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Kim Taylor

Other Works and Misc Items by Kim Taylor

Kim 's most recent updates:, 'cast no shadow' in fanart. Talons Reach, Precious.

golden cruiser model display
Orbital Fortress model
shadow cruiser model
shadow destroyer model display
Stealthship model display
Valkyrie model

12 Mar 2011:-) Tabitha General_Wyvern Ruf
I definietly like your spacescapes best.

:-) Kim Taylor replies: "thanks, it’s been a gradual process for me to learn to make them; i just hope that i can carry on improving them. "
18 Mar 2011:-) Ethan Childress
Cool use of color in your gallery, very rich. And thanks for contributing to the site. 1


:-) Kim Taylor replies: "hey thanks, i’ve been on this site for quite a number of years now, so i thought i’d give a little something back"
20 May 2011:-) John R Farley Jr
Interesting site I found. It’s been known for a long time how Star Trek references or gives a tip of the hat to other science fiction shows and movies. They do this with Star Wars, Dr. Who, Battlestar Galactica, Dr. Strangelove, etc. One picture shows a miniature Millenium Falcon speeding away from a Star Trek ship.

http://memory-alpha.org/wiki/Science_fiction_references_in_St- - ar_Trek

:-) Kim Taylor replies: "ah yes, memory alpha, the star trek wiki, yes i’m been to it many times, avatar has one too, i think there’s a wiki for virtually everything. yeah, i think putting the millenieum falcon in there was as a bit of fun, i’ll have to look out for it next time i watch st first contact"
9 Jun 2011:-) Caitlin Baert
Finally I find someone who agrees with me. Though I love and enjoy working with it, I would never want it as a job. I couldnt stand taking art classes in high school, I didnt like being told what to draw and when to draw it, having a deadline sucked. My teacher didnt care for me too much because of that and I only took the class to fill the space. It drives me nuts when people tell me I need to get a career in art or go to school for it. lol but anyways, I love your gallery!

:-) Kim Taylor replies: "oh thankyou, hehe, yeah, i only did art as a fun subject, but your right, i like doing art, but only when i feel like doing it and when, i didn’t particulary like our art teachers-they were a bit werid, they definitly didn’t help that much, most of what did, i learnt to draw and do myself-andstill learning; the best way i think,"
26 Jul 2011:-) John R Farley Jr
Cool-looking dragons that look like ships.

:-) Kim Taylor replies: "ah yes i saw them the other day, excellent organic textures on them."
12 Jan 2012:-) Emily Aegolius Funereus
I definately agree, corvids are AWESOME, and your rendition of them is beautiful2

:-) Kim Taylor replies: "thank you very much, though i find coluring feathers never seems to get easier- believe me a lot of it is trial and error."
13 Jan 2012:-) Edmund J Schulfer
The Raven is the Symbol of Odin! Cheers!

:-) Kim Taylor replies: "indeed!"
30 Jan 2012:-) John R Farley Jr
I just found an extremely cool ship. Near the end of the Cold War the Russians were building "Ekranoplans." These were ships that rode on the resistance waves they made on water and could reach high speeds. Not quite aircraft and more than a boat. Some of them hit 300 kilometers per hour and were invisible to radar because of their low altitude. The biggest one built was larger than a 747.

Look up "ekranopplan." Right from Tattoine. 14

:-) Kim Taylor replies: "mmm, i had a look at one, i think i’ve seen pictures or read of them before ages ago, but not really knew what they were, yeah more of a flying boat, "
27 Feb 2012:-) Heather Christine Carey
I remembered a song I heard while looking at the pillars of Evermore picture that I think you might like. It’s The Raven by Omnia, which is like a song version of Poe’s poem. A few stanzas were cut from the song to make it shorter, but it’s still chilling and beautiful. I recommend you hear it. The song’s on Youtube, if you’re intrested. 1

:-) Kim Taylor replies: "sounds great, i’ll have to check it out sometime-thanx"
6 Jul 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Hello! I see you like the same movies that I like I also like chronicles of Narnia and Blade! Do you like dragons or werewolves? If you do can you please look at my gallery!
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