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Joni Warden

Joni Warden

Joni is a working artist and has a fine arts gallery on the web. Also, she is an avid fan and artist of Fantasy art, Fantasy books and movies :-) and finds inspiration from all these resources to create her own artwork, in her own home. Joni sells her fantasy art at www.zazzle.com/joniwarden Please, follow these rules when wanting to use my work: if you would like to hire me, I am available to contact. If you are wanting to use my art as signature pictures, please... ask me first, and you must put my name and a link back to my page here, within your signature area, in your profile.

Hello and WELCOME!!

I hope you enjoy viewing my fantasy art! I've only been drawing Fantasy for just a few years, although I haven't been lazy! I am a Northern Plains native, born and raised in Lincoln, Nebraska (Go Big Red!!) I attended all my schooling there and sold some of my artwork there. I did attend a few showings and did have my fine art hung in a Professional Gallery. I now reside in Southern Calfiornia and work in my home. I am currently in College at Mt. San Antonio, in Walnut, CA.

What I do: I create illustration designs for 5 writers and sell my designs on products in my own Zazzle Stores!  I do keep busy. I won a Fan Quality award with MediaWest*Con of which I am a member for one of my book cover designs and have had several Honorable Mentions. I am availble to do illustrations for anyone who is interested in my style. Because it's so difficult to committ to purchasing art, I offer a Lay A Way set up for those who fit the necessary profile. :-) Thank you for coming! Joni's other website(s)



Reading Fantasy books, Wheel of Time (God rest RJ's Soul) Terry Goodkind, Terry Brooks and the likes.
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
(Movies)LoTR, Avatar, Transformer, both, Xmen- all, Airbender,(TV) Supernatural, Smallville, Ghost Hunters, CSI (LV) Meerkat Manor *lol* paranormal state, Most Haunted, True Blood,
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Wheel of Time, Sword of Truth, Vampire Chronicles. I am also a founding member/Admin of A'vron Ayende, a community based, Wheel of Time site, and a member of TV.net
Favorite Music
nearly everything.

Guestbook for Joniwarden

18 Aug 2004:-) Joni Warden
***Heartstone, I accidently deleted your post!! So, I backpaged and copied/pasted it** I almost fainted!!!!! lol So here it is again***

Your Elayne is exactly how I pictured her in my mind's eye while reading WoT, I think your Lan does any fan of his proud too. The Nynaeve is absolutely beautiful...If I would have imagined her to be that pretty maybe I would have been a bigger fan of hers.

You need some Aviendha art on here Joni and more Moiraine too, I hear if you spread art to the world for a good cause that good fortune soon follows. Making me smile at your art is a good cause isn't it? And nothing would make my smile wider than a styling of Aviendha. 1

Actually, it's just good to see someone enjoying art and WoT at the same time too...And that makes me happy as well.
Keep up the good work Joni!

:-) Joni Warden replies: "I am making a pic of Avie right now...hope soon to get it up on Elfwood. *smiles*"
9 Oct 200445 Emma Hay
I pass by your gallery occansionally and it’s time I commented. 2

You’ve obviously mastered several mediums, your drawings and computer altered pictures remain my favorite. Your Cadsuane is excellent, I certainly wouldn’t want to even think of crossing her. More Wot!

:-) Joni Warden replies: "Thank you Emma! *hugs*"
21 Nov 200445 BlackThunderWolf
I love your Wheel Of Time pictures; they're beautiful!
All your other pictures are good as well.
And last... GO BIG RED!!!! Cornhuskers rule!

1 Joni Warden replies: "*rofl* omg... love my hommies!!!! GO BIG REEEEDDD!OKay... so thank you for your comments..hope to see you come back! *hugs*"
24 Jun 2005:-) Jennifer L. Vincent
I... I... I... *bursts into tears* I'm sooo jealous! You got skillz, woman! Dang. These are awesome. Blah. ...Don't go look at my gallery. I will be shamed. :'(
24 Jun 200545 Anonymous
Just a bit of praise and criticizm!
I think that you are a very talented artist and you draw well!
And I am a great WoT fan, so it is always fun to see different versions on the characters of the book. I especially liked the pic with Rand, Perrin and Mat!
But.. Seriously.. The WoT women look like "women of the night" in those dresses.. If you have read the books properly(...), you would have known that they do not dress like that.(think about how riding a horse would be.. he, he,he..

:-) Joni Warden replies: "I certainly DO realize they don't dress like that... this is artistic interpretation *G* lol I hear ya man. *nods*"
5 Mar 200645 Qaitakalnin
I just wanted to say i have enjoyed your gallery very much and i hope that you continue to post your art here. Thanks for posting these wonderful pieces.

:-) Joni Warden replies: "Well then add me as a favorite *G* I hope to see you stopping by more."
8 Jun 200645 Anonymous
The more sword of truth characters and the more wheel of time characters the better.

:-) Joni Warden replies: "Thank you for stopping. I hope you add me as a favorite!"
19 Apr 2009:-) MT Starkey
Great pics. Nice looking ladies.
20 Apr 2009:-) Joni Warden
I hear ya!! More SoT and WoT... that’s my world baby!
20 Mar 2012:-) Joni Warden
LK Childers, please contact me via facebook: Joni Warden and send me a private message. Thank you for the interests!!! I know I am very late to answer this but I am super busy in RL.
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