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Reanne Sinclair

"Sparks Encyclopedia" by Reanne Sinclair

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 3 by Reanne Sinclair.      ←Previous - Next→
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Yay for encyclopedias to help clarify things! The reason there seems to be so much superfluous information is because this actually encompasses a series of 3 stories. I'm hoping that once the large task of getting Sparks finished is complete, there might also be an interest in at least reading one of these other stories, which is also set in the Kingdom of Miren.

Added February 6, 2011

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←- Land of the Phoenix Sun Chapter 1 | Dragon Graced Prologue -→

Conduit Encyclopedia

Places on the Map

(Listed alphabetically by kingdom)


Balduric Sea
The large southern sea that runs along Tirmar’s coastline. It boasts quite a tempestuous summer season so that many of the trade ships that sail it employ full-time conduits to ensure safe travel.

Balmeer Mountains
A large and domineering mountain range that runs from the Balduric Sea to Tirmar’s northern border and divides the Eastern Wastelands from the western settled lands. The Balmeer Mountains hold snow on their peaks all year round and are mostly too treacherous to cross except by the bravest or most foolish of souls.

The Kingdom of Caras:

Home to the Carans. It is a humid country covered in dense rainforest and very fertile. Its people are darker of skin and hair than the fair-haired Tirmarans. Caras is divided into 8 provinces according to the families that rule them. Caras is a political hot seat immersed in feuds between houses; alliances and betrayals all for the crown take place on an almost daily basis. It is a treacherous place to be if you don’t know what you’re doing and one wrong step could land you with a price on your head. This is one country that you would hope to be invisible in. Caras is one of the few countries that still deals in slaves. It is thought that Traders originated in Caras.


Harlaikin: closest family to the crown





Throkmor: The current royal family that holds power in Caras.

The Eastern Wasteland:

Home to the Easterners, a war-loving race that is said to be something not quite human. The country is rampant with strange creatures such as werdawgs. Not much is known about the Eastern Wasteland because any who cross the Balmeer Mountains don’t tend to come back.

Javan Islands:

Three mountainous islands abundant in tropical forests and wildlife. It is currently under rulership from an obscure branch of the Caran royal family, who invaded 70 years ago. They pledged allegiance to the Caran Monarchy to forestall the wrath of the King. Native Javans are darker skinned than Carans. Flooding takes up much of the lowland areas of the islands, so they build their houses on stilts in higher areas, and many of their roads are waterways that they travel by boat. But up in the actual mountains they have proper roads.


The smallest of the islands. It has the most low-lying areas and much of the travel is done along waterways, which flood in the spring season and early fall.


The second largest of the three islands.


The main island with the capital city of Baiing on its northern coast.

The Kingdom of Kirov:


The capital city of Kirov.


The Kingdom of Sarrit:


A northern country home to the Sarrits. It is ruled by an Emperor in the lowlands, and the Mori Clans in the highlands. The Emperor made a treaty with the Mori Clans that they would be left alone in the highlands if they agreed to support the Emperor on the throne of Sarrit. The two most notorious Mori Clans are the Kaumori and Banmori, who are at constant war with one another. The Kaumori claimed land rights to the easiest route into Tirmar, so the Emperor sometimes pays a tithe to them to allow certain trade wagons through their land unharmed. The Banmori Clan resent this and are trying to oust the Kaumori Clan.


Banmori Keep

The Banmori Clan claims land to the west of the Kaumori. They are at war with the Kaumori and they covet their land for its trading opportunities with Tirmar.


Black Hills

They are hills that cover the highlands in the south of Sarrit. This is where the Mori clans make their home, undisturbed by the Emperor.


Damu Forest

The forest that covers the entirety of the highlands – it is full of very tall, old trees and little undergrowth because the ground doesn’t receive much sun.



The southern portion of Sarrit, covered in the Black Hills that join up with the Balmeer Mountain Range. Most of this area has been titled over to the Mori Clans to do with as they will. The Emperor of Sarrit stays out of their bloody battles.


Kaumori Keep

This is the home of the Kaumori Clan. They claim the land in the Black Hills of the Highlands closest to the Tirmar border, and so secure tithe from the Emperor when he wishes to send a merchant caravan through.


Maresti River

River that runs from a lake in the highlands on Banmori land and through the forest and divides Banmori and Kaumori land. Further south it goes through Priit Ravine and enters into Tirmar.


Priit Ravine

A ravine created by the Maresti River. It is a treacherous ravine that often has sudden mists and fogs that come up near it, confusing travelers into tumbling into its heart and dying. It is believed that Ula Weswater, who is ever temperamental, calls up the mists to trap unwary travelers.



The capital city of Sarrit, ruled by the Emperor of Sarrit.


The Kingdom of Tirmar:

Home to the Tirmarans. It is one of the largest kingdoms with the Balmeer Mountains making up its eastern and northern borders and the Balduric Sea its southern border. It is abundant in trade, with the sea so close, and they make quite a bit of income with lumber shipped to Kirov.

Air University

Temple dedicated to conduits of air, found along the western border of Tirmar.

Aleksis (Fort)
One of a triad of forts that are built to protect King’s Valley, the entrance into Tirmar through its western border from Caras. This is the site of the current war being fought against Caras.

A ducal fief, with Duke Ioan Allington as the current head of the family. Sir Tataren Allington, knight, is the younger brother of the Duke, and is currently employed as the training master for the new army recruits until his injury heals.

A fief with Viscount as the current head of the family.

Blackthorn (Fort)
One of a trio of forts that were built to protect King’s Valley, the entrance into Tirmar through its western border.

Capital Way
Main road of Tirmar that connects Lumina to its next largest city, Peveril. It is the most traveled road and always patrolled by Tirmaran soldiers.

A fief with Duke as the current head of the family.

A small village south of Northwatch Fortress.

A fief with Viscount as the current head of the family.

Corsair River
Fed by Lake Verall, it is Tirmar’s longest river and runs right through the heart of the realm and the Steppe Gorge.

A fief nestled amongst the giant Balmeer Peaks in the south that is famous for quarrying the blue stone that gave Lumina its name. Duke Jassin Rasmus is the current head of the family.

Earth University
Temple dedicated to conduits of earth found along the eastern border snuggled up against the Balmeer Mountains. This is the closest temple to Lumina.

Emerald Lake
A fief with Count as the current head of the family.

Fire University
Temple dedicated to conduits of fire found in the north of Tirmar.

Fort Tovn
A southern fort responsible for the protection of the lands around Port Taine.

Great Coastal Road
The main road that runs along the southern coast of Tirmar from Port Taine to Port Verrier. Many who travel it speak of the awe-inspiring cliffs it runs along.

A small northern village found along the northern road. Their inn, Chadday, is famous for its cider.

A modest, bustling city near the coast. The majority of its inhabitants are woodworkers and many who wish to study carpentry go there to learn from the best. 

King’s Valley
A western valley along the Caran border so named because King Natan was killed there at the end of the Great Peace Treaty and the start of Tirmar’s war with Caras. It is protected by a ring of three forts, Aleksis, Montbay, and Blackthorn.

Lake Danver
Belongs to the Danver family, nestled amongst the smaller peaks of the Balmeer Mountains near the southern coast.

Lake Verrall
Tirmar’s largest lake. It is owned by Lord Verrall and feeds into the Corsair River just before the Steppe Gorge.

Little Mountain
A fief with Viscount as the current head of the family.

It’s the capital city of Tirmar. It is currently ruled by King Natan Rasmus. Lumina is so named because of the many stained glass windows of the palace and the blue stone it is made from. On nights of the full moon the palace glows above the city. It is said to be one of the most beautiful places and many will make the trek to Lumina at least once in their lifetime just to see the palace.

A fief with Count Istevan as the head of the family.

A fief with Viscount as the current head of the family.

Misty Havn
A fief with Viscount as the current head of the family.

Montbay (Fort)
A trio of forts with Aleksis and Blackthorn that are built to protect King’s Valley.

Moss Lake
A fief with Viscount as the current head of the family.

Northern Road
The main road that travels along the northern border. It spans from the Northern Outpost and Peveril to Tusor.

Northwatch Fortress
One of the largest posts for the army. It is the main northern station for soldiers and knights in defense against Kirov and the main trade route into Sarrit. Those traveling up from Lumina to protect the northern border stop at Northwatch to receive their assignments.

A fief with Duke Kardas Northwatch (Alsander’s father) as the current head of the family. The Duke has two sons: the eldest will inherit and Alsander is a trainee in the army.

A fief with Count as the current head of the family.

Fief belonging to Viscount Ormond situated at the eastern tip of the lake bearing the same name.

Ormond Lake
Named for the Ormond family that holds claim to the land. It is at the easternmost edge of King’s Valley.

The largest city north of Lumina, with a bustling trade market. Traders contribute to most of Peveril’s economy and bring merchants from across Tirmar to display their wares.

A fief with Viscount Mihail as the current head of the family. He married Aldene Allington, Tataren’s older sister and they have three children.

A northern village under the protection of the Northern Outpost.

Port Taine
The eastern port city under the protection of Fort Tovn. It is Tirmar’s largest Port, boasting a natural docking cavern for its fleets that protects it from the southern tempestuous storms.

Port Verrier
The port city along the Balduric Sea that provides most of Tirmar’s trade with Caras. It doesn’t have a natural barrier against the southern storms but it is close enough to the Water Temple that they provide protection during the stormy season.

Rocky Ridge
A fief with Count as the current head of the family.

A fief with Duke Nikolai Romenel as the current head of the family. Nikolai is a knight of the realm and serves the crown at Northwatch Fortress when he isn’t needed at home.

A fief with Count as the current head of the family.

A fief with Viscount as the current head of the family.

A fief with Count as the current head of the family.

SeaFare Road
A south-bound road from Lumina to Tirmar’s largest port city, Taine.

A fief with Count as the current head of the family.

Steppe Gorge
A long canyon carved by the Corsair River. A rope bridge spans the gorge to complete Capital Way to Lumina. Malebisse Fief is situated on the southern edge of the Gorge.

A fief with Viscount as the current head of the family.

A fief with Viscount as the current head of the family.

A fief with Count as the current head of the family.

A fief with Viscount as the current head of the family.

A fief with Duke as the current head of the family.

A fief with Count as the current head of the family. Queen Lisette is originally of this house, and her older sister, Lady Korintha, married Camden Allington and became the Duchess of Allington. Tataren is her youngest child.

One of the realm’s northern fiefs that belongs to the Tusor family. They breed some of the finest warhorses in the realm and have done so for 5 generations. The Tusors are one of the oldest houses in Tirmar and one of the most loyal. The current Duke is Ievan’s father.

Fief and lands belonging to Viscount Verrall that includes the lake named for his family. The fief is along the northern edge of the lake.

Water University
Temple dedicated to conduits of water, found along the southern border of Tirmar where the delta meets the Balduric Sea.

←- Land of the Phoenix Sun Chapter 1 | Dragon Graced Prologue -→

4 Mar 2011:-) Helene Gryting Vokac
Whew, that’s a lot! Still, it’s far better than anything I have ever managed to make for my own world...

:-) Reanne Sinclair replies: "I like figuring out details, the more complex a thing is, the more real it seems to me. But one thing I’ve never been good at is creating my own creatures ... "
23 Oct 2011:-) Michael pixiepie john
intriguing ..
i like the idea ..
is there a map too ?

:-) Reanne Sinclair replies: "Yes, I do have a map 2 I just have to scan it onto my computer and post it up"
7 Nov 2011:-) Khaoxz Troy Roars
Wow... i’m working on something like this... just got inspired to work harder.... gj!!!

:-) Reanne Sinclair replies: "Good luck on your own encyclopedia. Mine has changed so much since I posted this. When I get some chapters edited and posted up here I’ll really have to update it 1"
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'Sparks Encyclopedia':
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