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SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by M.Botelho

M.Botelho Is here and there. These are very old, crappy drawings. Enjoy

A faeire's Bedroom
Blue Faerie
Dancing faerie
Ever Wonder...
Faerie in a white dress
Faerie Lounging area
Faerie Queen
goddess & god
Green Man
orange fae
Sea creature
sweet love
the dandelion faerie
The lonely tower
The shiny metal faery
three mermaids
wolf II
Yellow faery

31 Oct 2002:-) S. P. Singh
Hey, nice job on those pieces, man! I like the colors especially, and I'm glad your gallery has lots of them! Very nice! Sorry about not looking at your gallery in a long time!

:-) M.Botelho replies: "Hey thanks. NO problem, I have no internet again. "SOB" (i am using another computer)and life is busy. i get yah completely"
31 Dec 2002:-) Katie 'Hawk' Sharkey
Sorry I can't comment on all of your pics but, I'm a little short on time. I like the tree spirit one w/ what you said was a messed up pond. That head would look really cool as an elf if you need any drawing ideas. Anyways, cool pics!

:-) M.Botelho replies: "Don't be sorry, is ok. I see the elf head too. I have not looked at that picture in a while. I still sigh when I look at it. I am hoping to be able to upload some more soon."
8 Feb 2003:-) Dante Rushdan
You're a great artist with alot of colorful and creative pics around your gallery. The only thing that I see repetitively wrong is that you make heads way too big. I dunno if you're going for realism or not, but think about this: an average woman is 7 heads tall (including the head). The average man is about 7 1/2. There are exceptions for this rule, such as children or very, very old people. Anywho... just keep drawing, keep looking at those anatomy books, and NEVER switch to anime drawing! You'll do wonders.

:-) M.Botelho replies: "hey thanks, great advice. But I must admit i've never looked at an anatomy book. I know it really shows. I stopped taking art classes after the eighth grade. maybe i shouldn't have. thanks for the encouraging words."
1 Apr 200345 Bloodfire999
Pretty soon your going think I'm stalking you....but I'm not. You got some awesome pictures here. better then any hand drawn work i can do. Keep updating, i want to see more stuff. oh yea...and also....HI! *poke*

:-) M.Botelho replies: "hehe thanks m'dear but just remember, i am your stalker lol. and it took me years to get to were i am now hun, so don't fret. (yeah like im sooo good ) lol oh and *poke* HI !"
10 Jun 2003:-) Jessica 'Vestaka' Douglas
Very cool bright colors!!! YAY!!! I like!

1 M.Botelho replies: "Thank you!!!"
31 Aug 200545 Eva
I think you are on your way to a great thing you will get better so keep working and you will be great. I am also very proud of you because even though you arent the best artist you are still not afraid no post up so MORE POWER TO YOU hehehehe ttyl

62 M.Botelho replies: "Thanks for the encouragement 2"
13 Nov 200545 Anonymous
i like these. The use of bold colours is very refreshing and i know that you've put lotsa effort in them

58 M.Botelho replies: "Hello 2"
8 Feb 200645 S. urcan
in case youre wondering wtf, i guess you dnt remember my gallery, the one with the albino vamp and the rest in,,,,btw, i like ur pictures 1 <(skull lol)
thanks! 2
8 Feb 200645 Sonia urcan
If your son looks like this i am seriously amazed and want to know him,lol. This is my ultimate character and i am very pleased you like it, thank you ^_^

18 M.Botelho replies: "Well, he doesnt' look 'exactly' like that lol. Naturally he has blonde hair, he's dyed it black. At least last time I saw. Technically, he is actually a good good freind, but he thinks of me as mom, so I think of him as son. lol no we don't have a weird relationship 12 He also has an elfwood gallery the link is in my bio, J.M. Timberlake.And You're welcome 2"
20 Feb 2006:-) Anne .Inkeri.Anu Hänninen
Hello! Just strolled through and I liked what I saw! Thanks for the pleasant walk!
You have a own style, and I likes it! ;D Keep it up and if you want´s , give me a hint when you update? Anne

30 M.Botelho replies: "Ullo, Thanks for visiting and for all your nice comments! I'll pop by your gallery =D"
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