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A.R. George

"Riddles" by A.R. George

SciFi/Fantasy text 27 out of 39 by A.R. George.      ←Previous - Next→
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Ever since I was little (and played 'Conquests of Camelot' / read 'The Hobbit'), I've adored riddles. But it's bleeding hard to a) think of something hard b) make it rhyme. These are a few wobbly attempts at old ages-style riddles.

By the way ... I don't believe in giving answers. ;)

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←- The Bronze King and Winter's Daughter | Flowflood -→

When fully clad in my grey cloak
I yet remain quite cold;
But when my mantle thick I shed
My warmth returns tenfold.

Earth beside the Water
Is reformed in hottest Fire;
Now Water may be held by Earth
Though Wine is valued higher!

I am the snake that devours the land
To me, sand and stone are the same;
My passage is stayed not by forest or gully
My neighbours remember my name;
My scales crush through mountains, yet yield to the touch,
And nourish all that I consume;
I leap into chasms, I delve in the darkness,
My voice now a sigh, now a boom;
No power can stay me, no barrier check me,
As homeward I rush endlessly;
I cross the wide world in my tireless quest
And slither down into the Sea.

I am the tool of every man,
The cup you cannot lose;
A weapon and a shield alike,
I silence, bind, refuse;
I give and take, I show and hide,
I shape arts and wage war;
And though I may transgress it
It was I who wrote the law.

The start - liberated - no chains - and yet that's
Till the first among frogs falls to first among cats
And the two mountains found at the end of the stream
Help provide every cat with a cat's fondest dream.

←- The Bronze King and Winter's Daughter | Flowflood -→

20 Nov 200445 Megan McGrath
Okay. You probably shouldn't tell me if I have it right but I want to see, so I'll try. These are the ones I had ideas for.
Number 1 is the sky.
Number 3 is time.
Number 4 is a pen.
Is it horrible and bad of me to be posting my answers? If so, I'm sorry! My curiosity is my undoing 1.

1 A.R. George replies: "Unfortunately none of those three good guesses are quite correct ... but thanks for playing! I don't mind people posting their answers - actually all my riddles have already been guessed before (check out 'see all comments'), so if your curiosity is still eating you, have a peek! And thanks a lot for stopping by!"
9 Jan 200545 Arien Traemane
Wow... These are really, really good.

My guesses are:

1. Sun
2. Smithy / goblet
3. River
4. Mouth

Any chance of more?

1 A.R. George replies: "They're a little clunky (especially that fourth one!), but thank you! ;D 1 and 3 are dead right; 2 and 4 not quite there - you can check old comments to find the answers if you're still curious! As for more ... I don't know, these are more of a random hobby than something I'm concentrating on. Tell you what - here's a little easy one just for you ... 12

Alone, you rightly scorn me -
A feeble, puny foe -
But fear me and my brothers
For we shall bring you woe!
We move the world in fractions,
We kill all breath by breath;
No creature can outrun us
We shall yet be your death.

(Bit morbid now that I look at it - sorry!)"
10 Jan 200545 Arien Traemane
Oops. Not a smithy - clay. I assumed that the 'fire' was by the 'water', and a lot of smithies are next to streams or rivers...

And the other one would be hand. Now I'm feeling stupid.

The new one I'm not sure about. It's kind of like a riddle I heard about fingers, but that doesn't seem to fit. Feathers? Wheels? Germs? Numbers? I'll have to think about this one. If this is 'easy,'...erm...write some more!

And here's a /really/ easy one I just made up:

In the heart of living fire
Dwells a dragon, red with ire
While alive its eye's alight
When dead and cold it's black as night.


1 A.R. George replies: "Yeah! 1 'Clay' and 'glass' are both acceptable for that first one. I personally prefer 'glass', since it's more likely to hold wine, but that's just my fault for writing an ambiguous riddle. 12

As for your riddle ... I like it, rhymes and all! Maybe you should write a few more yourself! My first guess would be 'coal'?"
14 Sep 2005:-) Jessica Warner
This is an inspired idea! Now I want to shamelessly copy you and make up riddles to put on Elfwood...the thing is mine either turn out impossibly hard or laughably easy, I can't judge. I really enjoyed yours, I got three of them right, but I have to salute you for the last one *salutes you*. If Gollum asked me that, I'd be lunch.

1 A.R. George replies: "Well, since I shamelessly copied 'The Hobbit', it only seems fair! Let me know if you put any riddles up in your library - I love them to bits. And thanks for dropping by!"
18 Dec 200545 L. Shanra Kuepers
Warning before hand -- I'm terrible at riddles. Love reading them, hate solving them. And since they've all already been solved -- I'll excuse myself.

Sounds fair!

*chuckles at self* All right. I'm officially an idiot. At first I read these as one riddle. Silly, really, because you do state they aren't. Makes for one hell of a difficult riddle that way, though. ^-~

Aha! The Unsolveable Riddle!

Anyway, these are wonderful. ^-^ I'm silly, and enjoyed the rhyme in those that had it. Bit of a shame that the first one doesn't have an ABAB structure, but that's just minor detail that isn't annoying or detracting. Just something I noticed.

I often use the Blank-B structure instead ... saves me time ;D

But then I'm drifting off topic. I can barely remember the riddles I've seen (yes, I'm that terrible), but these are definitely up to par with those. ^-^ More than such, really. ^-^

Wonderful to read these little gems!

1 A.R. George replies: "I wish Tolkien had left some sort of How-To manual behind - his were effortless! Thanks again for more reading, pet!"
6 Jan 200645 Simon the riddler
Can u write some i may use in a book of some what? For i have listened to many a riddle since i was a lad and still can not think'ith of a new one some one dose not know

2 A.R. George replies: "Do a brainstorm and give it a try ... it's good fun."
6 Jan 200645 Simon the riddler
Can u make them harder plz too easy

2 A.R. George replies: "Not in my power, I'm afraid ..."
25 Apr 200645 Shoeless
Alone, you rightly scorn me -
A feeble, puny foe -
But fear me and my brothers
For we shall bring you woe!
We move the world in fractions,
We kill all breath by breath;
No creature can outrun us
We shall yet be your death.

is the answer to this "seconds" as in time, I don't know if i spelled that right.
25 Apr 200645 Shoeless
I streangthan and I destroy
Logic bends and cannot be
I hide all trace of joy
The color red betrays me
I have caused many a smashed toy

What am I?

Neh I don't know if its any good i Just made it up.

Answer: anger
14 Jun 2008:-) Richard H. Starfield
Very cute! I can’t quite work out the fifth one ... probably because I’m allergic to cats and know next to nothing about them.

How’s this one?

Square and old
I cannot hold
With iron force
In patterns coarse
As much as shiny, round and new
My mirror surfaced children do.

:-) A.R. George replies: "Dah, you got me there ... the only shiny, round and new things I can think of are marbles!

As for the fifth one, all the answers were guessed at some point ... they’ll be in the comments somewhere ... 12"
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