read.

1 Jeff Karlson replies: "Thank you very much...you made my day 2"
26 Aug 200845 Maria
Hi, I just want to tell you that in Brazil this a female name, but the story is good.
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 • Created by: :-) Jeff Karlson
 • Copyright: ©Jeff Karlson. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Bar, Barfight, Greatsword, Lizard, Pub, Reptile
 • Categories: Fights, Duels, Battles, Mythical Creatures & Assorted Monsters
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