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Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen

Lucy has been pulled away from her art far too long and returning with a vengence!!!

Connla and the Fairy Maiden 2
Connla and the Fairy Maiden Page 1
Fairy Face
Hallel as a angel / pegasus
Heart of Man
Horse Patterns
Knight on Pegasus
Nap Time
Stage 1 for The Magical Light Illustration
Stage 2 for The Magical Light
Stippled Unicorn
Unicorn 2
Unipeg foal sleeping in the grass

18 Oct 2003:-) Alynnmar
Lucy, Thanks so much for your comments on my gallery. Just what I was looking for! And you nailed it, I have a one eye thing because I can never get the two to match. The closest I ever got was on the fox. Now, I'm going to wander on through your gallery. And again, thank you!

3 Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen replies: "I only pegged it cause *puts hand on shoulder* I have been there my friend. I know how you feel. I would find ANY way to keep two eyes from being on the same person, until I learned the trick about focusing on shadows and highlights more than trying to make eyes. You will get there, and if I can help, just contact me! I would love to!"
18 Oct 2003:-) Carl J. Meads
The most interesting bio i have read here. After reading it i find i have walked a similar path with regards to my own art but lacked the courage to be so open in my bio.
I am glad to see your work. Keeping at it is the main thing and I wish you the very best of luck in your dreams and desires.
Your art work, I like. Art for arts sake is always the best work. You can't cloud your decisions on the page (or what ever media) by thinking about how others perceive it.
Ah! If only people would take the time to look and see!

13 Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen replies: "Please do come and look and see. I am always wanting help and comments, but I am going to be uploading a whole new set of my drawings as soon as the Moderators get done with the update that is currently in the system. Thank you for the encouragement. All artists need that every once in a while, and I too try to pass on any help and support I can to anyone else out there. My drawings are going to be uploaded soon... *wishes the Moderators weren't so backed up*Thanks again!"
19 Oct 2003:-) Emily Carding
I like your use of colour and the flowing nature of your work. I hope you find harmony in life!

13 Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen replies: "Thank you. I don't think this yet respresents the bpdy of my work, butI do appreciate you comment on what you can see. Thank you for taking the time to look, and please come back as soon as the moderators are able to update my gallery, there is better and more prolific stuff coming. I don't think I have disharmony in my life right now, though I would like to be an artist full time. Thank you for the well wishes, and I hope that same wish for everyone!"
25 Oct 2003:-) Jenna Nielsen
I really like your style of work and the colors. Just looking at them is very calming because they are so light. You have good depth perception and because you use colors so well, you don't need shading. You should be very pleased with you work!
Oh, and thanks for giving me all the tips on my page. I found them very useful! You're a real sweetheart!

2 Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen replies: "  Thanks for appreciating my offers and tidbits. I love to help others and have really found this community to be wonderful. Wow! I personally am amazed that someone finds I have great depth perception. That is unusual truly. Thank you. Really, I have found a new enjoyable way of creating my artwork over the computer, and experiementing with a new medium has really freed my mind, and maybe that was all it took. I am pleased with my work and I will be back in your gallery soon! Please come see me again too."
28 Apr 2004:-) Kayla L Stearns
Hi! You have updated quite alot since the last time I came in here. I believe you only had 7 pictures when I first came to your gallery. I love you work! Its so creative and imaginative.

Oh, might I also add (if oyu do not remember) that you were the first person to comment on my art when I first came to elfwood? I just wanted to let you know that I have updated FINALLY and have some new stuff in my gallery. Much better than the old stuff that I had had.

Oops I am rambling. Goodness Gracious I need to stop doing that. I end up doing that when I am not wanting too! I just wanted to pop in and Say WOW!

YOur stuff is great


13 Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen replies: "I remember you, of course! I have been really busy up until very recently, and so my fantasy artwork has been put on the back burner. I am however, every moment I can find getting my large painting together and my books together. I haven't started putting brush to paper yet, but the planning / layout stage is almost complete. As for the books, I am almost done with the first one, and then I will post those for all to see too.I will look at your gallery sometime today, but I need to see if anyone else has spent the time to comment.Thanks for dropping by!Lucy Jean"
16 Jan 2007:-) Barbara J. Wickham
Welcome to Bifrost!

I enjoyed touring your gallery very much indeed and I can't wait to see what you do for the projects.

:-) Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen replies: "Thank you! I am excited too, and I can't wait to see either! I am working on a few right now! Himeidall is my major one right now!"
16 Jan 2007:-) Denise 'Kiandra' Guinn
Hola, my fellow Bifrotie ^_^ I love the gallery. Your horses are gorgeous...and the two newest, you have loads more patience than me. I would of gone crazy with all the intricacy.

21 Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen replies: "I feel like I have gone crazy as I do the final stage of it, making those garish colors fit in. Not so much patience was involved, more like OCD. I has to look a certain way for me to be happy with it because I worked so hard on the storyline, I don't want to screw up the pictures. But I think I am a little insane - you will see later, as I am going to post it to bifrost for help and suggestions soon because I am feeling a little stuck. Thanks for stopping by!"
3 Feb 2007:-) Brian L. Husted
Well, better late than never. I thought I'd chime in and say "Welcome to Bifrost".

I can't wait to see what you come up with for our projects!

:-) Lucy MagicWeaver Kilhullen replies: "Thank you. I am so excited. It will prove to be very interesting I am sure!"
26 Jun 2008:-) Adriel photoshopnut goset
you really need to make more dragons stuffies!
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