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Lenore L. Towne

"Savin: Last Child of Ancients_01" by Lenore L. Towne

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 6 by Lenore L. Towne.      ←Previous - Next→
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A girl tormented by strange dreams of fantastic lands finds herself drawn into an epic struggle beyond her imagination.
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←- Stranger at Midnight | Savin: Last Child of Ancients_02 -→

     The creature lay before the cloaked figure. Its pale, fare skin had now become covered in thick, coarse fur. Its eyes were shut at the moment but he could sense that even the windows to its soul had changed greatly. The creature before him cried out in pain as more changes started to take place inside of the creature. Its figure twisted sickly against the restraints that held it down.

     The cloaked figure watched the creature with pity in his eyes. That young woman did not deserve the fate that the gods had decided for her. Yes, she may had made terrible mistakes in her past but she had done so much to try to redeem herself for the pain and suffering she had caused.

     He walked over to the creature on the forest ground and slowly put a hand on the creatures forehead. The figure closed his violet eyes and started to concentrate. A white mist appeared around the figure; the light around him growing brighter. Slowly, the mist started to flow away from the figure and down onto the creature. It wrapped itself around the creature's limbs and torso, covering it completely.

     The creature's brown eyes opened wide as it tried to move and scream but it could not. The mist had muted its abilities to use any of its muscles. The creature's eyes made its way up to the figure's, pleading with its eyes to end its suffering. He nodded his head but he had a different plan other than killing the creature for he could not.

     He raised his arms to the sky. There was an explosion of light as the figure started to remove the binding to the evil artifact that held her soul prisoner. The light poured into her body, her skin starting to glow with an intensity that not even the figure could keep his eyes open.

     The creature's fur and sickly skin started to peel away from its body to reveal fair colored skin of a human underneath. Its ugly facial features were replaced by those of a woman; beautiful beyond compare. The dull brown, coarse hair of the creature was replaced by the silky, brunette hair of the girl. Her fingernails and toenails became a pale pink once again instead of the rough and grimy talons that she had before. Swirls of brown started to take over the violet irises that had come to haunt so many of the victims that she had slaughtered, the windows to her soul repaired. She was human again.

     The cloaked man lightly brushed his hand against her forehead. She would be fine. "Until we meet again."

     Savin Duraten sat up in bed with a start, trying to untangle the blankets from her slim body. Her skin and clothing were drenched in a cold sweat, the bed sheets sticking to her sweaty body. She reached a shaky hand up to her forehead, running her long fingers through her slightly curly, brown hair and took in a deep breath. That wasn't the first time that she had that dream. It was one out of the thousands that she had come to memorize over the years. She could always anticipate what would come even before it happened now but it still always seemed to scare her on how real everything felt.

     She let out a sigh of relief when she realized that she was still in her small, blue wall room. The stuff toys on various shelves in her room stared at her in wonderment at the world that seem to play out in her head night after night. She could hear the sounds of the city's night life surrounding her small home in the slums of Dover. Music from a very loud stereo playing from a party a few houses down; people walking and talking down the streets; the neighbor's television set next door playing infomercial; cars driving at all kinds of different speeds, many which needed new mufflers; dogs barking in the distance.

     Savin let out a yawn and looked over towards her digital clock on her small night stand. It read 3:15 a.m. She would have to get up in a couple of hours. The noise around her still did not mute itself for her sake so she closed her eyes and tried to imagine more of the land that came in her dreams. She could still feel the phantom hand that had woken her up move the stray strands of hair from her face. It had felt so real, the warmth of the hand and the rough leather of the glove. If only I could finish the dream...


     Savin woke up to the sound of her alarm clock going off. She threw her pillow over her head but the loud and unstopping beeping of her alarm continued.. Why did it have to be a Monday,, she thought as she lay in the bundle of blankets that surrounded her. She wasn't really looking forward to going to school, seeing the same bunch of jerks that picked on her day in and day out. She really didn't mind the teasing too much. At least she could pretend to be normal, even though sometimes the real her came out and scared the crap out of her torturers. The savage warrior that craved battle and blood shed and was not afraid to fight and accepted her punishment, no matter how bad it was.

     Her brown eyes slowly peeked out from underneath the pillow as she lifted it from her head. They moved towards her small night stand, glancing at her clock. It was almost 7:00. School started at 8:10.

     Savin jumped out of bed and grabbed her blue robe as she headed for the shower. The hallway was narrow, its white walls closing in on her. She always felt a bit claustrophobic walking down it and tend to hurry through. Her mother and father were up and in the kitchen. She could hear them talking about their financial plight. She ducked into the bathroom before they could find her listening in.

     She closed the door and locked it, making sure that her younger brother couldn't get in. Andy had walked in on her three times before she finally convinced her parents to buy a handle that would lock. She peeled off her sweat soaked pajamas, an over sized t-shirt. She climbed into the bath tub and turned on the showerhead. Cold water shot out and caused her to tense up. She adjusted the temperature and warm water ran down her body, giving her aching muscles some relief.

     Savin smiled. She closed her eyes, imagining that she was underneath a small waterfall, cleansing her body...

     "Here, these should help your wounds."

     Her brown eyes snapped open at the sound of Fakan's voice. She turned around to see him with an arm full of healing herbs and wraps. He tried to give her a smile but he knew that it wasn't worth it. Her eyes looked red and swollen, as if she had been crying. "Are you okay?" She closed her eyes again and turned her head away from him, resting it on her knees. Her body shook, the tears threatening to explode from her.

     Fakan didn't know what to do. The ugly bruises against her pale white skin lashed out at his cold blue eyes, the sight of them horrifying. The water had been stained red from the open cuts and sores on various parts of her body. But more damage had been done to her soul, something that he couldn't heal with herbs and bandages. Not even magic could help her now.

     He kneeled down next to the basin and set the herbs and wraps down next to him. He could see tears streaming from her eyes but she did not cry out once. There were only tears. He let out a sigh and grabbed hold of a washcloth, wetting it down and putting on an herbal soap. He placed it on her shoulder, her body shivering underneath his touch. "Don't worry. It's just a washcloth." She nodded and he continued.

     The soap that Fakan was using stung her wounds, a burning sensation running all over and through her body. She flinched away from his touch when it came time to wash the deep gash in her side. It stung really bad. "It hurts," she whispered in pain.

     "I know, but this has to be done."

     Fakan pressed the washcloth onto the wound, letting the soap get into it and clean it out. She cried out in pain, the burning sensation turning into a seeing torture. Fakan wrapped his free arm around her and held her down. She let out another cry as he poured a green liquid on to the wound, the seeing pain reaching a new height.

     "It hurts!" she screamed. He poured some clean water onto the wound, lessening the unbearable torture that he had just put her through. Tears streamed from her face and she started to sob outloud. He picked her up out of the washing basin and set her down onto a small bed in the room. He quickly enveloped her body up in some blankets and then continued with his healing. He sewed up most of the bad wounds and dressed and wrapped them before her put more blankets on her.

     "Thank you, Fakan," she whispered.

     Fakan held her for a brief moment, trying his best to comfort her. "Shh...it will all be over soon. Don't worry. I will protect you." She closed her eyes, sleep starting to come over her. She felt better at hearing his words, but yet somehow she knew that he wouldn't be able to keep his promise. But either way, it made the pain go away, even if it was for a brief moment...

     Savin snapped out of her daydream. She felt hot tears streaming from her eyes, the pain was still there. What is going on with me, she asked herself. Once she remembered that she had to hurry, Savin turned off the shower and wrapped her robe around her slim body. Before she stepped out of the bathroom, she looked into the mirror. A different person looked back at her. It still looked like her face but yet, it was different. An emotionless mask stared back at her, quite unusual for her normally happy personality. She pushed her wet hair back and stared harder into the mirror. The mask still remained. It reminded her of the feeling that she sometimes got at school. Maybe this is the savage warrior that lives inside of me...

     She threw her wet, brown locks into a crude bun and continued with her routine as she went into her room to find something to wear. She had set out her school uniform the night before and it was still laying out on her dresser. She didn't know why her school made them wear uniforms. She thought that maybe it had something to do with too many dress code violations or maybe they wanted everybody to look the same. Either way, she still hated to wear the damned thing.

     Savin opened up one of her dresser drawers and grabbed out some under garments. She opened up her robe and let it drop to the floor, putting them on. She stared at herself in the mirror for a second, the emotionless mask still staring back at her. She shook her head to clear the image but it still remained. She dismissed it and grabbed her white blouse and stuck her arms into the sleeves and started to button it up. Next she grabbed her brown, knee length skirt and stuffed the tails of her blouse into it before she zipped it up. Her brown vest was next and then a small brown jacket that they had to unfortunately wear. It got so hot wearing all of the layers of clothing that they had to wear. She put on the small red neck-tie that the girls unfortunately had to wear and threw on her long white, knee high socks. She went back into the bathroom to brush her teeth, put her hair down and make it a little neater looking, and made her way into the kitchen.

     "Good morning. So, what's for breakfast?"

     Her father was too caught up in his paper to notice that she had entered the room and her mother was on the phone with her employer. Savin frowned. "I guess it's cereal again," she said with a sigh. She walked towards the cabinets and grabbed out a box of Frosted Flakes and set it down on the table. She got a bowl and a spoon from another area of the kitchen and grabbed the milk out of the fridge. She poured the milk and cereal into the bowl and went down into the living room to eat.

     Andy sat in front of the television, watching some stupid show that Savin absolutely hated. "You're watching this again! You already saw this episode!"

     Her younger brother's green eyes never left the television as he retorted to his sister's comment. "No I haven't! This is a completely new episode, Savin. Geez, don't you know anything!" And with that Andy gave his full attention to his show. Her eyes narrowed at her juvenile brother as she went back into the kitchen and set her bowl down in the sink.

     "Aren't you going to eat, honey. You need energy to learn," her mother said in between her conversation on the phone. Her green eyes peered at her daughter.

     "I'm not hungry any more. I'll be home late. Naomi and I are going out tonight right after school. Jon and Bob are coming too."

     Her father frowned. "I suppose that you'll be needing some money then?"

     Her mother shot him a look as Savin turned towards her room. "No, I have some money saved up from helping Mrs. Johnson with her yard. I'll try to be home before 10:00."

     Savin's mother plastered on a fake smile. "Well, have a great time! And tell Naomi that I said hi!"

     Savin went back into her room and grabbed a pair of faded jeans and a dark grey hooded sweatshirt to change into after school and stuffed them into her bag, along with a pair of sneakers as she made her way out to the living room couch. She sat down and put on a pair of black dress shoes and made her way out the door. She had twenty minutes to get to school.

     It was a beautiful morning. The sun shown brightly in the sky, birds sang from their perches, and the sounds of the city awoke around her. She could hear Mrs. Johnson humming from her window as she made breakfast for herself; her neighbors the RotIzas could be heard rushing to get out of the door for their morning destinations; cars passed by on their way to work; the party from last night was finally coming to an end.

     "Hey Savin! Wait up!"

     Savin turned around to see her friend Naomi running towards her. She was still in the middle of putting on her jacket, a piece of toast sticking out of her mouth. Her long, black hair flew like a giant ebony cape as the wind blew it behind her. One of her socks were hanging around her ankle as the other made it way slowly down her calf muscle. She couldn't help but laugh at her friends appearance. "You should really start getting up earlier, Naomi. People are going to start wonder about you."

     Naomi finished her toast and bent down to pull up her socks. "People already wonder about me so what's the difference. Let them talk! They'll just have to deal with me later," she finished with a grin. Her violet eyes sparkled with mischief as she finished straightening herself up before the continued their treck to school.

     "You look a little tired today? Get any sleep last night?"

     Savin yawned. "I had a really weir--uh...there was a really loud party down the block. I couldn't sleep a wink." She wouldn't understand, she thought to herself.

     "Man, and on a Monday!"

     "Yeah, I know what you mean."

     Naomi kept trying to pull her skirt down farther. She never really liked wearing the things. She preferred a pair of old jeans and a ratty t-shirt to anything. "Is it me, or do these skirts get shorter every year?" she asked, rather annoyed.

     "Beats me. But now that you mention it, they do feel kind of short."

     "Or maybe its because you guys are just getting more paranoid!"

     The two girls turned around to see a boy with ash blue hair and brown eyes walking quietly behind them. He smiled smugly as Naomi turned to face him. "And how long have you been walking behind us, Bob?"

     "Long enough to get a good look."

     Savin stopped her friend from going to beat the boy into a bloody pulp. "And you're still as annoying as ever," she retorted. "Do you ever have anything better to do other than lift girls skirts up and stalk them?"

     A thoughtful look crossed his face as he stopped. "Um...nope!" The two girls rolled their eyes. "Hey, I was just kidding!" he said as he walked up next to them. Naomi just turned on her heels and left the two of them in the dust. "What's her problem?"

     Savin shook her head and muffled a laugh as the two of them started to run to catch up to their friend. "So what did you do all vacation?" Bob seemed interested to find out.

     "Well, I went to my grandma's for a little while. It wasn't that bad but I'd rather just sit around and read books all day." Bob just shook his head.

     "Did you do anything else than read?" asked Naomi. "You're going to turn into a book worm just like Jon if you're not careful!"

     "And what's so wrong about being a book worm?" asked the tall boy that met them at the corner of Sauld Street and North Street. His blue-grey eyes shined in the morning sunlight as he smiled at his friends. Bob ruffled his strawberry blonde hair as the two of them greeted each other. "Nice to see you too, Bob. Now would you mind putting me down?"

     The bigger boy blinked a few times before he realized that he had lifted Jon off of the ground. "Oops. Sorry 'bout that. It's just finally nice to see another male! Man, I was stuck at home with all of my sisters all...vacation...long! I never got a moment rest in that house!"

     Naomi smiled her famous smile. "Aw...did little Bobby have to go through so many mood swings that he couldn't handle it any more? Come on! I thought that you were a tough guy. Guess I'm going to have to find another man to hang on. Hey Jon, are you available?"

     Jon blushed as he shook his head no. "Sorry, Naomi. Besides, I don't know what Bob would do without you."

     "Yeah, I suppose you're right! He's probably go to the 'dark side' of the school!"

     Naomi grabbed onto Bob's arm and the two of them started to walk ahead into the school yard, leaving their friends behind. Jon smiled and Savin gave him a little smirk back. "After you," he said as he held one of his hands forward. She gave a little giggle as she started to head into the school gates.
←- Stranger at Midnight | Savin: Last Child of Ancients_02 -→

13 Nov 2006:-) Emile Midnight Sun Clark
Hey,, good story .. Love the title anyway i'm off too see if ther's more
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'Savin: Last Child of Ancients_01':
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