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Jeff Brian Wold

"Seeker Trials Stuggle For Freedom Part 3" by Jeff Brian Wold

SciFi/Fantasy text 8 out of 10 by Jeff Brian Wold.      ←Previous - Next→
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Seeker and his companions have nearly reached the edge of the woods. but when they reach a river, problems come flowing their way.
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Seeker Trials

Struggle for Freedom

Part 3


Seeker was most pleased when his friends had found him in the woods. He felt safer now that he had some company to talk to on his journey. After they broke camp the next morning, they small group set out towards the desert, hoping to make good time and reach the end of the woods by the sixth hour in the evening.


Seeker insisted they tell him all about what had happened after he had left. Raven told him the story.


          “Once you set out from your home, I knew you were going to be in danger. I saw you pause at the edge of the woods, and I could tell you were scared. I went to talk to Chock about how much training you had in Spirit Spell Casting. He told me you knew very little about magic. At that moment, I decided to follow you. But before I could go, I found Chock packing his bags, and telling me about how he knew you were headstrong and stubborn, and he would have to keep you out of trouble. So we set out to find you.

And at that moment, we saw Rain coming up the path. She hailed us and asked us where you could be found.”


Rain continued the story.

“They told me you had gone out looking for trouble. Knowing you, I figured you were on some fool hardy mission of yours. Then Chock told me you were working for the king, going off to find a dwarf for him. I decided to go along, to help you on your way. You know, you leave a trail that a blind human could follow.”


Chock finished in his cheery voice.

“So here we are! All marching out towards danger and not caring whether we live or die! It was easy to catch up to you, of course. You travel very slowly for one in a hurry. We sent Rain out to watch you while we made camp, and here she comes back with you looking like a Shlup with a mouthful of bad ale!”


Seeker could not help but laugh at the antics of his friends. He knew that God was watching over him, but this was just too good. He would have to say a special thanks to him tonight before he went to bed.


As the group marched onward, they noticed that the woods seemed to be thinning out. Rain predicted that they would be out of the woods sooner than planned. Seeker began to feel light headed with joy. He would be glad to never see this place again.

They came to rest at a small clearing with a river nearby. While they set out to make their meal, Chock decided to grab some extra water packs. They would need them to cross through the desert. He set off towards the river, carrying six water skins.


The group sat down to a meal of venison and potatoes. They talked as they ate, and discussed old times with each other. No one noticed that Chock was missing. As they prepared to leave, Seeker looked around anxiously.

“Where the blazes did Chock get to? He shouldn’t have been gone this long.” he exclaimed. They all began to search for the Mage, thinking he was playing a practical joke. He did not show up.


Raven called out to Seeker as he came near the river. Seeker was now desperate to find the Elf Mage. He ran over to Raven, who turned to him with a bundle in his hands. A bundle of six water skins. Seeker looked frantically around for his friend, desperately calling his name. Rain dropped from a tree nearby. “I have not seen him anywhere. What do you think happened to him?”

Raven did not answer. He was staring intently down into the swirling river, confusion written on his face. Seeker was just about to ask what was wrong, when a head popped out of the water!


It was a hideous blue green color, with large black eyes and a snarling grin of razor sharp pink teeth. Its head was round and completely bald. It had no nose.

Raven wasted no time in running a long dagger through its left eye. The creature gargled and twitched, then fell limp. Raven hoisted it out of the river, snarling with disgust.

“I should have known. It’s a River Goblin.”

Seeker gaped at the small creature. It was no bigger that a child of eight years. It had a body of lean muscle, covered over by thin scales. Three claws protruded from each hand and foot. The feet were webbed. Seeker barely noticed the two slits in its neck. He guessed they were gills.


Raven now knew what had happened to Chock. He quickly explained.

“River Goblins hid in the water near small clearings or beaches, hoping to grab anything that comes to drink or wash. They live in caves under the dirt, where they sacrifice their victims to the false gods of water. We have very little time before Chock is sacrificed. We must do something.”


“I’ll kill any creature that touches him!”

Seeker’s outrage caused Raven and Rain to start. Seeker was losing his mind to his anger. He was clenching his fists, so hard that his knuckles were white. His teeth were grinding and his face was twisted in a snarl. Rain tried to calm him.

“Be patient,” she said, “we must think of a plan before we take any action. We will only get ourselves killed if we act before thinking.”


They quickly set about to making a plan. Chock’s life depended on it.

←- Seeker Trials Part 2 To find a Dwarf Part 1 | Seeker Trials Traveling Companions Part 2 -→

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'Seeker Trials Stuggle For Freedom Part 3':
 • Created by: :-) Jeff Brian Wold
 • Copyright: ©Jeff Brian Wold. All rights reserved!

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