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Esmeralda C. Lindblad

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Esmeralda C. Lindblad

Esmeralda is a schoolgirl who usually draw fantasy art. She has a pet lizard and lives in Sweden.

Fairy girl
Holly Short
In The Eyes of Nature
Magic dragon
Nien -a silhouette
Nien, the faerie boy
Space Dragon
With hair like black smoke...

24 Dec 200645 Your best enemy
I see potential BUT..... Do NOT GO NEAR A COMPUTER WHEN DOING ART!!! Those things rot your brain!!! get a book on drawing such as 'drawing on the right side of the brain' and stick to good old pencil and paper. other wise it good.
24 Dec 200645 Ben J
I think you have a great imagination but you should try to not use computers.i would REALLY like to chat to you!PLEASE email me.
1 Jan 200745 Ladyxinxpink
Hi if you have heard of me before you know that I give really harsh comments and I give them bc I want to save people from getting in a career where they are horriable so here it is. YOU ARE A VERY VERY BAD ARTITST PLEASE STOP DRAWING AND STAY AWAY FROM COMMPUTERS.

:-) Esmeralda C. Lindblad replies: "Oh, you think so... Well, I think that you HAVE to learn how to use CAPITAL letters and . , ! ? Yeah, you really HAVE to practice on those things. YOU ARE A VEEEERYYYY BAD COMMENTER STAY AWAY FROM ELFWOOD YOU JUST MAKE PEOPLE SAD. PS. Learn how to spell. "
17 Jan 2007:-) Jo Rosabel
*Kicks all these bad commenters whom can't draw worth beans*

Great art^^, I think you've got alot of talent. Keep it up.

:-) Esmeralda C. Lindblad replies: "Awww, thanks! *Gives Rebekah a big smile* I'm glad you like my art. This is one of the reasons of why I joined Elfwood: most people are really nice! Thanks again, Rebekah!"
5 Feb 200745 Hex
Dude not to be mean and all but some people are not meant for drawing stuff maybe you have some other talents that dont burn peoples eyes to a crisp. Im sorry but you shouldn`t snap back at the commenters that are trying to help you. You need profesional help if you think you can get somewhere with your art,start with basic shapes you know stick figures.
7 Feb 200745 Anonymous
really, they're all right. you could get kicked off of Elfwood for talking back. you should let the mods deal with it. but still...


:-) Esmeralda C. Lindblad replies: "Stop calling me freak. Please, stop flaming me. I draw much, much better on paper (I'm not very good with Photoshop). I'm sorry if I've upset anyone by striking back, but that's the kind of person I am. If you really hate me, and think that I'm the worst artist in the world, why have you yet time to visit my gallery? I guess that I draw like any 13-year-old. I'm sorry for the spelling thing, but some mean commenters are bad spellers, some are good. Most of them are bad spellers. I just wanted to end this flame-war, that's it. I'm sorry, dear mr/mrs Anonymous, but I HATE mean commenters!"
29 May 2007:-) Bridgette "Demon Llama" Chaffey
Hi its me, Bridgette, and I am here to kick some serious flamer butt! *karate action*
Ha, all done. Those people, the ones who got my shoe up there butt, hopefully wont trouble you anymore. 1
Yesh, so, I'm still a big fan... lovin' the style you got goin on!
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