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Janice Young

Janice Young

Janice is a female who has an interest in writing, and some in drawing.
First, the personal stuff... I have blonde hair. I have blue eyes. Lets not discuss my weight, however I am 5'4 in height. I have a wonderful daughter named Anya, and a very caring significant other named Tim. Second, the emotional business... I am pretty self-centered; although, I care greatly for my friends. I would actually die for someone I care for greatly. Other than that I am a happy go lucky person. I am very loyal and trust worthy. I have a wonderful daughter named Anya, and a very caring significant other named Tim. Third, why I do what I do and my inspiration... Well, I write and draw because it is one of the few things I like to do in my spare time. Also, just about anything can work for me when it comes to inspiration. I am a spur of the moment type person. I think that covers everthing...

Guestbook for Jy072481

26 Jul 200345 Elektra
I like your simple style - it has a nice feel to it. I'm personally a detail freak, but as an artist I would never hurt the feelings of anyone else. 1

Pictures without detail unfortunately just don't seem to be recognized here. :-(

To all of you who posted negatively: Get a life - stop criticizing - if you are such great artists, don't you have better things to do than hurt others? Geez...people. If me, a 12-year-old girl, (whom will soon have her own gallery here when she turns 13) has more sense than you guys... that's just sad.

Anyways, keep it up, and keep drawing. You'll get better! Just keep on drawing! Keep updating. I hope your scanner gets fixed soon, by the way! 1

:-) Janice Young replies: "Thank You very much. It was nice to have some reasurance. I hope will return to my space once you turn 13 so I may obatain a link to your space. I would love to see your art work. Thank You again!"
11 Aug 200345 Sandra
its kewt. 2 i like it! especially HONKER!!! awesome. =D

:-) Janice Young replies: "Thank You, I am glade you like him. "
11 Aug 2003:-) Erin N. Conley
and oh yes...I just looked through and that "omg" valleygirl-type person commented on a majority of the pics...just more proof that they seem to thrive on placing themselves on a pedestal in their own little world, hm? ;o) I say just humor and ignore the pathetic little...eh, okay, I can't use bad language on Elfwood ;o)

:-) Janice Young replies: "Thank You, I am glade you enjoyed the art work. I think I am going to go and delete the negative postings from omg. In the next few weeks I hope I will have new pic's up, and you will notice I often avoid hands, legs, and feet. Expecially feet..."
11 Aug 2003:-) Erin N. Conley
I wouldn't worry about those ignorant oafs...they're just flamers, doing what flamers do best--wasting away their precious free time by wandering around and criticizing people they think they're better than to give themselves an emotional high...in fact I'll bet you anything every rude commentor you've gotten is in the 12-14 years old range...they're the only ones immature enough to act like that (no offense to the people that age who aren't like that)...Don't worry, they'll grow out of it, and hopefully look back and laugh at how stupid they once acted...I mean heck, even I was like that at that age...

Anyway...I won't lie to you, your art isn't QUITE The best I've seen on Elfwood...but I also won't lie to you, your art isn't the WORST I've seen at Elfwood either ;o) I actually kinda liked your mistress one, you draw very cute eyes...and I like how you use bright colors...all you need to do is practice lots...and everything else will come naturally 19) I'd suggest doing like a more tactful anonymous person said and drawing from life or pictures, or even what can really be useful is drawing from someone else's art (not to post of course, but just to practice)...and oh yeah...I DO have a bit of a pet peeve with people who just draw a bunch of people with their hands behind their backs ;o) Like I've told other people....I'd rather see badly drawn hands than see every character standing in the same pose ;o) Good luck, and you can at least pride yourself that you act your age, unlike the commentors you seem to have attracted ;o)

:-) Janice Young replies: "Hey, at least I got comment's. Not all art deserves positive feedback. You need negative as well to know what to improve. ::laughs:: But that OMG person is another story."
23 Aug 200345 Gregg"Mufasa" DeMattos
Is Anya a member of Elfwood?

:-) Janice Young replies: "No... She is Five and Half."
23 Aug 2003:-) Michelle S. Dietz
EEP!! Such cuuuuuuuuuuuute art! ^_^ Keep it up! *hugs*

:-) Janice Young replies: "Thank You, Thank You! Glade You Enjoyed It!"
25 Sep 200345 Mary Fink
I think you rule the world with cuteness. Everybody together now...Awwwwww! I love all the horse related art!

Points above*. Everybody is on a different level artistically. Thats whats great about it! We can see what we need to do to improve & can see how we've improved & can help others. Anyway, keep doing what makes you happy!

:-) Janice Young replies: "Thank You, I am happy that you found them to be cute. That was my goal! I flucuate on artistic levels. Depends on how long I try or not... 2 Even the lowest artist can help another improve because all eyes see differnt. Thank You again!"
2 Dec 200345 Anonymous
Your drawings really do need work. I'm not trying to be mean or anything, but they're drawings that a 9 year old could do. But practice does make perfect. So practice and you might get better!

:-) Janice Young replies: "I draw because I like to, not because I am perfect..."
20 Dec 200345 Exeras silver_Fyrdraca@yah...com>
Guuuuu! Sweet ideas, not-so-sweet anatomy....Go to Google and look up some anatomy-ness...I find "PolyKarbon" tutorials VEEEEEEEWY helpful...*nodnod* Keep on trying...till ya feel like dying...then lay down and pass away....*sings Uriah Heep*

:-) Janice Young replies: "Thank You. I have looked up on Google, and auatomy just gets me turned around. I will keep on trying."
6 Nov 200445 Anonymous
Please, tell me you have a day job.

Your art is something a four year old with epilepsy draws during their seizures.

As an adult, you have no excuse. Did you miss elementary school because you were too busy slamming your head against a rock?

You "art" is the worst I have ever seen on Elfwood. Remove it before I either die laughing or die from the hideousness of your "art."
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Janice Young

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