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Max Wolf

Max Wolf

Max is happy to report that Ch. 3 of The Manipulator comes soon!

My name is Max. Writing has been a pastime for me for many year. I remember in the third grade wanting to write a story about a boy and a tiger, which was going to be called Hunted Tiger. Years later I am still writing, but with better grammar and more imagination. I am 15 years old, soon to be 16. When first I found this site and all it's wonders I was around the age of 11, and waited two long years before I could join.  I remember starring in wonder at all of the art, wondering how it was people were creating such marvalous masterpieces. I now dedicate my life to the learning of this art, as a form of passion far greater than any I have felt before.

UPDATE (Sept. 28): I should have Ch. 3 of The Manipulator done by the end of this week, as well as a new story. Short stories will come soon as well, for those of you interested in my writing but not willing to embark on a long reading adventure on a bright computer screen.


I have my art page at www.elfwood.com/~maxwolf. Check it out!

Writing and drawing. I love the arts.
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Friends at Elfwood: Brendon thu Magpie McGahee(Friend) .

Guestbook for Maxwolf2

17 Apr 2010:-) Joshua Steven Joseph Mersereau
Hi Max, Welcome to the forest!! I’m looking forward to seeing your work.1

:-) Max Wolf replies: "Thanks for the welcome! I have two pending stories now, so as soon as they are accepted by the moderators they will be up for all to enjoy!"
17 Apr 2010:-) Yoni Danziger
Hey Max! I’m with Joshua, show us your artwork!! 18
Welcome mate, have lots of fun here at the woods 12

:-) Max Wolf replies: "I’m working on an art piece now that will be done soon. Then I will add it to be reviewed by the moderators. Thanks for the welcome."
17 Apr 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Gah! I is too late to welcome you to the woods, ah, well, I will be the first to wish you a pleasant stay here! Ahha! And I look forward to not only seeing your artwork, but writing as well!!!! Woot!

:-) Max Wolf replies: "HAHA! Well I appreciate it2 You can’t always win! Anyway, thanks! I’ll have stuff posted soon."
19 Apr 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
No truer words were ever spoken, however, I find that....I cant win, I cant break even, and I cant even quit the game!!!!!! Gah! I think it is a ’rat race’ I am stuck in....Lol!

:-) Max Wolf replies: "Haha! give up? lol no dont! writing comments to people is probably the best way to get known around here. the more comments you write the more your name is out there and the more people come to visit. either that or your work is hella good!"
20 Apr 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Well, I can asure you that my work is far from ’hella good’ that is the one thing I DO KNOW!!!!!!!! Maybe you might be right about the comment thing though.....I wonder.....

:-) Max Wolf replies: "Worth a shot. And I’ve seen your work, it’s not too bad, maybe not the best, but certainly not the worst. 2 I hope thats of comfort 1"
21 Apr 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Yeah, It is funny you should say that about the comment thing though. I actually had a person stop by and tell me thanks for welcoming them to the site and then add ’I see you do a lot of commenting here’. Struck me funny and I had to go see for myself....They woulb be right. I do leave a good number of them. Does this mean I dont have a life???? Lol!!!!!

:-) Max Wolf replies: "HAHA! No, I don’t think so2 I enjoy commenting on peoples art too. 42 comments in the little time I’ve been here... maybe I should start commenting with my art profile since there is stuff actually published there. 10"
24 Apr 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Outstanding!!! Thanks for the friend requsest. I do my best to not only respond to those that have commented on my personal page, but then go to their page and leave one. It adds up, plus, as you already know, on the weekends, as time permits me to do so, I try to leave welcoming comments to those I believe are not spam. It is difficult to make that judgment someties because as you may well know, the first use of this ’user friendly site’ is aggravating and cause folks to give up without putting anything detail oriented. Makes it most difficult to tell who is really a person and who is not. 12

:-) Max Wolf replies: "Haha! True2"
1 May 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Snap on a cracker!!!! I found more reading material!!!! Woot! I might have to take time out of my shedule to check this out.....good to see you posting in teh writing category!!!
17 May 2010:-) Brendon thu Magpie McGahee
Just stopping by to see how things are going for you in teh writing world. I think i might put up a bit more writing as well, but I have got so many irons in teh fire right now, I stand surprised my shack hasnt burnt down!!! Well, i will catch you on the flip side of things!!!

:-) Max Wolf replies: "HAha2 I am doing well enough, really. I’m very busy again since school started and haven’t done much, but I am proud to say that I have some chapter stories that I might just post, as well as a few short stories."
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Max Wolf

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