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Kirsty ´Chibs´  Morrison

"Silver Bullets" by Kirsty ´Chibs´ Morrison

SciFi/Fantasy text 18 out of 26 by Kirsty ´Chibs´ Morrison.      ←Previous - Next→
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A story about werewolves. I wanted to write about them and give them a wider pack, a support network like real wolves in the wild. It seemed logical to me.
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←- ReFLecTiONS | Ten Swords -→

We both knew as soon as we woke up that something was wrong. For me the major clue was the gun Kye was pointing at me.

“What? What are you doing?” I asked, still groggy from the night before.

“Look around Ace,” he snarled.

                       I heaved myself up on my elbows and looked around. We weren’t in my room any more that was for sure.

“Where are we?” I asked, completely disorientated.

“The woods. In one of the summer dens.”

There was blood all over the floor and it was fresh.

“What happened last night?”

The gun was still pointing at me. His hand was shaking but his eyes were cold.

“You tell me Ace.”

                This was bad. I sat up, very slowly because of the gun, and looked around again. It was October so the summer den was empty apart from a couple of blankets. If the Pack caught us here we were dead. But we shouldn’t have been here at all, I’d chained us both up as usual.

                             Kye was still pointing the gun at me.

“Put the gun down and stop being so ridiculous,” I said.

“Ridiculous?” he cried, “You were meant to have chained us both up like always! If the Pack catches us we’re dead! And not just because we’re back!”

“What? You’re acting hysterical, calm down.”

He laughed harshly and jerked the gun towards the door.

“Go have a look out there and see how calm you feel.”

                                                I shot him a look of mingled confusion and annoyance and went to the door. There was a trail of blood leading to it and I started to feel nervous. I was justified; the body outside was a young woman’s. Ava’s to be exact.

                                                                    I came back inside and sat back down. Kye sat opposite, an odd hopeless smile on his face.

“Did you plan this really carefully or was that just a bonus?”

What?” I cried, “You think I planned this?”

“Well the chains were obviously loose. You’ve always been jealous of me. From the moment I made my first kill until my last second as Alpha Male.”

I snorted. “Yeah right. Jealous of what?”

“That Leah was mine,” he replied.

I looked back at him, trying to think of something to say, but I couldn’t. It was true.

                                                                 Last year at the Pack meeting to decide the new Alpha pair I had been sure I’d be the one to succeed as the new Alpha Male. Kye had crossed my mind but as he’d shown no intention of competing I’d figured it wasn’t an issue.

                  The females had already started fighting when we arrived. Leah was on good form and it looked like she’d be the new top female as we’d all expected. In her blonde human form she was stunning but as a wolf she was even more beautiful. Her fur was almost pure white and her eyes piercing blue. She was sleek and fierce and I loved her.

             I ripped through the other males as if possessed. I had to win. If I succeeded not only would I be the leader of the whole Pack, but I would have Leah. She would remain in wolf form while she had our cubs and then they would be raised at the heart of the Pack led by their parents.

                       I stood panting, blood dripping from my muzzle as the other males slunk off, defeated. I looked over at Leah who was standing similarly amidst the whining females of the Pack. I barked once and trotted towards her.

                                                     A voice from behind me stopped me short.

“Not so fast brother.” Kye was loping towards me, dark and powerful. He was twice my size, there was no way I’d beat him.

                                             I was right. Kye was too big and too heavy for me. I limped off home as Kye claimed his prize.

                                            Months passed and I kept out of everybody’s way as much as possible. It wasn’t long until there was trouble though. Ava and some of the other females were complaining about Leah dating a human between Pack meetings. Traditionally the Alpha pair were a couple in human form as well and anybody dating outside the Pack was generally frowned on.

                                  Leah however argued that the new generation of the Pack should be mixing more with the rest of the world.

“Our children should be able to lead normal lives,” she said one day when the argument was brought up between a few of us over coffee.

“The Pack is normal,” Ava replied angrily, pushing her dark bob behind her ears and fixing Leah with a fierce glare.

“Having to hide who you are is not normal,” Leah stated firmly. “Its not healthy either. Maybe if we could came out into the open doctors could-”

“Is that how you see us?” Ava interrupted with a snarl. “As a disease?”

“Ava,” I said quietly, “Remember your place.”

She ignored me and continued, “May I ask why you were so eager to lead a group which you obviously consider such a stain on your perfect life?”

Leah growled low in her throat as a warning. Ava had been more and more impudent over the past weeks. Ava however would not back down.

“Don’t threaten me,” she snarled, “as far as I’m concerned, you’re not fit to lead this Pack.”

“We will settle this later,” Leah replied through clenched teeth.

“Ava I think-” I began.

“Don’t worry, I’m going,” she snapped. She shot one more fierce look at Leah, who returned it with equal hatred, and left.

                                               As soon as I arrived at the next Pack meeting I could feel the tension in the air. Ava was pacing back and forth, snapping at anyone who came near. I stayed out of the way; this was between her and Leah.

                                                   After a few moments we all realised something was wrong. We could all smell and hear Leah but she wasn’t alone. There was a human with her.

          The Pack began to growl as Leah appeared leading a young man of about her age. We were all scared and confused.

“Is she crazy?” Kye said in a strained voice, appearing by my side.

“I’m not so sure any more,” I replied.

“This is Nick, my boyfriend,” explained Leah. “Proof that humans can accept us.”

“Liar!” cried Ava suddenly. “He will tell others and they will come for us! They’ll either shoot us or lock us up in a laboratory!”

The Pack murmured agreement and began to close in on the frightened young man.

“No he’s-” Leah began.

“Silence!” cried Ava. “You have betrayed the Pack!”

The Pack rushed forward and came between Leah and Nick. Ava was triumphant; she had the confused, angry, frightened Pack under her control.

“She must pay for betraying us!” she urged the Pack, who began to howl.

                                                            This was way out of control. Kye and I watched as three of the males pinned Leah beneath them and the rest of the Pack tore Nick apart.

       So Ava became the new Alpha Female and we were kicked out for refusing to help in Nick’s murder or in Leah’s punishment. They let us stay long enough to watch Leah’s execution though. She was executed by silver bullet with one of the guns the Pack kept for such occasions.

                     One of the very same guns Kye was now pointing at me.

“I didn’t plan this,” I said quietly.

“I don’t believe you,” he replied.

“The chains were obviously loose. It was bound to happen one day.”

“Yeah you made sure of that.”

He wasn’t going to believe me, I realised, no matter what I said. He cocked the gun at me again and took off the safety catch. He really planned to shoot me.

“You forgot something,” I said.

“What?” he asked suspiciously.

“There’s more than one gun,” I replied and brought out the gun I’d been hiding under my blanket.

             Kye was momentarily caught off guard. I saw my chance and shot him once, in the head. Kye’s face exploded in a mass of blood and fragments of skull. The body fell to the floor, twitching as the silver worked its magic.

                                                      I took the gun from Kye and placed mine firmly in his lifeless grasp. I daubed some of Ava’s blood round his mouth and on his hands. Then I picked up the remaining gun and left.

                                I know what you’re thinking and I swear I didn’t plan it. I just saw a window of opportunity. I bought better chains though, next time I doubt I’d be so lucky. I don’t know if the Pack has discovered the bodies, or if they have what they’re going to do. Just in case they come after me though, I’ve still got one silver bullet.

←- ReFLecTiONS | Ten Swords -→

9 Aug 200645 Le conspiritor
Wow... *yaw drops open* that was amazing *first comment dance*

i've just been through most of your stories/gallery thinggumy and its amazing, i particularly like your poems but this stroy is just excuisite (i know, its not really the rite word to describe it but it was all i could think of *guilty smile*)

see ya *scurries off to read next writing* (^.^)
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'Silver Bullets':
 • Created by: :-) Kirsty ´Chibs´ Morrison
 • Copyright: ©Kirsty ´Chibs´ Morrison. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Murder, Pack, Silver bullets, Werewolves
 • Categories: Lycanthrope, Were-folk, etc
 • Views: 334

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