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Krissy ´John Marie´ Jones

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Krissy ´John Marie´ Jones

Krissy is an actress, writer, vocalist, director, photographer and biologist with a love for every living creature in this beautiful world of ours.

Borne to Die
Bright Waters
Down the Endless Shore
So To Believe
Just Left-over Sand
Light and Shadow
Monsters Within
The Tale Of My Symphony
Night Sky, My Guardian
On the Front Lines of Heaven
Drum Beat Of A Faerie's Wings
Saturn's Rings
Symphony of Parts

30 Sep 2004:-) Holly 'bat baby' Davidson
I have more new stuff!!! YAY

:-) Krissy 'John Marie' Jones replies: "Hooray!!!! ::goes bounding off the walls::"
13 Oct 2004:-) Holly 'Vespertillio Ater' Davidson
Yay i have lybrery updates!!!!!!!!
17 Nov 2004:-) Holly 'bat baby' Davidson
* stares at moniter with horror* ...* crys* would you send me the deleted shades of grey picture. the one with the angel. It was my favorite..I promise i wont hurt it.

:-) Krissy 'John Marie' Jones replies: "Ummm... Shades of Grey had nothing to do with angels... That one had to do with Stonehenge. I'm not quite sure what you're talking about, Holly..."
25 Dec 2004:-) Holly 'bat baby' Davidson
Merry Christmas Sweet Heart!!!!

1 Krissy 'John Marie' Jones replies: "Thank you, Holly!!! Merry Merry Merry Christmas...! *MUAH*"
25 Jan 2005:-) E. Hanna
No- don't leave the woods!

Who will I guard?

--I shall guard you and your kind wherever you go. For I am the guardian of poets, and you shall remain a poet regardless of whether you recieve comments or not. Know that there are still Elfwood friends out there rooting for you.

:-) Krissy 'John Marie' Jones replies: "As of this very moment, I am still in the Woods and shall remain in the Woods. I'm just getting a little frustrated with the lack of comments, especially as my writing has improved. Some of my best stories are here, and no one reads them. *sigh*

Thank you, Elrohir! You are really sweet, my Guardian."
8 Jun 2005:-) Ruth 'Cookie Monster' Browne
Hi Kris!

Couldn't help commenting here, even tho I've only read your MC "Just Left-Over Sand"... I will read more. I promise. You write very well, so I'll make a point of reading *all* your stories!! Just right now i'm busy with exams 8

You say you haven't received many comments? (Melanie L. Wood and Kris, that is) I suppose i really shouldn't talk cos I've only been on Elfwood for about a month, but I've already got 16 comments from all different people. I think it's because i go read *their* work and then ask them to come read *mine*. They do. 2

Thank you for your excellent standard of writing!


:-) Krissy 'John Marie' Jones replies: "Oh, I do get around and read. I just haven't done much in recent months because of the amount of work I have. It's been very busy here. But thank you for the encouragement."
8 Jun 200545 Melanie L. Wood
Kris, I feel your pain as far as the comments go! I've been in here since November and have only 8 comments to my work. Perhaps it's only because one's work gets lost in this huge site, but sheesh! I don't think I'm a bad writer. I've been at it for over 5 years and have gotten better. Can't wait to give the rest of your writings a read!

:-) Krissy 'John Marie' Jones replies: "Yes, I believe so. After being year for nearly three years, it's always so wonderful to see comments now and again. I really can't complain now though. I'm too moved by all of the comments on "Just Left-Over Sand." Thank you very much!"
1 Jul 200545 Jennifer Russo
Aha! Another fan of Kingsolver! The Poisonwood Bible is one of my favorites...

And she writes good sex scenes, too. Have you read Prodigal Summer? d=<

I'm about to read some of your individual stories--would you mind swinging by my library shelf in return? My art page gets all the attention--so far, nobody's commented on my stories even though my friends like them better than my art.

:-) Krissy 'John Marie' Jones replies: "The only book I've read of Kingsolver's is the Poisonwood Bible. I've been meaning to read more of her works. She's truly a magnificent writer. Thank you for visiting my site. I'll be sure to stop by your library soon."
7 Aug 200645 Omg i luv kenny
obiously u don't know ur own religion!!!! i can say watever the F--- i want so shut up!!!!!

:-) Krissy 'John Marie' Jones replies: "Why is it that you can say whatever you want, yet you demand that I "shut up?" Seems like a double standard to me.

I do hope you realize that you are going to "catch more flies with honey rather than vinegar." Your hostility in your posts has only promoted your ignorance. It tends to be that when an animal is backed into a corner, it lashes out violently in order to free itself. I believe you have found your corner, and you are therefore lashing out at people like me who are simply making a comment in order to defend their faith when they have poor people to step up and stand for it, such as yourself. Your use (or lack of use) of harsh language is very offensive, and it lessens your credibility as a knowledgable source of information about Catholicism.

Christ calls us to lead by example, to evangelize in order to bring understanding, to bring light where there is only darkness. And your example, with your use of harsh language and hostility, does not stand for Christ, but rather for the opposite. Christ teaches us to "love one another as I have loved you." I believe you mentioned this in another post of yours. Yet, you insist on waging war rather than love, even if it is just a post on a website. Words can be far more powerful than a flying punch. Afterall, Jesus changed the shape of the world forever through his words, humility, and meekness. He did not insult, fight, or wage wars (although many of those who heard him wanted him to). Instead, Christ ushered in a new understanding of God as a God of love and peace.

"Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God." ~Jesus Christ"
10 Aug 200645 Omg i luv kenny
Ok i'm sorry but quit teaching me stuff i already know ok?!!!!! We all make mistakes and my parents are catholic and they swear a whole lot!!!! U act like ur perfect and u have never sworn b4?!!!! Look if we are gonna continue this conversation contact me on my email.

:-) Krissy 'John Marie' Jones replies: "Of course I'm not perfect. No one is. But, as a Catholic and Christian, I ask Christ to forgive my sins, and then I work at never committing them again. And I was also speaking of your language as a very impolite and rude way to address a stranger (or anyone for that matter). If you want people to listen to what you have to say, and if you want them to take you seriously, then proper language and grammar are very important. It makes you seem credible. Rude language, horrible grammar, and bad presentation discredit you as a valid source of information, or as a valid debater. Work on these, and then we might be able to talk."
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