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Jennifer ´Softpaw´ Simmons

"Farewell to Innocence" by Jennifer ´Softpaw´ Simmons

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 4 by Jennifer ´Softpaw´ Simmons.      ←Previous - Next→
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Work in Progress, Jazz and Softpaws last full day tother, and what happens afterwards when she gets the news of his 'death' I'll be adding to it as I get more written, suggestson are more then welcomed it has a painting I did with the same name that is on my loth gallery HERE and NOTE I've spellchecked most of it but haven't grammer checked it becuse i'm typing it in compser. when done I'll grammercheck it on my Fiances computer with MS works. Another NOTE, the plots worked out to the end, what happens has been established, this is a Written account of it.
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←- Come, Dance with me | Beginnings -→
The Day dawned brightly,  many colored light filtering into her large room in a private tower of the castle via the huge stained glass windows . She rolls over in the mass of blankets that she is tangled in on her massive four-poster bed  and looks up at the ceiling, just laying there for a while, then she yawns and  sits up, then sighs speaking softly to herself. "it's our last full day". She sighs again and scoots to the edge of the bed, her feet dangling down to the marble floor. She  reaches for her thick green robe, pulling it on she wanders into her bathroom, pausing before the mirror to look at her self, a delicate, beautiful feline face looks back. Long Blond hair spills down her back, smooth white fur covers her body, Large green eyes flecked with gold  hold a sadness to them for today. she sighs again and gets ready to face the day, bathing and grooming herself then pulling on the green dress he loves to see her in. she leaves her room pausing in the doorway to lightly touch the heart locket, Crystal with a gold edge and a set of initials in the middle,  at her throat and closing her eyes just briefly.

She takes two turns and then runs smack into a tall handsome tiger Cattassan with shoulder length black hair, he grins down at her then scoops her up and swings her about "good morning 'nessa" She blinks then mrowls softly holding onto him as he hugs her "jazz you surprised me" he grins and sets her back onto her feet" well I wanted to get to you as early as possible, lot to do today" she nods softly looking up at him he's nearly a head taller then her" aye I know you. leave tomorrow" she buries her face against hs chest "wish you didn't have to"

He looks down at her and then  hooks his arms under hear to lift her up by her forearms so they are face to face, green eyes meeting with green eyes  and gives her that soft charming grin of his that just makes her heart melt "you know I love you 'Nessa, but I am a knight and a dukes son I have the duty to go and defend out country, and I relish that opportunity" he leans forward to kiss her nose" we have today then will be apart for a while, but I will return to you , heart of my heart" he sets her back down onto her feet and  runs his hands along her cheek caressing her soft white fur. she closes her eyes and leans into his hand and sighs kissing his palm.

"there is something  I must ask of you" he looks down at her solemnly and waits for her to look up, "our link, while I am gone I need you to turn it off, do not contact me, wait for me to do so" he closes his eyes now as he speaks of there mental link, one the young couple has come by naturally, but wedded Cattassans develop one though the marriage ceremony, only once every great while does a couple share this link with out that, and that means the two are mates of the soul, meant for the other and only the other. "what I am to face is nasty, horrible things, and while I know you are no delicate flower that needs protecting,"  he smiles slightly opening his eyes again " I don't want you to have the stress of sharing them with me, I know it will be hard but, promise me this, that you will not contact me , or open the link up till I sweep you into my arms upon my return, do you think you can do this?"

She pauses then nods swallowing lightly "I..I promise Jazz, it will be hard, I'm so used to being able to feel your presence even when your at home and I'm here. But I will, For your sake as well, for I fear my worries for you while you are gone will distract you." She gives him a weak half smile then reaches up to  trace a stripe on his face "now, perhaps, breakfast? The family is waiting"

He chuckles softly at that "aye I know, waiting and the usual chaos of a breakfast with your family. You know Your oldest brother really shoudl get a better hold on his kids" he lets her go and turns around to head in the direction she was headed in when they met up. She chuckles softly herself at that and bats at his tail as it sways behind him "those little hellions, I don't think even Father could keep them from running amok"

←- Come, Dance with me | Beginnings -→

1 Mar 200245 Marshmellow lordharshmage@ris.
Very good Jen! I'd just like to see more of it, but I'm content to wait...and wait....and wait some more....and...Can you hurry up!?

:-) Jennifer 'Softpaw' Simmons replies: "good writing takes time! so wait *giggles* it;s not liek you don;t knwo how the story ends in the first palce anwyasy"
1 Mar 2002:-) Krista 'Q' Di Fulvio
I like it...but *and this is my egotystical butthead writing self speaking*..id use more discription, even more then you're using now. rightnow it seems like...any generic story (im notorious for those,mind you). maybe just add a little more description here and there for the reader to sink there teeth into. but its an awsome start

:-) Jennifer 'Softpaw' Simmons replies: "well ti is jsut the start, and I;ll try to work more in, I;'ve got some more done but workign on somthign else as well I;m thinking about puting up so it'll be a bit before I put up more of this one."
1 Mar 2002:-) Robert 'Adar' Simmons
Varry cool story sofar love. I can't wate to read the rest when you get done...*sits and twidlels thumbs untill then*

:-) Jennifer 'Softpaw' Simmons replies: "*pffts* lvoe you get to read it whenever youwant you silly dragon jsut look at it on your computer you knwo where the files at on mine"
25 Mar 200245 Lady Wolfsong <n
OOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! Love this one!!!!! Can't WAIT to read more! This is great! Wow,hon...this really shows talent...(am I gushing too much? blush,sorry!)Hugs!
26 Mar 2002:-) Meagan Theresa Margaret 'Moggie' Jones
Awwww! you really can see the bond and intimacy in this one.. they do care for each other very much.. its plain to see!
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'Farewell to Innocence':
 • Created by: :-) Jennifer ´Softpaw´ Simmons
 • Copyright: ©Jennifer ´Softpaw´ Simmons. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Feline, Love, Magic, Romace
 • Categories: Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc.
 • Views: 301

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