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Judith ´Judge´ Mayr

Judith 'Judge' Mayr

Judith is an all-time pyscho.
Welcome to my gallery. I'm Judith, short Jude, from Augsburg, Germany. I'm not on Elfwood as much as I used to be, partially due to my new job, partially due to real life issues, but I still love my little corner of the woods as well as all the awesome artists I was allowed to meet and befriend here. You've got some spare time? Go, visit their galleries, you won't be disappointed.

Jessica 'Vestaka' Douglas
Sam 'Zephyri' Hogg
Rosalie Meli 'Suiren' Tam
Elizabeth Ryan,aka:Darth Lizzu
Michelle S. Dietz
Suzan Geldhoff
Megan H. Davies (WolfDog)

I'm trying to keep this gallery up to date as good as possible. Though I'm severly lagging behind with answering comments and updating the images. Most of my newer work can be found in my DeviantArt gallery: InsaneJudge I also have a print account there in case you are interested. Though there are only few prints available as of now.

For commissions email me to get further informations. I'm NOT doing free requests as I have a lot of stuff on my desk anyway and if I said yes to you, I would have to say yes to everyone who comes. So I'll simply stick to a general 'no' thank you.

All and any characters shown in this gallery belong to me or dear friends of mine. They are not available for use in rp, nor are the images available for use or reproduction without my written permission.

Guestbook for Judge

25 Dec 2004:-) Anneke Hut
Merry Christmas, Judith! 1
5 Jan 2005:-) L. N. Merge
*sneaks in and drools over artwork*
6 Jan 200545 UnicornMaiden
I love the pic of the virgo I wanted to use it for my picture gallery thingy if you didn't mind

:-) Judith 'Judge' Mayr replies: "Unfortunately I DO mind though. My pictures are NOT clipart and are not for everyone and their dog to use in their 'galleries'."
19 Apr 2005:-) Maren I. *May* Zielke
hey hey hey hey^*waves*
im BACK!
finally, i made. been abroad for quite some time.
anyway there WILL be updates in a few (prob 2) weeks time.
hadnt much time to draw fantasy/sci-fi recently.
doing commisioned portraits now.
Heya, *turns head* looks gooooood around here


:-) Judith 'Judge' Mayr replies: "About time, miss!Though I can hardly complain seeing as I haven't been on Elfwood much lately. Most of my attention is currently on my DA account, since I lack the time to be as active on both galleries as I used to be.Still though I'm really looking forward to seeing new work from you. Nice to have you back!"
14 May 2005:-) Valarie FaerieLight Connell
You have a very beautiful and colorful gallery. I am glad I stopped by to take a look. You really make the pictures and emotions come alive with the colors you chose for each picture. I am glad I stopped by to take a look. great technique and style. Keep up the beautiful work!!!
20 Jun 2005:-) Emily Heather Brown
I love the lovely amount of bold, passionate colours in your gallery!!!! ^-^
15 Apr 2006:-) Audrey Youko.Greywords M.
Great gallery.
I'm going to bookmark it and keep coming back until you post some pictures of Cedric and of Thantos!
I can wait for a very long time...

22 Judith 'Judge' Mayr replies: "o.O Now you just managed to make me infinitely curious as to how it is that you know Ced and Thantos. >.> If I should actually know the answer to that question and it just randomly dropped out of the massive hole that is my brain, feel free to smack me left and right."
4 Oct 200645 Anonymous
I concur with Elfwood writer: Audrey R. Malone aka, Youko Greywords about Thantos and Cedric. She likely saw them in Jessica Douglas's gallery. That's how I found your gallery myself.
11 Jun 200745 Black fox
would you by any chance take a request for me, I am trying to find a realy good artist, some one I actualy like that would do me a BIG fav, I would just like one pic & thats it, I wouldnt bother you again & if ya needed me to I would be more than willing to help you & be your friend, but I just want a furry pic, a wolf girl wearing a mid calf lenght black leather skirt & tank top midrif preferably w/ a skull, fox like markings only the white is black & orange is blue(the compliments lol), 9 tails & wings, you r truley good at wings & wolves & I really would apreciate it very much
-Leigh Anne
P.S. if you wont do it for me could you please e-mail me & tell me that you wont take the request thank you much for your time, & btw I'm not sucking up I'm telling the truth about every thing

16 Judith 'Judge' Mayr replies: "Hi there.I am sorry to disappoint you, but I will not take that request. First of all I have barely enough time for my own work, seeing as I'm working in a full time job and have a house to look after. And that aside it poses the old problem... if I say yes to you, I would have to say yes to everyone else as well, which is why requests are reserved only for my closest friends."
17 Jun 2008:-) Astrid lian
i love your art style, amazing galleryO.o
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Judith 'Judge' Mayr

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