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Logan Pickup

Logan Pickup

Logan is quite charming, but unbelievable.

Newest update (and if I'm going to be honest, which is generally a bad idea, the only update for months and months): Sunshine and Gasoline.

I am not going to use this space for what it claims to be - a bio - and am instead going to try to tell you what to expect. Not the Spanish Inquisition, because nobody expects them, but you might expect several short stories, and one poem. Only one of the stories is of a decent length - I tend to get what I want to say out in reletively few words, except during November.

Oh, and leave lots of comments. If you leave lots of comments, I might actually be inspired enough to finish something. Well, probably not actually, but leave comments anyway.

One other note, I have a sarcastic streak a mile wide, so don't take the descriptions I've put for the stories at face value. There is one story in particular that claims to be a happy story, when it isn't, so don't say you haven't been warned.

All the stories here are licenced under a Creative Commons Licence. This particular licence means that you can distribute or modify my stories as much as you like, provided you retain copyright and share under a similar licence. Read the link for more information.

Guestbook for Loganpicku

31 Dec 2002:-) Renče Grant aka: cozzybob
it's been a while, but not as long as my last update. *cough* ahem, well I'm working on that... heh heh... anyway, a week is better than nothing I guess. I can deal with that. ^^ lol. and it's nice to see you really are sticking to it. WAY TO GO LOGAN!! ^^ Think you'll finish it? If you do, I'd be mighty proud. ^^ It's hard to finish chapter stories, but they are so fun to write... gah... well anyway, when you get back write off a storm! ^^ lol.

:-) Logan Pickup replies: "Of course I'm going to finish it. Don't be so negative 2 And yeah, you've got a point about *your* updates, they've gotten pretty thin lately. 10"
17 May 2003:-) Maeve B. McGrory
I am the not so annonymous bug that has come to tell you have to finish the mortal magic story as it is soooo good and yeah.......well please finish and then i'll be on my way.....1 ...bye...for now.....lol

:-) Logan Pickup replies: "Thanks! I'll try and write the next chapter... soonish... I have to admit, I've been pretty slow with my writing recently. I will finish it eventually 12"
9 Jun 2003:-) Holly 'bat baby' Davidson
Hi! i have been surfing wyverin for good writers. see i am haveing a fan fick contest for my comic Cautions beloved. i realy liked your work and was wondering if you would like to enter. my e-mail is on my loth page, if you are interested, from there i can send you more info. thanks, and great work!
11 Jun 200345 Omigod
DUDE! Finally I show up after long arduous months on the road to a respectable education, and nothing had changed here. You are the laziest person that I know. What are you doing with your time? Besides the obvious: nothing...

Anyway... I have been sketching a little in my free time. I'm working.. a lot.. and it sucks. But on the plus side, I have no money. Still.

So, what's the story? You dead? If in fact your mortal vessel lives on, you may view my latest work. Some of it isn't so recent, but I don't care. It's...

And I do expect an update in reply, just to let ya know.Yeah, this place hasn't changed much in a while. I've been focusing more on the drawing side of things... I really should come back to this stuff. Anyway, sorry for the delay in replying, I've been busier than I'm used to. I'll have some pictures to update with soon, but no stories for a while.

I saw your pictures though, and they're cool. I like the reflection in the sunglasses one, that looks sweet. IT's good to FINALLY see some of your stuff after so long... and you complain about me updating. 12
8 Nov 2003:-) Chyaz Samuel
I know who Dave Grohl is now...

:-) Logan Pickup replies: "Well, it's probably easier if you go to my Lothlorien gallery anyway. Some of the pictures there are of me."
7 Jan 200445 Anonymous
Hi im doing my GCSE art and i have chosen you as one of my artist refences!! and i was wondering if you could tell me a bit a bout you and your art to help me? thank you
Alarna McCarry

:-) Logan Pickup replies: "I'm honoured that you'd choose me to do this. You'll need to tell me more specifically what you want to know though - I'll email you and we can discuss it."
21 Jan 2004:-) Marie Sargot
You're one of the best writers ever ^_^ I mean it! and to show my appreciation for your stories, I have baked you a huuuuuuge basket of cookies!

*truck backs up in front of your house and delivers cookies*

enjoy! and write more or you will be attacked by a thousand randomly hopping shellfish!! (no I'm not crazy why would you ask?) ((because you are)) (no I'm not!) ((ok I'm crazy then)) (ok!)
22 Jul 200545 Diedra diedra@ias...edu>
Wooooooooaaaaahhh.. Look who's still in Elfwood. Logan, my good man, how art thou? Me, I'm just hanging out at my mom's for the summer between terms. And I've been going through my bookmarks to see who of my old online aquaintances are still thriving on the net. Most of them are quite like you: haven't updated or shown signs of life in months or, usually, years. Or their sites just don't exist. My online generation has gone out to find real lives..

Well, reply if you're alive.

:-) Logan Pickup replies: "Diedra! I am indeed still alive, and most disgruntled at being accused of not having updated in months. I had both a story and a picture pass through recently.

So, I'm still around, and I even update sometimes. I had a gander at what you've got on that website, and it all looks great. I'm quite envious of your skills.

I am doing pretty well these days, at any rate. All is good. How art thou?"
27 May 2006:-) C. 'Liari' Seidel
*pokes around to see if anyone still resides here*

:-) Logan Pickup replies: "Yes, somewhat - it has been a while since I put anything new up, though. Maybe I should fix that."
30 Jul 200645 Cozzie Head
So I was surfing around and went, "Hey! Let's go visit Lo-bear's place!" and you know what I saw? Old pretty-ness!

You haven't updated in forever, mister. Me, I'm debating on deleting my accounts, but I can't remember the passwords and I'm pretty sure it's still under my old email address...

Anyway! It was looking lonely. Had to poke you. Did I get your eye? I have bad aim like that. *pokes some more*
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Logan Pickup

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