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Kevin Patrick McCalla

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Kevin Patrick McCalla

Kevin is a college student who loves fantasy writing and the art that goes with it.

Anime - Ramirez
Immortal Youth
It Awakens
Lady Death
Last Embrace
Lucifer, The Fallen
Tears of Blood
Tears of Blood 2
The Fall of Ramirez Montague

26 Aug 2002:-) Sarah Cylver Richards
Knock Knock! I'm BAAAACK!!! ^_^ Just swung on buy for my monthly bugging of you!! So, on that note, are you done yet?? Are you done yet?!?!? ARE YOU DONE YET??!!??!!??!!?? I've got a big page update coming Thursday and I'd love to have some colored pics go up!! * holds up a big sign saying: "HINT!!! HINT!!! Can you see the HINT here???" in big, bright, bold letters with flashing lights around it* ^_^ I'll probably be back in a few days (like Wednesday) to bug you some more! ^_^ Till then, later dude! *skips back to her pages*
22 Oct 200245 The gurl with the curl
i fell down the stairs yesterday.
It hurt.

:-) Kevin Patrick McCalla replies: "Id kiss it and make it better...but...who are you? my long lost love? my neighbor? my grandma? victoria silvsted, playmate of the year? who?"
18 Nov 2002:-) Sarah Cylver Richards
Hey there! Been a while since I was here...I dont' have much time, so I'll just ask it: HOW ARE MY PICS COMING????????????? Sorry I haven't around to bug ya about it 2 and a half months...darn thing called college...anywho, let me know!! I must go now...class awaits...*grumble grumble* Later!!

:-) Kevin Patrick McCalla replies: "  backage! bet you missed the hell out of me. actually I only think that because it gives me an egocentric boost...or at least thats what my therapist says. check your comments for more on the amazing entity that is...me."
30 Dec 200245 Sarah 'Cycyla' Richards
Hey there! *notices number of pics* Where'd all the pics go??? I swung by to see if they was anything new...and I find only four pics left of...however many there used to be...Anywho, I also stopped by to say let ya know that there's a bunch of spiffy pics over on my Zone page (just click the little linky over there to the left to get there) that you may like and...oh, maybe possibly hopefully think about coloring for me? *insert hopeful look with her professional set of Puppy Dog Eyes here*...um...that's all...oh, I also have a little corner over in FanQuarter if you'd care to drop in there and see if there's anything that catches your fancy...*sees her brother's bag of holiday M&M's nearby and goes off to stalk (then eat) her own bag of them*

:-) Kevin Patrick McCalla replies: "  Well, theres an explanation to the lack of pics. I ate them. yes, I ate them. They were tastey. Either that or I thought it was time I put some work up that was actually worth looking at. Yeah I think its that second one. SOoooo, 2 new pics coming up if they get to my ticket. Im number 1420 out of...1420. And I did stop by your zone and fan site - but I was kinda pressed for time so I didnt comment...8 forgive me? I will do so later, and yes of course consider coloring the ones that try and bite me."
28 Jan 2003:-) Sarah Cylver Richards
Hey there! Just checked out the two new pics (and commented on them of course!) ^_^ spiffy spiffy! Anywho, what I really swung by for (dun dun dun)is to see how you're comin' on those two pics! I know I told you to take all the time you needed with 'em, but I'm getting antsy to see 'em! Well, let me know. Later!

:-) Kevin Patrick McCalla replies: "ugh ugh and more ughs. IIts been like years since Ive had a chance to do anything extracurricular. but I just got my acceptance letter so now all I have to worry about doing is passing High School and moving onward. So Ill be able to resume my work on your pictures (even though I have to run photoshop from a CD now), thanks for your coolments!"
26 Feb 200345 Dayna *Daysie* Wyckoff
Who is her???? Is that a finger I see? -^.^- Love your work, keep it up~

:-) Kevin Patrick McCalla replies: "I think her is the girl youre referring to in my bio, which is just a girl thats important to me that I lost. I think thats what yous means. a finger where??? me confused."
3 Oct 2003:-) Corina Garza
Hello fellow Figgy!! Thanks for visiting my gallery! And I'm glad I have set foot onto your land, 'tis a very nice place. Awesome work, I especially love that embrace one, so sweet =) And you said your gallery wasn't all that, well I beg to differ young man! *shakes finger at Kevin* I say, these are very nice works, keep it up! And start waking up for drawing class on time 12

17 Kevin Patrick McCalla replies: "Ive been found! ack! I must fill my gallery! I think I should upload just every random crappy image I can find...that might make it better...phooey. anyway thanks for the visit! I havent had a comment in my neck of the woods since April!"
29 Dec 200345 Rose.......
Hi *waves* ,

I came here to say I love your art, Creepy but Love it!

Good luck into the future.
30 Dec 2003:-) Sarah Cylver Richards
*POUNCE* HHHHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!! I really should be working on some letter thingies for my church's New Year's Eve party...I got myself onto the commitee for that one...>_<...what was I thinking when I did that?? I think I'm supposed to have them all done and stuff tonight, but I don't...must go by thick paper stuff to make the final versions...ANYWHO, Spiffy new pic ya got here! But WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME YOU UPDATED??? I was planning on telling you when I put new stuff up, but maybe now I won't *pouts a bit*...it's been *counts* 11 months and a day since I last left a comment...yeesh! I'm getting behind! DARN COLLEGE GETTING IN THE WAY!!!...Um...gotten anything done on those pics of mine yet? If not that's alright I haven't done much drawing myself lately...um...gotta go for now, later!
16 Oct 200445 Joleo
Um...hey buddy. Anne rice eats, BTW. You suck to.
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