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Jackie D. Ozorio

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Jackie D. Ozorio

Jackie is an insane Fairy Penguin with a rainbow coloured hula-hoop.

All in the Mind
A Rescue
Demon of the Mires
One Peaceful Morning
Life and Death
Not My Best Side
Romeo and Juliet - A Parody
Soldier of the Moon
The Substitute
The Undead

20 Nov 200145 MOO
Write so more please
write so more please
write so more please
write so more please
write so more please
write so more pleaseSorry? I didn't quite catch that. 12
15 Dec 200145 Amie
YO dude! you need to put some more stories up so we can read them because they are absoballylootly spiffin! are you going to write your third part to the substitute and the un dead? i hope you do because it has ME in it hee hee hee...well i thought it did anyway. okies, so put up more stuff please so i can read it. i'll come and write some more comments up soon so you don't get to depressed.
seeya and keep writing
AmieYeah, about that story...*cough*...oh, read the bio, love, like I'll ever get round to it! ;D
29 Dec 2001:-) Tom Lloyd
Hey Jackie, thats for coming and having a look at my stuff- i really gotta stop putting the most predictable story top of the list. I will be back soon to get into the Romeo and Juliet, just as soon as the next issue of shadowrain is out... anyway, if you want inspiration for horror, i'd suggest you look at the classical stuff, M R James being my weapon of choice but Poe if you like that kinda thing, move through lovecraft etc and then go onto someone like Tom Holland who is one of the few modern horror guys i have respect for- King can kiss my .... sorry, got carried awayThanks for coming by! And you're right about Mr. King...but trust me; the movies are worse than the books. *Shudders*
28 Mar 200245 Russet
Like whoa man! You gotta put up the otherland stories so that i don't bore myself to tears reading nothing, i will...I need paper to look at (sorry i'm in a kinda depressed mood at the moment) i'll cheer up later 8I can't put that up... 8 it's too BIG. And yes, cheerie upski! Dat's right! *Pinches cheek*
30 May 200245 A certain someone
Well, haven't changed a bit have you? nice to know. Stories aren't bad at all! very original. Curious bout who this is? well...guess away. You may never really know, unless you read my email of course....damn. Saw your pictures in other site too. Not bad! not bad! definitely talented. Anyway, seeya later. Bai...Ah, thank you, strange-and-mysterious-person! Nice to hear from you again! Chow!
9 Oct 2003:-) Kylia A. *Pips* Taspin
I'm lagging on a long list of "To Read" piles, but I've definitely got you on there. YOU HAVE VAMPIRE STORIES!?!!
lol, I have a weird obsession with writing vampy stories, it's awful, because I never thought I did.
I need a support group.
So, expect me one day out o' nowhere to come devour everything you have, and then leave again, then return to pester about your not writing more soon enough.
Oh yeeesss...
I thought I was the only one.
23 Nov 200345 Me
Who lives in a pineapple under the sea...SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS!!-Er, hi!<nervios laugh> excelentae stories!How ya do that?Heres a suggestion: GET MORE STORIES ON HERE!!
happy writing,
12 Jan 2004:-) Emily Day
Woah, man! LOVE the pic on the first page! Makes me laugh... heehee.
Anyway, I like your stories, they're good. Keepsie Upsie! Write more.
Hrm, I doubt this comment will have any point whatsoever, since I started it, but it's a bit late now, eh? Heh...
Anywho, as previously stated, me likes, me likes, and my friend's mole agrees! (his name is Gilbert).
12 Jan 200445 Janeen Ellen Stumph
Hey I clicked on your gallery because I almost thought we could have been related... my last name (maiden name) is Osorio. There aren't many of those around.... anywho you're quite a good writer! highly discriptive, artistic with words and highly quirky! we might be related for the quirky part=D Anyway just thought I'd tell ya that! and finish the stories... I do know how that is though, I have the worst time finishing my drawings! LOL! By the way, I've been having trouble loging in so I don't think my name is highlighted to click on, here's the URL for my site: http://elfwood.lysator.liu.se/loth/j/a/janeenstumph/janeenstumph.html
13 Jan 200445 Teri
YOu are really good i love it!! keep at it are you gunna acctually write a book someday?? if you do i want a signed copy, oh and if you like the sword of truth novels you should read some dennis l mckiernan, (sure he is a rip off of tolkien, but i love him)
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