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Marie Claire Scotte

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Marie Claire Scotte

Marie Claire hasn't written any short description yet...

a corner in Heaven's park
A Heavenly Story
brunch in the woods
China Roses
Fairy Tales
hope has a place.jpg
Lady of the Snow
not all that glitters is gold
the Dreamcatcher
The Forest Dances at midmights' touch
the secret garden.jpg

21 Sep 2009:-) Benjamin Harold Abbott
Welcome to the woods, Marie. I pray you have a pleasant stay here. Feel free to swing by my page and read a story or two. Peace!
28 Sep 2009:-) Ally Shaw
An excellent gallery so far! Can’t wait to see more!
30 Sep 2009:-) Marie Claire Scotte
thanks... so far Ive only been able to post four of my works, but ill post more soon...they just take so long to load....anyway, stay tunes
26 Oct 2009:-) Jeani Rector
Hi Marie Claire. Nice work, do you have more? If so, I would love to invite you to submit your artwork to The Horror Zine at http://www.thehorrorzine.com. I would need at least seven works of art. The Horror Zine is currently looking for submissions of artwork from morbidly creative people like yourself.
Jeani Rector, Editor
The Horror Zine

:-) Marie Claire Scotte replies: "thank you so much for the invitation, but i could never say that my art is in any way mobid, I try to maintain uplifting and beautifull themes, I dont know if it would be fit for a horror-art page..."
27 Oct 2009:-) Jeani Rector
Okay, fair enough. Have you seen the artwork on The Horror Zine? We only accept the best of the best. Take a look at http://www.thehorrorzine.com and then judge. Our guidelines are very strict: no splatter punk, no erotica, no gore for gore’s sake, no harming of children. We are looking for artwork that makes a viewer want to look twice, to say to oneself: "I get that. It touches me." The Horror Zine is high level and very professional and only accepts talent, not shock. Our artwork is subtle and beautiful. But again, I accept your decision; I am just trying to let you know that sometimes, one should not judge without information; contempt prior to investigation can lead to missed opportunities.

:-) Marie Claire Scotte replies: "I understand that this could be a lost oprtunity, but, I could never allow my art or poetry to fall under the category of horror. My art is meant to uplift, to portray concepts and dreams. Life is beautifull, even in the pain of circumstances that teach us valuable lessons. once more thank you for your invitation."
6 Nov 2009:-) Natalia Nikitin
I completely understand your reply to your last commenter. I could easily draw horror-esque art, but there are too many things like that around already - real or imagined - and not nearly enough of the other kind. You have a lovely gallery and I hope to see many more updates in the future.

:-) Marie Claire Scotte replies: "Yes, also, I believe that the wrong kind of art,just like music, and poetry can draw the wrong kinds of spirits and affect you negatively. a case in point, Hitler, was very much hipnotized by Wagners music which inspired him to do so much evil and be so destructive. I believe and know, from personal experience that with art its the same thing. Thats why I try to keep my imagination pure and uplifting. My art is meant to be uplifting. Whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, if there be any virtue, if there be any praise..think on these things."
6 Nov 2009:-) Chantelle Johnston
You have a really stunning gallery here and you are very talented. You have a very good eye for detail and great use of colour and composition! I really hope to see more of your work!

:-) Marie Claire Scotte replies: "thank you so much, I try to put alot of love, creativity and imagination in every piece i do"
6 Nov 2009:-) Kieran Mathers
Hi Marie

I’m looking for a creative artist to help us do some initial concept work on a new RPG manual and source book we are working upon, and have been for many, many months. We’re a committed creative work group looking for someone to help bring our world to life.

There isn’t any money involved, yet, but this is a new world with a positive outlook and we hope a relatively different spin on things. Would you be willing to help with this? It’s your chance to get involved at quite an early visual stage, and really make a mark.

If you are interested, please drop me an e-mail at manicpainter@googlemail.com


7 Nov 2009:-) Natalia Nikitin
I’m not sure where music stands in all this. In fact it would be interesting to read some good studies/research about the effect of music of both on art and ideology. I am dimly aware that Wagner had certain ideas similar to Hitler, but I think it is most likely that Hitler hijacked both Wagner’s music and Norse/germanic mythology to suit his skewed thought patters - a fact that pissed off JRRT no end, by the way.

I am not fully set against any representation of darkenss in art, I think often to create a good artwork/story you have to have it there in order to contrast the light, to be shown as something to be fought to the last. But never as something for its own sake - the concept of ’cool evil’ seems pretty absurd to me - at best anything like that could only be a mask, which makes what’s behind it even more abhorrent.

Despite all this though, I try to understand some people’s fascinations with horror and the macabre and I can only come to the conclusion that perhaps in many of such cases it is part of a search to find some sort of meaning to a life surrounded by a self-satisfied, materialistic, ego-centred, superficial envirionment that often brings people down to level of animals (making pleasure and gratification of material desires cornerstones of our being) and that could become even more soul-destroying than dabbling in horror-related stuff.

:-) Marie Claire Scotte replies: "True, I personally know that I could get drawn and influenced to draw darker art, thats why I try and stay away from it as much as possible. I’m a Christian and know that true satisfaction and meaning in life is far from being found in the darness and horror related stuff. I also know, from personall experience, that certain music and art can draw evil spirits that torment and affect you, just like good music can affect you in a good way...nevertheless, i do think that certain art that may be a little sad, or more on the tetric or serious side may be good to illustrate certain realities or make a point.."
8 Dec 2009:-) Natalie Adams
thank you for the comments on my page - that is first to say. secondly, i found your gallery heart-touching and meaningful. beautiful pieces that have so much depth and emotion behind them, they really were lovely. 2 please PLEASE let me know if and when you update? i would love to see more xx

:-) Marie Claire Scotte replies: "sure! Thank you! I have few works that need the finishing touches, but Ive been reluctant to finish them as Ive been caught up with my latest project of designing and sewing. (by hand for lack of a sewing machine) dresses for my little girl.....also i need to download a program for my scanner which is momentarily out of use..so im kind of stuck......shame on me..."
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