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Richard Svensson

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Richard Svensson

Richard is a servant of the Secret Fire.

Abominations of Yondo
Alas, poor mankind; I knew it well...
Beauty and the Beast -The Later Years...
Beltain Deer Mask
Beowulf vs Grendel
Black Angus
Black Annis
Bookish Simian Gentleman
Brown Jenkin
By the Seaside
Cuisine d'Ogre
Dracula Skulls
Dragon Helm of Prince Dracula
Dragon of Balance
Fire and Shadow
Fire Fly
Fun Guy From Yuggoth
Giant Spider
Green Man Mask
Gwragedd Annwn
He battled with the Dumbledores
Hey Diddle Diddle
Holiday Cthulhu
Household Demon
I wanna go hooooome!
In Middle-earth
Iron-rich diet
Jenny Greenteeth
Little demons
Little Elf
Lovecraftian Fridge Magnets
Luven-Kerapht; High-Priest of Bastet
Mewlips Count Their Gold
Monster Memory Game
Mr Bilbo Baggins
Negotium Perambulans
Nightmare Clown
Old Merlin
Old Oliphaunt am I!!
Orc masks
Orc Skull
Owain and his lion
Rogero rescues Angelica
Sea Troll
Silly fantasy
Space Oddity
Swedish Folktales 1
Swedish Folktales 2
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil part 1
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil part 2
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil part 3
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil part 4
The Adventures of Tom Bombadil part 5
The Basilisk
The Battle
The Chairman
The Chimera
The Crawling Chaos
The Dong with the luminous nose
The Dragon Slammer
The Dunwich Horror
The Dwarf
The Familiars (part 1);
The Familiars (part 2)
The Fiend
The Girl Who Married a Werewolf
The great, long, red-legged scissor-man!
The Hand
The Hodag
The Horror of Lake Myllesjön
The Kraken
The Leprechaun
The Lion and the Unicorn
The Lugubrious Whing-Whang
The Mewlips
The Odd One of the Family
The ogre in the wood
The old and the new...
The Owl and the Pussycat
The Roperite
The Squonk
The Warthog
There Was a Crooked Man..
Tomte and cat
Tsathoggua idol
Two-headed fish
Valentine Gargoyle
Worship of Tsathoggua
Yith Fighting Flying Polyp
Yithian scribe
Yokai: Abura-Sumashi
Yokai: Kappa
Yokai: Karakasa-obake
Yokai: Oni
Yokai: Tanuki
Zombie Elephants

5 Nov 2009:-) Candice Hinkley
You’re art kind of reminds me of Brian Froud. =D Good work! I really enjoy looking at it. =)

:-) Richard Svensson replies: "Thanks!! I love Froud’s art (both Brian and Wendy) but I hope I’m not too much influenced with it. If I’m influenced by anybody it’s probably Arthur Rackham."
31 Dec 2009:-) Vineet Aman Aggarwal
Drop the last year into the silent limbo of the past.. Let it go for it was imperfect, and thank God that it can go.. Adios 2009

Hey there.. 2
I started the new year with posting some new work.. (Draupadi, Manu, Kashyap and Parshuram) do check it out when u get time 2
Wishing u a very Happy New Year 2010!!
9 Jan 2010:-) Bill Silverbill Tillman
Richard: Great work! Doing a story about a Leprechaun named Howdy who looks like Howdy Doody from 50’s TV show.

:-) Richard Svensson replies: "A Howdy Doody Lephrecaun; Now there’s some food for thought 1 Thanks for stopping by!"
9 Jan 2010:-) Glo 'the Bug' Bowden
I just wanted to take a moment to say tha tI went to your youtube account, and was very impressed with your jabberwock video. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing your stuff online!

:-) Richard Svensson replies: "Well, thank you for looking at it! "Jabberwocky" was fun to to. This summer (hopefully) I’ll do another "Alice in Wonderland/Looking Glass" short. I have a great Alice lined up for it."
8 Sep 2010:-) Jaschenka Saarloos
Love the new additions! You’ve been busy, my friend. 2 My fridge magnets say HI, by the way. 12

:-) Richard Svensson replies: "Hi, Jaschenka! I always try to keep busy, but I hadn’t posted anything here for a while and thought it might be time to give it a go again. Give my love to your fridge magnets 2"
12 Oct 2010:-) Ethan Childress
I like your gallery. You work well in a lot of mediums (sp). I’m looking forward to seeing some of your films now. Hope to see more from you in the future.

:-) Richard Svensson replies: "Thanks! Well, I’m interested in different mediums. They’re all good for expressing yourself in different ways. Thanks for stopping by!"
20 Oct 2010:-) Jennie Sörensen
Hade en föreläsning om storyboards med en av dina vänner...
Jag insåg det när vi fick se en film som du uppenbarligen animerat shoggoth till... det var en märklig upplevelse.
Världen är liten

:-) Richard Svensson replies: "Hej! Jo, man har ju stuckit näsan i blöt här och var."
18 Mar 2011:-) Wout de groot
Hey there!^^
I would like to thank you. You must be thinking now: why? I’ll explain 10 When I saw your painting, the odd one of the family , I really liked the fat guy’s portait. So I wanted to do a fat guy to, just for fun. It’s like two years or something later now and I suddently remembered your fat guys portait. It was my inspiration for my masterpiece artwork at my art class at school! Again, thanks alot for being so creative and giving inspiration ^^
I hope my english is ok, im dutch 12

:-) Richard Svensson replies: "Haha! You’re very welcome! Your English is fine 1"
16 Jan 2012:-) Sharon jean lavalley
Hi your artwork is fantastic. I am new here. I was wondering if there is anyway to purchase the Valentine gargoyle? Please let me know
I would love to give this as a Valentine’s gift. Ty, Sharon

:-) Richard Svensson replies: "Hi, Sharon! Welcome to Elfwood!! Sure, I can make you a Valentine gargoyle. I’ll get back to you about your address and such."
28 Mar 2012:-) Jane Elf From Space Clift
Love it!! great artwork and I love the folklore and Tolkien themes. I wonder if you’ve ever seen or considered drawing a Dullahan. I love the descriptions of them, but have seen very few artistic representations of them and they’re such a cool spirit!
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