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Richard legend laws

Richard legend laws

Richard I am training to be a primary / elementry school teacher. I am madder than the children and twice as unruly. Oh the noise...

What do you want to know about me? I enjoy writing becasue it means i have to be alone to do it... and i like to be alone somethimes.  Everyone needs a bit of space for themselves.

I am an active person.  I have a black belt in a martial art and i compete in full contact sparing sessions and competitions regularly. 

Taekwondo, UFC, DnD, RPG, TLA (Three Letter Acronyms) music, and everything inbetween
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Stargate (sorry). Hawk the Slayer. The original Lord of the Rings animated film (without Sam's monsterous monolouges).
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Oh dear. I am a book freak. I read lots of Black Library stuff, Warcraft novels, just started getting into the Afterblight Chronicles. I am an(other) avid fan of Chuck Palahniuk. Love Orwell and Huxley too. Just bought a copy of 'Mouse Guard' which i am in love with. Its a visually beautiful book, with a good story inside. Just finished the Amtrak Wars epic, recently bought some of the 'Nightside' books, loving the Abberant Books' Afterblight Chronicles, and the Black Libraries Horus Herasy saga.
Favorite Music
Any heavy metal, some rap and RnB, some classical, some folksie... a biot of everything

Guestbook for Legendlaws

25 Nov 2008:-) Stephaine Marie Ames
i can help you get ideas, but i wont give you any of mine since i write myself and most of my artwork is based off my book.

:-) Richard legend laws replies: "Meany...8"
27 Nov 2008:-) Lena V. Bazhenova
Hello 2

:-) Richard legend laws replies: "Well, hi there - how are you ?????"
18 Dec 2008:-) John sharp
22 Dec 2008:-) Lesley Jaquelin
Hey, welcome to elfwood! I’m new here too, my profile is around here somewhere *searches*. Hmmm, anyway, stop by some time and say hello! (congrats on the mods, btw)
29 Dec 2008:-) Lesley Jaquelin
Hey there Mr. Legend! It gives me great pleasure to announce that chapter two of Skyfire is currently in the moderators queue. It should be up and readable by tonight or tomorrow morning - you never know with these moderators...

ANYWAY, you said you were looking forward to the next instalment, so I thought I’d give you a heads-up. I only hope it can meet your high standards of approval...12

Hope to hear from you soon!
Lesley Jaquelin

:-) Richard legend laws replies: "High standards? Have you read anything that i have written? You must be mad - lol
Thanks very much for the heads up - i will be checking it out sooooon!"
29 Dec 2008:-) Lesley Jaquelin
Good grief, when I said I hoped to hear from you soon, I didn’t mean that soon. Just kidding, but you are quite quick with answering comments... *pats you on the back*
5 Feb 2009:-) William Scott Lowe
I just spent my 2 cents on your Subject 902R bit in the forum. I thought I’d let you know since it has been near a year of inactivity, but you’ve probably moved on already.
11 Feb 2009:-) William Scott Lowe
I hope that kick in the pants wasn’t too hard. I think the story is great. I just read part 2 and it was very engaging. Left a comment in the forum. I had to add "The Ugliest Princesses" and "Live by the Sword" to my favorites, but Subject 902R is the best yet.

:-) Richard legend laws replies: "Really- thats great ta. I’m glad you liked them and I will try and get some more stuff up asap!"
4 May 2009:-) Stephaine Marie Ames
do you still want help with getting ideas????

:-) Richard legend laws replies: "Sure - ideas help the mind go round... if you have any to spare that is... lol 2"
4 May 2009:-) Sarah Fragore Roper
i think that your writing is awesome!!! i dont know why you said it was rubbish and boring!!! i love it!!! now MY writing is rubbish!!!! i have been trying to make a library to go along with my artwork but it never works whenever i try it so i gave up!

:-) Richard legend laws replies: "If it was easy, would it be worth trying? Thanks for your charitable comments - my writing is okay, but it isn’t amazing. I love it when people say bad things about what i have written because it helps me tighten up my skills a little..."
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Richard legend laws

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