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J (Proudfoot) Taylor

"Shinara; An Addition" by J (Proudfoot) Taylor

SciFi/Fantasy text 28 out of 34 by J (Proudfoot) Taylor.      ←Previous - Next→
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After weeks of staying under the care of the cruel magiK user, a visitor arrives, giving Shinara a reason to fight.
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←- Shinara; The Collar | I am made of Music -→

An Addition

            By the cries that I heard throughout the days, I came to the conclusion that I was being treated rather well by my captor.  Although the door was now left unlocked, I rarely ventured out.  Talo more and more often came to visit me in my terrible and beautiful prison with the barred window high above.

            Danon came every night, trying to coax me into doing things ridiculous and cruel.  Some nights he would let me be and on others he would place punishment of disproportionate actions compared to my supposed crimes. 

            “Look what we have!”  Danon’s voice echoed throughout the entirety of the castle, all the way up to my room, where the door was closed but unlocked.

One of my ears perked in interest, wondering what it was he was so excited about.  As my other ear flicked, and my tail twitched in irritation, my nose came to scent something new.  A new creature who smelt of old blood.  With a sudden snuff from my nose I sat straight up, both my calico ears now at attention.

“I have tracked and hunted for so many years in hopes of capturing one of your kind.  And now, I have one.”

I shook my head violently so my long black hair flared out in all directions.  My disbelief left me motionless on the bed as I heard the sound of familiar paws dashing toward my room.  The door swung open with Talo standing there, his eyes wild with shock and terror.  ::One he has!  One who does drink blood!::

I stared at Talo in utter astonishment.  ::How…?::

Talo shook his head in the same violent manner as I just had.  ::These creatures he had not captured yet; one of the few!::

A growl rose in my throat without my notice, as I listened to the insane laughter of pride that came from the main hall below.  Hopping down from the bed onto steady paws, I hardly took notice of the shine that chimed as I gazed at the open door.  ::Stay.::


Without another word, I pushed off from where I stood into a sprint that forced my hardly used muscles to cramp.  I no longer attempted to escape as I had in previous weeks, but I still had not given into Danon.  As I went to turn a corner near the stairs leading down to the hall, my paws slipped, making me seem to scamper in one place.

“Do it,” I heard Danon’s voice taunt.  “I know you’re hungry.  You have not fed for so long.”

I jumped to the first landing, and then half tumbled down the second set.  My eyes darted in every direction as my ears tossed about in absolute craze, as if I were running for my own life.  Without thinking, I threw myself toward Danon.  I felt his body fall beneath me, and before I could speak a word the pain came.  This time my already pained muscles were attacked with the painful tingles like that of an awakening limb.  I felt my body writhing, but I gave no cry aloud, neither did I give a cry to the minds around me.  When I was finally released I looked up at Danon, who towered over me with his now ruffled hair.  Looking into his eyes, I saw the clear blue that had once come right before the violent storm had come to tear down trees.

“Would you like to be his feed then?” he demanded.

As I made to open my mouth, I felt the scruff of my neck tugged upon and I was hauled to stand upright with my neck up against the pale lips of the creature he had just captured.  My entire body was completely limp with nothing I could do, but watch through my slit eyes.

“Drink!” commanded the foul voice of my captor, spitting upon my back.

I felt the breath of the creature heave heavily upon my neck.  Any moment he would no longer be able to resist.  I felt the vein in my neck pumping faster with my rising apprehension.  “No,” he whispered against my neck.

“What?”  The grip upon the nape of my neck grew tighter.

A trembling breath was taken by the creature before he repeated in the same voice, “No.”

As soon as I was released, my ears flipped up, trying to gain back my orientation.  I lay on the floor, only half aware of what my eyes told me was going on above me.  When my mouth opened, no sound came from me.  Even with my struggling, I was not able to even speak to the mind of Danon until the disorientation wore off from being tossed by the scruff.  ::Him release!::

Immediately, Danon turned to face me with the other creature shackled by the wrists and feet by the same magiKs that bound the neck of myself and Talo.  “What did you just say?”

“Him you should release,” I repeated in a weak voice aloud.  As his footsteps approached, I found myself cowering, my paws backing me away without my want.  Without realization, I had become the same sniveling coward as Talo, who would run off whenever Danon came close.

With a snap of his fingers, I felt a cold pinch at my nape, causing my eyes to slit.  All of my body went limp, except for my ears this time.  I heard the footsteps of the new captive alongside that of Danon in front of me.  All I could do was stare at the ceiling move above me as I was dragged by his magiK.

As I felt a slope begin downward I felt my mind race.  Nobody could help me.  Nobody could help me.  The grip was not as tight as before, and I found myself calling the name of the one I held such deep hatred for because of his betrayal.  ::Talo!  By the fae who protected me as a child!  No!::  My ears picked up the scampers of his feet, but as he came nearly three feet away, he stopped short, nearly falling on his face.  How Danon was able to control so much at once was beyond my understanding, and it caused further dread to shiver through my entire body.

The magiK released me as I watched the creature who thrived from blood shoved into the room with a small barred window.  “If you wish for no harm to come to this one, keep him alive yourself!  Either that or you will both die!  It makes no matter to me, changeling!”  The door shut behind me as I realized that I was in the room, as well.  When I opened my eyes, I found the full moon shining through the bars, leaving the ground striped.  As my paw reached the door it met metal, unlike the wooden doors that adorned the rest of this wicked place.

“Are you okay, changeling?” asked the deep, scratchy voice of the other.

“Vampire, be you?” I responded, without giving an answer.  His eyes glowed slightly yellow from where he sat in the far corner in the dark, as I looked from the corner of my eye.  My tail shook in agitation and anxiety.  This was so small; so small.  With a deep intake of breath, I backed all the way to the far wall, my eyes settled on the thick metal door.

“Sit, there is no way we shall escape here.  Not today,” he spoke in a calm voice.  In a quieter voice, one that would not be heard by normal ears, he said, “Thank you.”

I looked to him.  “For anybody I would.  No more than have already come here should be forced to live.”  With a sigh, I come close enough for him to touch.  “If need of it do you have, drink from me, you may.”

The Visit

            My neck was sore the next morning.  I found myself laying up against the one who had inflicted such pain upon me in the shadow of our prison cell.  “Is it one of the first times you have been bitten?” he asked me in a low voice.

            As I blinked slowly at my surroundings, my ears turned in each direction, trying to pick up any sounds.  “Yes,” came the answer from my lips.  My nose came to sniff at the air, but found only the stale scent of the room.  As my ears turned down I came to realization that Danon was not lying; he had every intention of leaving us both down here to die.

            “You were asleep for three days,” reported the male who held me in a gentle embrace beneath his cloak.

            It took a few moments for his words to sink in.  “Three days?”  I stared up at him in amazement.  As I made to rise, my stomach lurched and my head filled with colors and sounds of all sorts.  I felt my throat release some kind of sound, while my body began to all.  Arms wrapped back about my body and pulled me close to the other.

            “You are still weak,” his voice explained, as my eyes darted in fierce panic all about the room.

            My tail wagged and twitched.  “Get out I must!”  My eyes continued to dart and my ears twitched at the slightest sound of the wind.  I pulled myself from the grip of the male who tried to comfort me.  My paws led me to pace all about the room until the air started to become thin to my lungs.  I allowed myself to fall with my face buried in my paws.

            “There’s no way out.”

            ::Shinara?::  The familiar voice in my head made me jump, as I had been too panic-stricken to take notice of the sounds outside of our cell.

            ::Talo!  Talo!::  My paws led me to the door in a scamper.  I lifted my front paws to touch the cold metal, trying to feel the one of my kind on the other side.  ::Out can you get me?::  I heard his shifting paws before an answer came.

            ::Do anything I cannot.  Tried I have in past days.::

            ::Death he means for us both?  Truly?::

            ::Enraged him you have.  Sacrifice his greatest prize he will, just to punish you.::

            My breaths became a bit quicker at this realization.  My pupils dilated as my eyes focused directly on the door.  “Tear this door down I will!”  Just as the feeling of tingles began to form in my body for transformation Talo shouted.

            ::No!  NO!::

            The tingles melted back into my skin, like little pins.  My mind was still blinded by color from my alarm, but his voice somehow gave me something to focus on.  I swallowed back the lump in my throat, glancing back at the captive with me.

            “Room he has MagiKed, the door, and everything within arms reach of it.”  He sighed loudly, and I could see his head shaking through his mind speech.  “Collar, shackles: react they will if anything happens.”

            Danon would not come to visit us, so I let my tears fall freely.  Lightly, I banged my head against the door in my hopelessness.  This was just like before, only worse.  At least then I was given food.

            ::Have to go I do.  Stay well.::  I heard his swift steps leave down the hall of where we stayed in one of the deepest parts of the castle.

            When I looked back at my fellow captive, he seemed undaunted.  How it was possible for him to remain so calm was beyond my understanding.

His Decision

            I slept in the arms of the blood-drinking creature for the nights I stayed within the confines of the cold walls.  The most we did was sleep and speak.  For the most part, we watched the light of the sun and moon pass through the barred window and listen for anything around us that made sound.

            I snuggled next to him with my tail laying lightly against his leg on that early morn.  A soft breeze came in through the window, awakening my nose with a tingle of fresh scented grass.  Familiar footsteps sounded outside the door, causing my ears to pin back and my tail to grow stiff.

            The locks of both metal and magiK awoke the one whom I slept beside.  The door opened wide, but I made no move to run.  In fact, I simply stared up at the creature with beautiful red hair and eyes the color of a fresh stream staring down at me.

            As his eyes settled upon me, I could see the suppressed fury he was holding.  I watched his trembling fist, covered in the gold and silver adornment.  “Well then, you’re both still alive.”

            I made sure that my ears were pinned back to show my resentment to his treating both myself and my friend.  “We are, of course!” I hissed.

            He raised a brow to me, but he made no motion to show that he meant to cause any pain to me like he had so many times before.  “It occurs to me,” he began, taking a step toward me, “that, perhaps, I have not expressed to you the rules you are to follow when within my house.”

            “Care of such rules I do not.  Know this you do,” I growled in a low voice.  I kept myself between Danon and the creature called a ‘vampire’.  I felt a hand come to rest lightly on my back, as I was still under the cover of his cloak.  I felt my heckles lower just slightly at the gently touch of his fingers.

            “Danon,” his voice came from behind me in a calm manner that I had never heard anybody use to address the human with such powers of magiK.

            A grin spread across Danon’s lips; a grin I had come to recognize as malicious.  “So, you can talk.”

            “Of course,” replied the creature, rising to his feet and stepping in front of me.

            I sat on my haunches, trying my best to keep my tail from twitching in irritation as I studied Danon’s poise.  Whatever he had planned seemed to be radiating off his body.

            “Come now, Shinara, speak with me in a decent tone as this one does,” he joked, giving me a look, knowing I would not.

            “Rather I would not,” I admonished, flicking an ear at him deliberately.

            As he went to make further banter, he was interrupted by the voice of my friend.  “I have an idea,” he interrupted, carefully keeping his lips so they would not reveal his sharp canines; the canines he had been using to drink of my blood for the past few days.  “Let this one go, and I offer you myself in exchange.”

            “You offer yourself,” Danon questioned, “for this one.”

            “I know I am worth more than this one; especially when she defies you as she does.”

            My eyes went to the man who stood tall, his expression betraying nothing.  My eyes moved back to Danon, whose expression seemed to show consideration.

            “No.”  I felt a pinch near the nape of my neck, telling me Danon was prepared to cause me pain if I spoke.  “I have both of you.  Once I have magiK upon any of my captives there is no reason for compromises.”  His brows rose in a manner I had not seen before, “However, I am setting you both free to roam about the castle as you wish.”

            I felt the pinch leave my neck, leaving me relieved.  The relief must have shown for when I looked at Danon he raised a brow.  “Shinara, your room is clean and ready for you when you wish to use it.”

            He left the room, his boots echoing as he made his way down the hall.  The metal door remained open for us both to leave.

            “Is this one of his tricks?” my friend asked, cautiously looking at the door.

            “No, means it he does,” I whispered in reply.  I came to my feet slowly, immediately feeling dizzy.  Shaking my head, I tried to alleviate the strange sensation.  I needed some food, but this amount of time without food would make it difficult to eat.  “Come,” I said, offering my paw as I stood in the doorway.

←- Shinara; The Collar | I am made of Music -→

12 Oct 2004:-) Tamra J. King
I LOVED IT, I LOVED IT, I LOVED IT!!! I really love your character. She is so cool, and the vampire is amazing. I can't wait to hear more about him. I really love vampires. So, when you gonna write the next part?

*Does major first comment dance.* hehehehe

12 J (Proudfoot) Taylor replies: "I'm glad you liked it so much. I'll probably write more on this one when I get more ideas. Right now I'm considering what other creatures he will have in his "collection" so I can introduce them."
12 May 200545 Cookie_Monster
Ok, i admit it, im hooked! Write more! Pleeeaaase!
the vampire is very cool, and i like the changeling idea. you've got a very cool bad guy there too... 12
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'Shinara; An Addition':
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