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Marie Sargot

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Marie Sargot

Marie has no direction in life...

Dragon Skies
Forbidden Friends...
goddess of the ankh
Le poisson
Scramble #2!
Silly elf....
Snake thingies! (and a dragon lol)
Sun and Moon
Under Da Sea...
wise woman
wise woman 2

16 Feb 200445 Josh
Hey, the art is cool, and b/c of this, maybe ill submit some of my stuff. like all of it. Not much goin on, maybe u should submit some more work lol.....1

You have been tagged...- compliments of Moose

p.s. maybe sometime ill actually send in some of my work
thanks for givin me this site, and for that u get a cookie, and maybe something else 12

1 Marie Sargot replies: "awww *hugs* thanx so much for visiting! these are reaaally old pictures; I have better ones... but my stoopid scanner gave out on me and now I think I'll have to use my midget girl's scanner... oh well ^_^"
29 Apr 2004:-) Iris Ayers
Nicely done! Great idea's are put into your drawings. I love it. And may i just add. APC and Tool are awesome. I just went to APC concert last week, and Maynard's voice is even sexier live! ^_^' rarr...

22 Marie Sargot replies: "why is it everyone went to that concert except me?! *cries hysterically* it was my birthday last week too!! gosh-darned parents... *huddles beneath Maynard shrine and whimpers* I'm so sorry my love!!! we will be together one day!"
1 May 200445 The Canadian turned american, wanting *huggles*
Well, i may not be the latest one, but i know that u r looking forward to this *gank* they r mine now.... well maybe not, but soon, when u least expect it they will b mine *sinister laugh* i am just a lonely canadian turned american wanting huggles, and lives in a house made of discarded pixie sticks, and used sporks.... art is so good, i wish they were mine(maybe when ur not looking ill take them).

="WHATS THAT OVER THERE, a purple flying monkey??!!??"=
nuts, u didn't fall for it......hmm maybe for a cookie?
well green grapes, and moose r all that i am, and i must make this brief. "The Green Grape Moose, owns u, u must obey me, or else u will b punished. For not listening, u will have to cut down the mightiest tree, with a *dramatic music* spork"

12 Marie Sargot replies: "hmm... someone needs huggles eh?*summons the giant huggling monster of doom* thou must be rewarded for such an interesting and most entertaining comment... *releases the giant huggling monster of doom**watches in delight* Ohh that's gotta sting... *steals sporks and skips off in glee*"
3 May 2004:-) Alice Muffin Girl Smith
Beautiful update, honey! I particularly loved the "Sunset" pic -that thing is just so amazingly gorgeous! ^_^ I really don't know how to say this without sounding pathetically over-done, but I loved it. ^_^

11 Marie Sargot replies: "*can only hug in happiness*"
5 Jun 2004:-) Vicki "Kiddalee" Nemeth
I thoroughly enjoyed your gallery. I admire it for containing everything, the good, the bad, the beautiful, the ugly, the mediocre, lots of the powerful, the natural, and the insane. It's also interesting how I can see your development over time, and that is what's most important in the Woods. Keep drawing!

11 Marie Sargot replies: "its comments like that, that make all the work and effort be worth it... I love you *squishy embrace of happiness*"
20 Jun 2004:-) Heather Steele
I adore your scramble pieces. They are sex.

11 Marie Sargot replies: "why thank you... ^_^"
5 Jan 200545 Hermy
hmm...you have very nice stuff over here! *oh, shut up!you don't even know how to write a decent comment!ouch!*
sorry, guys!my alter ego (or as I call her, my Gollum) is getting annoyng because I do not draw her.. *grins and slaps alter ego*
ok...deep breath..are you Italian? (oppure..sei italiana?)I really like your drawings! *oh..ouch!* alter ego..

2 Marie Sargot replies: "Si, Io partially italiano... lol though I speak barely enough to make a sentence here and there... thanx for visiting!! ^_^"
6 Jan 2005:-) Elena beka komnenov
I AM CANADIAN!!! ^_^ ok ill stop now. this is a really nice gallery... keep up the good work!

2 Marie Sargot replies: "WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH! Gotta love Canada."
2 May 200545 Kaia
COOKIES TO MARIA!! Your gallery rocks so hard! Kaia likes! ^^

1 Marie Sargot replies: "thanks for dropping by"
5 Nov 200545 Someone
U have a portuguese or spanish name dont u?

11 Marie Sargot replies: "italian actually..."
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