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Aideen Solasta

Aideen Solasta

Aideen no longer exists. Note: This page will no longer be updated. Updated site is at: baileymcdoogle.deviantart.com

You step lightly through the winding forest as overhanging tree limbs lightly brush your faces and arms. Thin, well-tread undergrowth covers the worn trail, snaking around the sides of the road. Straight ahead, the path forks; surrounding one road is an aura of darkness, while the other is engulfed in bright, welcoming light. Which to take? Clearly, the dark evil path must be the correct choice. Let us continue that-a-way.
You tread along the eeriely silent, dark path. Well, alright. So perhaps this was not the best choice. But, regretfully, you must continue on as the road will -never- let you go back. Continuing forwards, you soon stumble upon a clearing in the dense forest. In the center of this meadow stands a large, shining blue mirror-like object that mildly resembles a portal. Now, what is a portal doing in the middle of a dark and evil forest? Naturally, your curiosity overwhelms you and you decide to enter this strange and unknown portal.
You seem to have come through the gate unharmed and in one piece; what a relief. As your head clears and you shake off your dizziness, a beautiful scene unfolds around you, stimulating your senses. Ancient trees with leaves of gold and bark of silver stand upon a lawn of lush, green grass. Nearby, water rushes in a tiny waterfall, forming a winding stream that leads somewhere...or nowhere. Where can you be? Obviously, this luxuriously beautiful place can only be...Aideen's realm in the forest of Elfwood!

NOTE: My Elfwood site will no longer be updated. Please visit my deviantART site (Click "Own Gallery" at the right, or visit baileymcdoogle.deviantart.com) if you wish to see newer pieces. Thank you for all your wonderful comments, and have a great day!

Guestbook for Kanjun

20 Dec 200445 XXsomeoneXx
Ok,I'll send you an email about what he looks like and a picture of him(even though I did it on the computer so it's not that good)If you could tell me whenever you finish it then it dosen't really matter when you finish it.I hope you have fun drawing him,oh,and happy holidays!^^

1 Aideen Solasta replies: "Thanks =). I'll send an email when I finish. I've the sketch done now =)."
10 Jan 200545 Rin
Eyepoke -- guess I'm about a year and half late on promise to comment, eheh. Looks like all the nice things that can be said is already done, guess I'll just have to point out the bad stuff, ruffle. Now you better keep drawing. If I see a hint of slacking off, I'll be forced to send you a Tickle-Me-Tieraj. Nobody wants one of those.

10 Aideen Solasta replies: "I can feel the love...you slave-driver =(. Can't ever be complimented too much! Heehee. And I've been slacking off lately. I guess you'll have to send me a Tickle-Me-Tieraj, woo--er, I mean, gasp, horrible! These pics are all so ancient; you should check back in two weeks or so, when I actually have updates. *nodnod*"
17 Jan 200545 XXsomeoneXx
Im baaaaaack!Lol,how is everything going?Thought I'd check up on you,since after a while I thought you might have forgot about me.Hope you had a good Christmas and a happy new year(even though its kind of late)I really haven't been able to get on in forever.Hope your having a good time with my pic,and thanks again for doing it for me!I have to get off,my computer is messing up a lot.I hope I can come back to comment soon!Love your art!2

1 Aideen Solasta replies: "Laugh, pretty well, thanks =). Merry Christmas/Happy New Year to you, too! I'm working on your pic atm, but I only have the sketch done, and now I'm being bombarded with tests and homework and piano competitions and other useless end-of-the-semester stuff. So, hopefully, I can get back to finishing it sometime soon..."
21 Jan 200545 Trishla (Sneha)
I agree with Rachel...you need to draw more!!! jkjk, i know you're busy with everything u need to do...your pictures have really improved over the years...now they're just gorgeous!!! I loved the picture you drew for me, it's amazing! well, i would write more, but the pile of fantasy books on my desk is calling to me...have fun drawing more pics!! : P

1 Aideen Solasta replies: "I -try- to draw more...but you know how it is with school. "Hmm, I have a ton of homework tonight. Let's go draw!" Beware the voices of the magical fantasy books on your desk. They drive you insane. Trust me. I learned the hard way. ^^"
21 Jan 200545 Frogo chris.blackomen2
Impressive. You have the potential of a professional artist.

13 Aideen Solasta replies: "Why, thank you =). Sadly, I will never be one..."
23 Jan 2005:-) Emily J. Perkins
You know what were gonna do? Im gonna draw a picture, youre gonna color it. The best of both, profoundly different, worlds. Deal? Ay? Ay? Right. Okay, discuss in email.

13 Aideen Solasta replies: "Deal! That sounds awesome =). Gimme the sketch at school and I'll color it. And specify on colors if you want to."
19 Apr 200545 The Great Blue Donkey
What happened to the "Narwhale" pic?...

1 Aideen Solasta replies: "When Elfwood died, the backup file dated back to February, so everything uploaded since then was deleted. The Narwhals will be back shortly, as soon as I may submit new tickets =)."
11 Jun 200545 Jenna Morgan
Hi Kanjun. I thought I'd let you know that Hollow Stars is back up, as you were one of the people who requested it. I've popped a couple of extra paragraphs on the end but otherwise it's unchanged.

Lovely gallery - I like the way way all your unicorns seem to be in motion. Nice work ^_^

1 Aideen Solasta replies: "Ooo, yay! Thanks bunches for notifying me, and for the compliment =). I shall go check it out right away!"
22 Jun 200545 The Great Blue Donkey
ya know, you need to post more often. yup yup yup, but Im guessin thats kinda hard to do as it seems many a people a trying to have their stuff reposted. Yup yup yup. Love ur stuff, and draw more.

1 Aideen Solasta replies: "Ehe, thanks. I have a ticket in the queue right now...however, tickets seem to be moving VERY slowly. Visit my deviantART site for updates."
11 Nov 200545 Choo Choo
Guess who! It seems as if no one reviewed for a long time. Well, I was getting bored today and so I decided to visit your website. hahaha...interesting comments, hmm? "ooooh pretty colors! for future reference though, coloring harder would give it more solid color..." I could feel myself pale. I wonder why you haven't updated any *other* items...2Don't be angry at me!(hehehehe)
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Aideen Solasta

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