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Jon Schweer

"Genisis" by Jon Schweer

SciFi/Fantasy text 6 out of 10 by Jon Schweer.      ←Previous - Next→
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Genetic mutations are done on test subjects by scietists. This is the journal of one of those scientists, the only record left.
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Day 1

At 8:04:30 AM the Genesis Project was initiated. This experiment is designed to see what variation of effects of DNA from other terrestrial creatures have on the Homosapien DNA. Twelve security personnel have volunteered to be test subjects for this experiment. They have been informed of all the possible dangers and risks of this experiment. Each of the test subjects will be given a slightly different alteration of the DNA serum, and any alterations of the Test Subjectís DNA, other psychological, or physiological structure will be recorded. Test subjects #1, #2, and #3 were injected with 10cc of alligator DNA. Test subjects #4, #5, and #6 were injected with 10cc of alligator DNA and 15cc of fragmented pieces DNA from the Black Widow spider. Test subjects #7, #8, and #9 were injected with 10cc of alligator DNA, 15cc of Black Widow DNA, and 5cc lizard DNA, and 5cc of fragmented triceratops DNA. Test subjects #10, # 11, and #12 were given 10cc of alligator DNA, 20cc of Black Widow DNA, 15cc of lizard DNA and 15cc of cloned DNA from a triceratops/

In each of the ten Test Subjects, the serum will be permanently resident in their bloodstream thanks to a rare chemical compound found in the cranial area of the gray wolf. This chemical compound will allow the serum to be entered into the Test Subjectís bloodstream intravenously and have the serum gradual alteration of their metabolisms. It is noted that the chemical compound has the ability of letting the serum enter all cells and have it cohere to the nuclei membrane and allow the serum to be replicated when the cell undergoes mitosis.

Day 7

All ten Test Subjects have developed minor habitual and slight physical traits from the DNA serum. Test Subjects #1, #5, #7, and #8 have exhibited some slight ill effects from the DNA serum. However, there is nothing to be worried about. Test Subject #10 has been exhibiting acute outbursts of aggression toward members of the staff and the other Test Subjects. He has been put under close observation.

Day 11

Test Subjects #3, #5, #6, #8, and #11 have been found brutally murdered in their quarters, apparently by an unknown party. Test Subject #10 has begun to show very acute symptoms of homicidal tendencies and outbursts of violent rage. He is held accountable for the mysterious deaths of Test Subjects #3, #5, #6, and #8. However, there is no proof to show this to be true. He is being monitored for further homicidal behavior. He has shown heightening of the senses, especially in sight, smell, and hearing. Also, he has shown a remarkable skill of hunting and tracking. The remaining Test Subjects have gained several acute characteristics from the DNA given to them. The DNA serum has apparently taken its predicted course.

Day 16

Test Subjects #1, #2, #7, #12 and several members of staff have been found brutally massacred in their quarters by an unknown party. Test Subject #10 is held accountable. Test Subject #9 is showing a variety of characteristics from the DNA serum. With him, the DNA serum has taken itís course. He is exhibiting no apparent ill effects from it. He has shown an increased healing factor. It is estimated that it is presently double that of an average Homo sapine.

Test Subject #10 is showing a variety of characteristics from the DNA serum. Among these are an hyperactive senses, blood chemistry alterations, and numerous physical mutations. These mutations include increased muscle size, a gaining of a hard shell-like plating encasing the head and most of the body with three small "horns" appearing on the head, greater adaptability to sever & sudden climate changes, and secreting a thick, web-like mucus from a porous structure located on the wrist just below the palm. He also seems to have maintained a heightened sense of agility in spite of the armor. His homicidal tendencies and pure rage have somehow increased to an unbelievable level.

Day 20

Test subject #9 has been found dead in his quarters. Apparently, his metabolism had overreacted and went into failure from an unknown characteristic acquired from the DNA serum. Three more staff members have been viciously murdered by Test Subject #10. The situation with Test Subject #10 is getting critical. If he is not stopped he will eventually destroy this laboratory. His apparent pleasure he derives from the carnage is also increasing.

Day 23

Two more members of the staff have been murdered by Test Subject #10. His homicidal tendencies are almost uncontrollable. The remaining five members, myself included, are considering terminating Test Subject #10 and abandoning the Genesis Project.

Day 24

It has become apparent that Test Subject #10ís rationality and conscious has been somehow put into complete recession by the DNA serum. There seems to be nothing that is able to bring any rationality back. The dominance factor has been completely reversed and it is in favor of the savage beast that he has turned into from the DNA serum. The DNA serum has enhanced the dominance of the beast. Since there seems that there is nothing to reverse the existing dominance factor Test Subject #10 is now considered a ravaging beast. During an attempt to terminate Test Subject #10 three members were killed. The fourth is in critical condition and probably will die within the next 24 hours.

Day 25

The Genesis Project has failed. The fourth member died at 8:06 AM this morning due to an unknown, exotic poison that entered his bloodstream from Test Subject #10ís talons. I am entering this entry with great urgency, as I am fleeing from this vicinity because of Test Subject #10. Anyone reading this entry is strongly advised to leave this building, or whatever remains of it. The creature, monster, that is now roaming this vicinity is to be considered completely irrational and an incredibly powerful being. DO NOT attempt to reason with it. If you encounter it, kill it.

←- Gargoyle | Majesty -→

14 Jun 200145 Janus
Not bad=flesh it out a bit and u'll have a good short story to sell-congrats- Want to know something funy, I got this plot off a cheap b-movier I watched some time ago.
29 Nov 200145 Sweet
Jon... This was chilling. It was a compelling tale of an experiment gone wrong. An excellent Science fiction story.Awesome.
24 Mar 200245 Loki
26 Aug 2002:-) Valerie S. Pyles
WOW! One question though....what happened to test subject #4? I am guessing it was killed by #10, and I just missed it. Excellent story....!

:-) Jon Schweer replies: "I belive so. And thanks."
14 Nov 200245 Todd White
is it really true if so can it be done just with spider one spider i am a 16 year old male wich im in science i want to know if spider DNA will in crease stranrth an smarter can it be done i will take the chance of a spider DNA test but how will help me we need yo now more about spider it could happen anything can happen

:-) Jon Schweer replies: "I believe it is possible to maipulate or edit the gentic code of people. But I would wadger you would need to do it before the genetic material sets. Basically add or edit the genitic material before the kid is born. I dont think we are at re-creating the incident that turned Peter Parker into Spider-Man."
30 Dec 2002:-) Angela kookybat Rosquin
I like! Ohhhh!! Especially the ending! ^_^

:-) Jon Schweer replies: "Thanks ^_^"
15 Feb 200345 Jordan
hmmm.........reminds me of Resident Evil Now that you mention it, you're kinda right. Althought the movie Resident Evil was a bit fo a reworked remake of the 1970's movie Dawn Of The Dead. Just different names.
13 Mar 200345 Anonymous
so it will be possible to replace spider DNA, with human DNA to create a human with certain capabilities? Well if it is possible to replace DNA in a human with DNA of another animal, there is no reason to think it wont work if you put human DNA into an animal. It's already being done with mixing plants with animal genest for better ecological enduance.
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 • Created by: :-) Jon Schweer
 • Copyright: ©Jon Schweer. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Genetics, Sci-fi
 • Categories: Extrateresstial, Alien Life Forms, Urban Fantasy and/or Cyberpunk
 • Views: 901

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