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Jennifer A. Vega

"The Gypsy Chronicles: Proem & 1/2 Part 1" by Jennifer A. Vega

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 8 by Jennifer A. Vega.      ←Previous - Next→
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I kind of jumped ahead of myself and put the beginnings of Volume 2 up before anyone has ever read Volume 1. It kind of explains everything so I thought it would just be helpful. In this entrance a strange being watches as all of Earth must find a way to survive with the conclusion that life is not eternal. Humanity must be saved by a handful of bickering bueracrats and the one in charge of all is just a bit more than insane...
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←- The Storm of War | Losing You -→

~ The Gypsy Chronicles ~

A Tale of the Beginning of the End


"To condemn the innocent you must condemn yourself."

- Civic Guild Maxim




~ Proem ~


Words light a dark space like the cold music of night, "They are all going to die; sooner or later. Oh, how my little ones shall suffer! I look upon my children and it pains me so to weep for them. Even now, I come back to see how they fare and the tears simply well up before I can even think about stopping them…" The voice breaks to a halt, sounding pained, forlorn, broken, and utterly defeated. "I can not protect them from what is going to take place… I cannot protect them from what shouldn’t be happening!" The whispery voice is strained with an anger thick enough to slice through stone. "I can not save the world that I have given life to! This place… this place which hold’s my hearts, these people who bear my blood in their veins, this world which holds upon it my very memory!"

"They show such promise even though their technology is crude and infantile. But the Others do not see it that way. They refuse to see it that way!" The hushed words are laced with pain and the speaker almost sounds as if accusing themself of some unknown crime. "I simply wish I could protect them! Protect them more now than ever before; but… but I have already done too much. The Council has decreed that I do nothing and the Council has been Law since before the dawn of time. I can not continue to defy the Law… even if I must sacrifice all of my hearts to do so. If the Law were to fall because of me, naught but anarchy would reign."

"So all I can do now is wait and watch. Watch every second, every minute, and every hour of every day of every week of every year. Each minute… each second… etches itself into my hearts and listlessly rips each asunder. They, the Council, began Their plan years ago. YEARS! And now is when They decided that it was the appropriate time to notify me that They have decided to commit mass murder by exterminating MY children! All of my precious little ones and I can do nothing to stop them! I can do nothing… but cry…" Tears the color of blood coursed down from the beings eyes in tiny rivulets. She grieved quietly. Weary, she sat down by a console that silently slid open to allow a view of a wide expanse of stars... yet the stars seemed blurry now because of her outpouring of pain. The high gray chamber walls, where she sat, caught all of her hushed whimpers and choked moans and intensified them.

More sorrowful words were ripped from her stiff throat as her clawed fingers spread themselves apart on the narrow crystal pane before her. Her sable black talons drummed softly on the glossy surface of the windowpane and she gazed raptly at a pale, azure blue orb hanging somewhere in the dark distance. The small planet looked like a floating ball caught in an endless ebony black sea, being held up by a complex net of sparkling stars. "My children…MY CHILDREN! My poor, suffering humanity! ," The words sounded as if they were being ripped from the beings very throat. Each word was slightly more excruciating than the one before. Each little letter gouged a mark into her hearts all at the same time.

"My poor babies, do not cry... Please do not cry! Do not cry for peace is coming. They will bring you peace; bring you a silent… silent peace. You all shall have peace from everything… and everyone. Peace for each of my darling little children. Peace… peace will come… for all of you…"




~ PAR T 1 ~


Tears for the innocents dying.

Tears for all of the lost souls crying.

Tears for the ones who knew nothing.

Tears for the death of the light.

Tears for you and…

Tears for me.

Tears for the coming of the end of the world.




~ Chapter 1 ~


The day is incredible sultry, humid, and colorful because it is the middle of spring and everyone is lost in the throes of passion. All around are the rainbow colored blooms of flowers that show the magnificence and splendor of Mother Nature’s blossoming children. Yet all was not as it should be during the spring of ’99. The spring weather resembles too much that of the summer’s heat and arid dryness. Yet no one seems to notice how the temperature continues to rise higher and higher, year after year. No one seems to notice except for NASA, the U.S. government, and many of the other sovereignties around the globe. This very day, as U.S. citizens head off for the beaches, a myriad of important world dictators meet in a top security underground fallout complex that is hidden beneath the arched and columned steps of the White House. They meet to address the dire situation at hand, the rapid escalation of the world’s temperature. Yet they soon realize that there is more at danger and more things at stake, than there originally appeared to be. Too much for any of them to be prepared for…

"What do you mean the Sun is collapsing?!," came the startled outcry of one of the Presidents cabinet members. The information that NASA had presented to the chamber, just minutes before, had stunned mostly everyone. Even President Illyana Crow, the current chief executive of the United States.

Illyana had conceded to fund a costly research project for NASA two years ago but it had faded to the back of her mind when no results were ascertained immediately. She had been ecstatic to learn that some consequential data had been found and was more than a little shocked to learn that the material was going to be examined at such a stately and grand event, and that NASA had invited both friend and foe. But that shocking moment seemed to pale next to the shock she was going through at the moment. It was mind numbing and in the back of her thoughts all she could imagine, all she could conceive, was that they were all going to die.


A cry shattered the eerie and ethereal silence that had suddenly enveloped the chamber. The cry snapped Illyana back to reality. Illyana hoped, with all of her soul, that what she had just heard was wrong and responded, "I am sorry Mr. Silvermane, but maybe I did not hear you accurately. Would you mind if I asked you to restate it?"

"Not at all.," came the droned voice of Professor Gen Silvermane, the current head of the Project Sun Team at NASA. "As you well known, our sun is nothing more than a massive star running on nuclear fusion reactions. It has the mass equivalent to 2 times 10 to the 33rd power of grams and its surface temperature can rise above 10,000 C’s. It was calculated to exist on for at least another 10,000 million years or so, but we were… mistaken." His voice hung on to the word mistaken, as if he was the cause of why the sun was collapsing.

He continued on, "The sun burns nuclear power by forming hydrogen into helium. Its electromagnetic radiation is contained in its interior in the form of plasma. Hot materials move up, push cool materials aside, cool themselves, and then go back down to be reheated. When the sun runs out of nuclear fission it will not be able to withstand gravity’s force and so it will begin to collapse upon itself. In the core, extra heat is created. This causes the outer layers to expand and it becomes brighter and massive; but at the same time it is cooling. It becomes a red giant."

Illyana answered him back, her voice trembling with fright," So… we lose the sun. We all die from starvation. Without the sun we have no food." Illyana kept her voice a droned tone, without emotion; yet deep inside she felt her whole world falling apart. She has to be strong, has to have hope. Hope for her nation, hope for the world, and hope… for humanity itself. Yet it was a fading hope that she held on to, a fading hope that they would get through, get through the end of the world.

Professor Silvermane looked at his President. The two sat and stared at each other, sharing their looks of anguish between the two of them. Then he began to address the room again. As he began something deep inside Illyana told her to brace herself for the worst. His imperturbable voice began once again," I do not think we need to fear starvation or riots or wild desolation because we won't be here to see it…" His voice cracked as he spoke and his throat closed on the words that were coming next, but he had to go on," As the sun expands it may very well consume all of the inner planets. Mercury, Venus, Mars, and… and Earth as well. I…," Gen could not go on, it hurt too much. He felt like an angel of death, as if bringing the information to their eyes had already killed them all. Gen frantically thought of his relatives, he thought of his friends, he thought of how him and his fiancé would never have the time to have another child or of how he will never be able to see his little daughter, Anastasia, grow up. He would never have grandchildren…

That final thought hit Gen like a sledgehammer to the heart and he began to cry. He did not cry quietly, but in waves of sorrowing pain. His sobs permeated the room but Gen didn't care… he hurt too much to care. Gen's tears condemned them all. Soon the chamber was overflowing with tears of sadness. The cries echoed off the walls and sounded as if all of humanity, both dead and alive, had raised their voices in screams of agony. The room sounded as if it was full of lost tormented spirits. Tears streamed down from various colored eyes and they slid into silk handkerchiefs or bare hands. All together they cried. They cried for the oncoming passing of a world that they all had so strained to protect. They cried for themselves, for those they loved, and even for their rivals. Now it didn't matter what race they were, what god or goddess you revered or who was the owner of whatever; they would all perish… together. They cried tears for their people who knew not what was happening. Tears of innocence and purity coursed down from their eyes like torrents of rain. They shed the tears of the lost ones who knew nothing.




~ Chapter 2 ~


The clamor in the chamber slowly died down until all that was heard were subdued whimpers. Then a heavily accented voice rose up from the pit of sorrow where everyone had pretty much fallen into and asked a question that everyone would simply love to know the answer to," What do you mean by `it may very well'?" It was the accented dialect of Kanada Heroku, a youthful diplomat from Japan. His inquiry set the others in the room to thinking, what had the Professor meant? Yet, Kanada's next question was a question that no one was prepared to hear," Is there a possibility that the Earth and we may outlive the perishing of the sun? Is there?!" Kanada's voice rose as he demanded an explanation from Gen who stood before him; but Gen remained silent.

Gen was too terrified to say a word and by the time he got around to answering everyone knew he was hiding something consequential because of the expression on his face. Gen was hiding something… something very important. Gen glanced around the massive chamber and realized that he had no other option, he had to tell them the truth. He knew he had to tell them the rest even though he knew that it would be giving them false hope. "There may be a way.," he said in a whispered voice, it was as is he was saying I'm still opposed to telling you what I know.

Kanada’s face became twisted and warped with rage and he shot up to his feet. The only thought that ran through Kanada’s head was how dare this feeble shallow man, this American, have the key to save the whole human race and the entire world, yet still resist telling them the answer. Does he want us all to die?! That final thought was shouted across the room and at the middle-aged fellow in front of him before he could even think of stopping himself. "Do you want us all to die?!" Kanada's final declaration, it's ever word laced with wrath, brought-forth astonished gasps from the entire room. All eyes shifted back and forth between Gen and Kanada, as if they were watching a deadly tennis game. Everyone held their breath, no one expecting what was going to take place next.

The chamber was silent for a couple of seconds, which seemed more like hours. An eerie silence, the hushed silence of the grave, fell over everyone and the air itself seemed weighty and trite; it made the underground chamber feel like some long lost archaic sepulcher. Gen whispered back an answer, but in the deathly still room, his frail voice sounded like a gunshot. His voice held a pleading tone and it was heavy with the pain of loss. "No … I do not desire that anyone dies and if I could stop this from happening … I would. I would gladly give up my life … and … my soul save the billions of souls of all of the innocents who would, who will die. The only thing I can say is that God help us and have mercy on us if we do manage to survive, somehow. Death would be more benevolent than that. At that moment, Death would seem like your most best friend in the world. Please … please … ask we not to speak anymore."

The room became still once again, so still you could have heard a pin drop. Then a voice rose, not Kanada's, but that of an emissary of the African Tribal Communities, Lyja Amakwaa. Her eyes still held the bitter remnants of her tears and her voice was shaky, but still powerful. She held the look of an African queen with her coronet of braids and her heavy gold earrings. She remained seated as she began to speak but her voice was forceful with its rustic, majestic tone and lilting accent and everyone's eyes focused on her as they gave her their full attention. "All of the tribes that I dictate over and guard look to me for aid and leadership. I have suffered with then through their famines, I have tried to interlude their tribal wars against each other, and I have cared for all of them the best that I could when epidemics and plagues struck them down. I have seen afflictions that no white man has ever heard of. Yet, no matter what tribe they are from, I see them all as my kinsmen and I will not let them die! I know I have not seen the worst of circumstances, but I have not seen the finest of then, either. Please … for my people … tell me, tell us all the destiny that awaits us if we do manage to exist. Maybe there is something we can do … together."

Lyja finished with such a tone of hope in her voice. Gen could clearly see how much she desired to save her people and it crushed Gen's heart to see all of that trust in her eyes. He did not want to tell her that if they did survive her tribes would probably be the first ones to die; they were to susceptible to pestilence and they relied too much on their native land. But it was no longer Gen's decision; they wanted their answer, so they would get it. "If we do survive we will all die slowly. The Earth's gravitational field has slowly begun boosting its strength, its power. There was a constant build in power until it unexpectedly broke off, it simply stopped. We still have not determined why or how it occurred. When the sun's outer layers expand, it's advancements may, I repeat again MAY, be slowed down because of the consumption of Mercury and Venus. Due to the increased force of the gravity shield the pressure of the sun, which will be impeded by the gravity from the other two planets and the cosmic winds, may drive the Earth off of it's axis and push it out into the outer planets." At that moment, Gen glanced around at everyone's face in the room and in them he saw such hope. It physically hurt him to tell them the rest. "Once there, we will pulled into the gravitational force of one of the giant outer gas planets, probably Saturn or Jupiter. In turn, we will become one of their large moons."

Gen let the information settle into their minds and a question rose from Illyana. It startled him back to reality because he had nearly forgotten she was even there. "What will happen here as our planet is being … relocated?"

Gen almost laughed out loud, but he knew that right now wasn't the most fitting of times to laugh; so he settled for just a smile. His fair-haired president sounded as if she was asking an everyday question. He could almost hear her say: "So, did you hear the planet Earth got relocated yesterday? Cool, huh?" Then Gen looked up at her face and immediately realized she wasn't the least bit pleased with the grin on his face. He sobered up promptly and answered her question, "With the planet's balance gone, there will be mammoth destruction here on all proportions. Dormant volcanoes will became active and some mountains will literally be exploding with lava. There will be massive earthquakes everywhere, even if that region has never had an earthquake before and we may even lose California to the deep. While we're on the topic of the ocean most the islands will be gone. The escalated tension on the Earth's nucleus will cause it to expand; not a lot, but enough to raise the oceans so that, in a matter of minutes, Japan would be turned into the next Atlantis. The Dominican Republic, the Florida Keys, Okinawa, Hawaii, the Bahamas, The British Isles, Greenland, Iceland, Japan, Puerto Rico, England, most of Italy, the Panama Canal, most of Florida, and Scotland. All islands, grand or diminutive, maybe even most of Australia, will be submerged and lost beneath pounding waves so immense that a fifteen foot high wave will just be a ripple. There will be massive downpours that will lead to floods greater than the one Noah and his Ark saw. This will advance the destruction of crops. Tornadoes and twisters are everywhere and a category five hurricane will seem like nothing at all. At one point or another, the heat shall escalate dramatically due to the proximity of the sun and the sky will look like a blazing inferno. Most of the ionosphere will be burned away by the time we reach the outer planets. There will be barely and oxygen and no ozone, but who needs an ozone if you don't have a sun. Much of the vegetation will catch blaze and they will create wildfires thirty times bigger than the ones in California. The Earth's surface will burst open into vast crevasses and ravines so large that the Grand Canyon will look like a rift and our moon will be pulled into the sun's heat. We may not even make it to the outer planets. Earth must avoid with collision Mars and the outer gas planets themselves. Earth will be vulnerable to the ruined remains of Mercury and Venus and the dying waste of the sun, which will plummet to the Earth as enormous comets, slaughtering hundreds of people at a time and leaving behind enormous craters. This is the least of what can happen if the Earth isn't obliterated straightaway." Gen finished what he had to say in regards to that last question and looked at the men and women gathered in the chamber with a somber mien. He caught everyone's expressions with the mere flick of his eye.


Everyone’s face was alive with horror with they’re mouths hanging open or with their hands clamped down over them and their eyes were open wide and in each of them Gen could see the face of fear. They had not known that it would be that severe. No … that’s wrong … they had all blocked it out of their minds that it could possibly be that grave. The only one who didn’t seem too horrified was Illyana; in fact, she asked another question to Gen that no one wanted to hear the answer to at all. "What happens after that?"

Gen found himself speechless as his eyes widened with shock and amazement. The question asked was simple enough for Gen to comprehend, but it was the simple fact that she had asked him the question in the first place that seemed to have startled him into a stupor. He thought to himself: Why is she putting herself through this? Why is she putting everyone else through this? Hearing the rest of this will only serve to deepen her sorrow … but what option do I have? Gen hung his head in defeat and slowly replied, "The earth will come into trajectory around one of the gas planets and establish a slower rotation to adjust to the new destination. The outer planets shall not be greatly influenced by the death of the sun; in fact, they will remain on their same courses as before. The sun will be pulled apart by gravity until the only thing left is a insignificant chunk of matter that is cooling, at this stage it becomes a white dwarf. As it slowly cools it becomes a red dwarf and then it finally fizzles out to become a black dwarf and in this stage it no longer gives off light and it is as icy as space itself. Then it is a dead star." Gen hoped that his answer would satisfy her demented curiosity, but it was a hope done in vain.


"Gen, I need to know what happens to us and what happens to the Earth." ,Illyana said. Gen jerked his head up, feeling slightly surprised yet no longer shocked. Someplace deep inside, he sensed that she was coming up with a solution to their somewhat answerless dilemma. Gen and Illyana’s eyes met and held as he tried to read her eyes and find out what she was up to … it didn’t work. Illyana’s eyes were frigid, so very cold; they showed no warmth, no compassion, no humanity … no emotion. They might as well be stone … no, jewels, Gen thought to himself. Her eyes sparkled back at him like burnished emeralds and he shuddered. He thought that he had almost seen death in her eyes, but he must have been seeing things … he had to be!

Gen lowered his head, scared to look up and gaze into those cold eyes of hers. Frustration, anger, and weariness could be heard in his voice as he proceeded to speak, "Here? What happens here is just what I told you would take place. We shall all perish together. The surface of the Earth will grow icy and cold and the sky will be an inky black and permeated by stars; it will never be blue again. All color will fade: the blossoms, the grass, vegetation, trees … anything … everything. It will get colder and colder. Entire lakes will harden and snowstorms will grind down on everything, everywhere. Nothing will be able to escape the icy gales as it rain … no, not rain … hail and sleet. Whole communities will be buried in their homes and animals will die. As it continues to get colder and colder, the crests of the oceans will harden; their surfaces will become sheets of ice hundreds of miles thick. Eventually, there will be no more food and famine will be all that is left . . . thus ends humanity." Gen looked up at Illyana again and found that she was watching him, but her eyes held a glazed aspect and she almost seemed to be looking right through him … towards something much more important. Gen watched Illyana's face closely as she scrunched up her eyebrows as her mind went to work over the predicament. Then her eyes brightened and he knew at that moment that she had an idea.

"We will survive. We must survive . . . and . . . I think I know how." Illyana's voice sounded out over everyone in the chamber, forceful and with a slight majestic tone. Everyone turned to stare at her with their eyes wide and each asked themselves the same question; does she truly have an answer? All of them could see the expression of triumph in her eyes as they flickered briefly over everyone. Then they moved towards Gen and remained fixed on him. The room was buzzing with excitement as the same questions were asked over and over again: Do we actually have a chance? Will she be the one that will deliver humanity from death?

Gen looked at Illyana … Illyana stared back at Gen. Her stare was hard and Gen found himself suddenly petrified. He found himself absolutely frightened by the gorgeous female sitting before him. It seemed foolish but true. The look in her eyes at that moment terrified him for some unnamed reason. He thought he had seen madness flicker in her eyes, a brief flash of pure insanity that was quickly concealed once again by the scorching blaze of victory. Everyone anxiously urged her on, they desperately wanted to hear her plan but she paid them no heed. Her eyes remained fastened on Gen in a stare so intense it made him feel like a worm on a hook. Then, right before his very eyes, her emerald orbs seemed to lose their life. Her eyes were so distant that Death itself would have been petrified of them; Satan himself would have been terrified of them. Illyana's lips twisted into a smile that did not reach her eyes, her frigid eyes. Her smile turned into a sneer … a satanic sneer, all sinister and dark and warped. He could have been gazing into the eyes of a corpse at that moment. Suddenly something burst and leaped forth once again in her emerald eyes and he saw it blaze with an intense insanity that was brighter than any flame. Gen found himself more frightened now than before because he could clearly see Death, Death itself in her very eyes, staring him down. Gen squeezed his eyes shut in panicky haste and willed a silent prayer up to a higher power he had always believed in: God help us all …


God … was silent.

←- The Storm of War | Losing You -→

26 May 200145 Nicki jade greenson <faea
Wow, that's pretty good 2 You've got a good ending, especially. Rather depressing, though.
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'The Gypsy Chronicles: Proem & 1/2 Part 1':
 • Created by: :-) Jennifer A. Vega
 • Copyright: ©Jennifer A. Vega. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Alien, Armaggedon, Control, Creation, Death, Lose, Planet, Power, Psychic, Survival
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