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Kristina ´Aryana´ Siers

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Kristina ´Aryana´ Siers

Kristina has finally found her style and draws like crazy.

Art Trade: Conjuring Shadows
Art Trade: Serren (The Dancer)
Art Trade: Visto o'Luwegh (Gryphon window)
Asra I
Asra II
Coopreration:'Pretty' colored
Dragon (colored)
Dragon and Unicorn
Earth Mother - Mother Earth
Elvencrown: Lómenel 'Mor-Galad'
Elvencrown: Mirilyamó
Elvencrown: Morasíl
Elvencrown:Mhiriyel Ithilindír ('Moonsinger')
Gryphon and Phoenix
His true shape
Jorar and Sha'vha
Kevron and Tar
Light and Darkness
Lord Nightshade
Maximilian's Dragon
Nightfall I
Nightfall II
Nithyara - Eveningstar
Nithyara - Firesinger
Nithyara - Nightshimmer
Nithyara: Blueflame
Nithyara: Stormlance
Red Dragon
Request: Alphaeus
Selario - The Grey Falcon as a Soldier
Sha'lhe-vha - The Selkie
Sharaval: Faces of the StarWolf
Teyúsu in chains
Teyúsu the fallen Angel

22 Jan 2005:-) Tobias Johansson
Wow, I like this!
You´ve got great things going on here! =)

See ya!

:-) Kristina 'Aryana' Siers replies: "Thank you!"
27 Jan 200545 Dworkin
Your gallery interested me a great deal. Your work seems very promising. The impression they make as a whole - and when looked at in thumbnail version is quite impressive.

Your personal style is developing strongly, but I think you have a couple of saltations in development to undergo before you hit a commercial level. The main thing I think you need to tackle to take your work to that next level is your choice of medium, or your style in using it.

Consider working (more) with mediums like watercolor and Photoshop over coloured pencil. Pencil may be easy to work with, but the result (in your work) often distracts the viewer somewhat from your subjects and your beautiful compositional sense. While it *is* possible to use pencil shading to cover areas solidly enough so that the blank bits do not distract the viewer - it would take about three to four times as long as you're currently spending on colouring in the spaces. In my opinion, for that investment in time, your pictures (with their focus on one or two subjects, mostly in the foreground etc), would be better served with a different choice of media.

As for your compositions, I think they are very good. They're wonderfully balanced; you've got a great instinct for colour, and your inspiration really shines through on a few of them - I especially liked 'Lord Nightshade', 'Light and Darkness' and 'Gryphon and Phoenix'.

To be honest, I don't really know what to think about your craft-art figures (Mermaids). If this is really what you enjoy doing, keep at it. But I'd recommend seeing what is out there in Sunday markets and trying to gather other techniques if you really want to pursue it.

:-) Kristina 'Aryana' Siers replies: "Thanks so much for such a long comment and thanks for your advice! I will make a try with watercolors again, and with acrylics, but I confess I am too lazy to learn to use Photoshop. I like most computer colored art, but this is *not* my thing. Drawing and painting for me means to take a pencil, a marker or a brush into my hands and *not* a mouse. 2I really don't understand why using of colored pencil distracts the viewer from the picture subject itself, sorry! 1"
11 Jun 200545 Laura R. Hadlock
Wow your very creative! That is so wonderful! I love your art. You are so good. Your characters are beautiful and very elegant. Nice work up here, I hope to see more soon.

:-) Kristina 'Aryana' Siers replies: "Thanks! I'm a bit lazy, but I think I'll update in a few weeks."
15 Sep 2005:-) Parisa Shariatpanahi
I like you gallery , esp your dragons and most of all "Dragon and Unicorn" you have a nice style in them , the composition , imagination , shading ,... are great ,
I also thank you so much for your good comment on my gallery , I liked that too , Be successful

:-) Kristina 'Aryana' Siers replies: "Thanks very much for visiting in return! I love to get comments - esp. so nice ones! 1"
24 Sep 2005:-) Kerstin ´kolibri´ Eiben
Hi Kristina, hey, you got married! ^^ I was wondering when I saw the strange last name on your comments *lool* Congrats, and have a good time! Hope to see some nice pictures again.


:-) Kristina 'Aryana' Siers replies: "Heheee...thanks! I am working on new pics, the "Lómenel" pic is the first of a series of drawings of RPG characters from my email rpg I play with two friends. I plan to portrait all the main characters this way. Thanks for the congrats! 1"
26 Sep 2005:-) Richard I. Fogarity
Love the dragon!

:-) Kristina 'Aryana' Siers replies: "Thanks!"
28 Apr 200645 Gwyndon

I noticed you as a friend of Freawyn, who contributed something, and Kris, who as a member made a major contribution over several years (5,000 pages and many dozens of pics) to Project Myra (see http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Myra_(Fantasy) for an overview)

I'd like to ask nicely with 'please' and 'thank you' for permission to use your pictures as illustrations for Myra - with credit and linkback as you specified.
Please? 1

:-) Kristina 'Aryana' Siers replies: "2 Yep, it's okay! But please link back to this page and write a visible copyright note for each picture. "
11 Jul 2006:-) Nina Roussakova
I really like your gallery. You have a very personal style, and I like the masked people you made. This world of yours seems very imaginative and extraordinary!! Further, I like your horses, and horse images. Very nice. ^_^

:-) Kristina 'Aryana' Siers replies: "Thanks so much for your nice comment! I'm glad that you noticed some personal style in my images!"
15 Nov 2007:-) Nathaniel S. Summers
Stunning work! Very magical! I particularly like the style of the unicorn. It's pose is very dynamic, you almost expect it to leap from the page. Many of your pieces have the same quality.

I also wanted to let you know that the comment exchange has moved from ET to it's own domain: http://www.commentexchange.org

I hope to see you there.
18 Jul 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Hello! Do you like dragons or werewolves? If you do and have time can you please look at my gallery!
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