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Linn Vennerholm

Linn Vennerholm


This page is inactive. You can find me at holycowworshipper.tumblr.com or holycowworshipper.deviantart.com

Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
HOMESTUCK, Artemis Fowl (plus Airman and Halfmoon investigations and other books by the fantastic Eoin Colfer), (Alex Rider, sci-fi maybe??please), Septimus Heap, Harry Potter, Bartimaeus trilogy (very funny), Percy Jackson (hm, it has been a while since I read them, maybe it's time?), Wolf Brother, The Hitchhikers Guide to the Univers (all five); I, Robot; Stravaganza, Ranger's apprentice, Eragon, series by Carole Wilkinson, and-how-could-I-forget Philip Pullman, Meg Cabot, Lene Kaaberbol (soo good) and Margit Sandemo (Sagan om Isfoket), books by Hans Nordström, Maud Mangold (the whole series), Cornelia Funke and Dan Brown; Noomi Hebert, Lena Ollmark and Åsa Ekström (Stall Norrsken); the three first books by Lian Hearn. Oh my.
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Jirah Reckinger(Friend) and Camilla Blomdahl(Friend) .

Guestbook for Linn

16 Oct 2009:-) Nikki van de Pol
As for how exactly to decide where to shade and where not to. That’s fairly difficult. It help to place an imaginary spot light on your drawing and to keep that in mind all the time while drawing. For instance in my Ulquirra pic this ‘imaginary light’ is situated at the right, right in front of him. This way you will tend to add shadow in a more logical way. For example, in my pic, all the large shadows are on the left of his body, and on the left of each clothing item, body part. The shadows on his right (from the viewer’s point of view) are much smaller both in size and number. It also helps to search for photographs in approximately the pose you want, that have clear light and shadow patterns in them if that is possible. You just have to stylize the lines a bit to get the anime version . I hope all this made a little sense and was a bit helpful. I’m certainly not so good that I should be giving you advice really. But, well, since you asked, I gave it a try. 2

:-) Linn Vennerholm replies: "ohmy god, thank you so much for all the advice! I do use layers, but I’ve never actually created an extra layer just for black outlining on top of the scanned picture. It must be much easier to colour! I don’t know if I can do that with a mouse, though. I’ll try with my old wacom tablet I just got back from my sis!
Arrg, why is it so late, I’m super tired, I’ll have to wait until I can test this, hopefully tomorrow...Meanwhile, I can choose which picture to start with. Have any suggestions?
Thank you very very very much!"
17 Oct 2009:-) Nikki van de Pol
Np at all 2 Glad I could be of some help. But I wouldn’t know what pic you should start with, I think you’d better make that out for yourself. I mean, you’d probably do a better job if you really feel like doing a particular pic, right? Anyways, do tell me if you upload a new pic. I’m curious now 2 Andeuh, before I forget: Good luck!!!

:-) Linn Vennerholm replies: "ooh, now I have done one picture, starting with overlining the pencil sketch and then colouring. It’s ’Alphonse Elric in colour’ (oh, my geniousness in titles...). It will probably take a couple of days for it to upload, so you’ll have to wait for it!!"
8 Mar 2010:-) Brandy Bignell
Ooohh! Okay! 2 I actually find DA WAAY easier to use than elfwood but I agree. I wish there were moderators there. 8
12 Mar 201045 Saoirse Darkwind
Hi!!! The only reason I asked about your name was that I’d feel really awkward if I commented and it wasn’t you...

:-) Linn Vennerholm replies: "Ok 1, yeah, or else someone would have been scratching her head for a while! Looking forward to more chapters!"
17 Mar 2010:-) Nikki van de Pol
Hi Linn, thanks a lot for all the comments. I will reply to everything and return comments, but it may take a while since I’m very busy with corpus research at the moment. Just so you know an answer will come 2

Btw, if you’re interested, my DA gallery can be found here http://nikki-vdp.deviantart.com/

:-) Linn Vennerholm replies: "Yeah, that deviantArt, alright... <.<
I don’t think I’m ready for that yet ^^U It’s so big and crowded and there’re no mods to (hunt us down if we upload something we didn’t make) take care of us...And if I join I would emidiently (spell?) go under of guilt! Now I have a reason for not commenting on all the ENORMOUS loads of galleries I’ve saved as bookmarks...Although I want to (sometimes) all the time...
I also like to take photos, though, sometimes. But that’s not an artistic desire as much as it is to support my lowsy memory, hehe!
Anyway, see you around!

And, yeah, exams...I has them >:-O
Cell biology - monday, that went ...not so good. (because I was overconfident and coulndn’t concentrate the days before because the new chapter of fullmetal alchemsist wasn’t up yet...) and microbiology today (that went (really) well because I was really nervous and, after I’ve read said chapter, I could focus!).
What are your master? I’m only first year so I haven’t really thought about that yet. Something with Old English, cool! I read you know many languages, that’s awesome! I only know swedish, english and some mainly forgotten french. (and a super-itty-bitty-watching-anime-japanese, haha)
Long answer....NOW I’m gonna bake that damn cake!"
27 Sep 2010:-) Camilla Blomdahl
Hej! Jag skickade en vän-joximojs, sorry att jag är så seg.. (<-- borde ha skickat för länge sen, nu känns det bara konstigt, hoppas du minns mig)

:-) Linn Vennerholm replies: "Nååå, ärligt talat fick jag kika på dina bilder först, namnet lät inte helt bekant! Men så har jag ju extremt dåligt minne också!
http://holycowworshipper.deviantart.com/ <-- DeviantArt!! 1"
23 Feb 2011:-) Jirah Reckinger
Heya!! I actually uploaded some fanart for once!!! Come see it, cuz noone’s commented yet.... 8
All my fanarts are on lined or graph paper, so I have to fiddle with them on paint shop, and I finally finished one!! Yay!! I really want to upload some of my FMA fanart soon, I’ll make sure to tell you when I actually get around to it. 14

:-) Linn Vennerholm replies: "I’m so sorry it took a freaking month to come back to you!! Univerity has whipped my butt! I’ll rush right over!"
17 Jul 2011:-) Jirah Reckinger
My new art will be up soon!! Come by and see it!
20 Sep 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Hello! Do you like dragons or werewolves? If you do and have time can you please look at my gallery!
21 Nov 2012:-) Camilla Blomdahl
Jag tänkte bara säga att jag har försökt skaffa tumblr, men sidan bara knepar sig.. Det är jätteskumt. Det funkar att kolla på andras sidor, men om jag går in på sign up så bara slutar allt att fungera. Det kan bero på att både min dator OCH mitt internet är allmänt skumma, så jag ska försöka låna en kompis grejor ist.
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Linn Vennerholm

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