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Jenny ´Dumpysaurus´ Barnes

SciFi & Fantasy Fanart by Jenny ´Dumpysaurus´ Barnes

Jenny is kooky as all heck and loves to draw, draw, DRAW!

BG&E Bunch
Big-Headed Spidey
Capcom (and one SNK) Mice
I Think That's a 'No'
Mr. Skellington
Oh, the Cosplay Horror
Princess Leech--redux
Princess....... Leech?
Rito Postman
SNK (and a coupla Capcom) Mice
Supah Mario Cosplay!
The Legion of Incompetence

5 May 200445 Sheikahwisdom
Nintendo: the ONLY GOOD video game company ^____^
the rito postman is fabulous and the link and gannondorf picture...sadly i do not know the cominc but they're still friggin sweet!!!
i agree with the hapycow that ur self portrait looks like something out of mario or zelda...HOW DOOOO YOU DO IT! XD

12 Jenny 'Dumpysaurus' Barnes replies: "Yeah, Colin and Jimmy are from a comic that I have yet to draw, so only me and a handful of friends/siblings will recognize 'em. Glad you like it anyway! Heehee, I'm glad people are recognizing the retro sprite look I was aiming for with my bio pic. Thanks a jillion!"
5 May 2004:-) Christiane 'HapyCow' Rosin
Woo, I get first comment! *eyes sparkle* I'm really glad ya have a fanart gallery now, hehe 10 I haven't commented on everything yet..but I like it all so far! yay for Zelda games!! ^__^ I like your self portrait, too..it's like an old Mario sprite or something *smiles* Man, I gotta run away and play Nintendo now o.o

13 Jenny 'Dumpysaurus' Barnes replies: "Ah, Nintendo, the ultimate source of fan art goodness. Much more to come, and some better replacement scans, too. Thanks!"
11 Jun 200445 Shaun Christopher Hawksworth
How can you say Nintendo is the only video game company when you have FInal Fantasy for the playstation... well the Final Fantasy's came out for the Snes first so I guess I'll let that slip 14

YO JEN! O_O guess who... lol

I don't care how many pictures you add but when you do update your gallery make sure you keep me informed kk? gneheheh

1 Jenny 'Dumpysaurus' Barnes replies: "Gnehehehe. Ha! Okay, I'll give you a nudge when I put more up, which oughta be soon. And yes, Final Fantasy games are the reason to want a Playstation!"
9 Aug 2004:-) Elizabeth Watson
hey how come you never told me bout this place!? Trading buddy, are you hiding secrets from me?????!!! shame! teehee you shoulda told me you did fan quarter!

22 Jenny 'Dumpysaurus' Barnes replies: "Oops! I just figured you'd go to the link on my other page. Hey, aren't you working on a fan art gallery as well? Poke me when it's up and running! I wanna seeeee! And I must thank/congratulate you for commenting on EVERYTHING here. Wow! *gives medal*"
29 Sep 200445 Shaheira
O_o I havn`t been here before...I kept getting too lost in your other gallery.....*wheeee* this means I can comment more art! *Laughs* one day I`ll be kicked out of one of theese galleries for leaving crazy comments anywhere *giggles*...well what the heack, then they`ll just have to kick me out, I won`t stop commenting great art 1
O_o that nintendo you is sooo cool *laughs* can I play that game?? *Steals you and puts you in her nintendo and plays you for a long time*...oooopsie...I made you die...oh well...*sticks you back in place again and pretends like nothing* 10

12 Jenny 'Dumpysaurus' Barnes replies: "Crazy comments are more than welcome, me old skip skap amigo! Arrr, you ran me right off a cliff! *Mario game over music plays*"
20 Jan 200545 ErIc hEcK
brian heck!

22 Jenny 'Dumpysaurus' Barnes replies: "*cringes* Eek! Caps! Well, I'll tell ya what; since I've heard scary things about deals gone awry over the internet, is there a site or something where I can see what you're working on? That'd be keen. Fanks fer the offer! *_*"
9 Apr 200545 Jackeh
Hate to be the bearer of bad news but. . . with the recent crash here, everything you added after February is gone >_< That stinketh greatly!
4 Aug 2005:-) Kathleen M. Whittet
I just had to stop in and say I like your style. Wish mine wasmore like it! But anywho, I went through you gallery and I love all you piccies! Great work. I have to say though that I'm torn as to which Leech I like better. Your first one is good and so is your second but both in there own unique ways. I love your self portrait also you should do a serise.

2 Jenny 'Dumpysaurus' Barnes replies: "Oh, you shouldn't wish for a style like anyone else's, in my humble opinion. We all see the world differently, and I think it's best when we reflect that in unique styles. Pardon my preachyness. ^_^' Thank you for the compliments! I never expected anyone to consider the old Leech as good as the new one, but I guess they've each got different things going for 'em. Many thanks!"
20 Feb 200645 Kool kat
You have the best gallery in the whole elfwood world! I love your artwork soooooo much, i print it out and make a beautiful arrangment of your work!!!!! You are the best not in only elfwood...But in the whole entire universe
#1 #1 #1

3 Jenny 'Dumpysaurus' Barnes replies: "Dang! I'm not sure I deserve such praise, but it does make me feel special. *glows radioactively* Thank you sooo much! *_*"
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