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Stacey ´Midnight´ Twiggs

"Losing Blood, Chapter Four" by Stacey ´Midnight´ Twiggs

SciFi/Fantasy text 10 out of 17 by Stacey ´Midnight´ Twiggs.      ←Previous - Next→
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Preston tries to find the vampire Alec, who had bitten him in a nightclub. Also, at the same time, an evil ancient vampire by the name of Agustus goes on a search for Alec as well, with nothing but spilled blood on his mind
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Preston couldn’t see where he was going in the dark. He couldn’t see the man laying on the ground until he’d stumbled over him and went flying into the concrete. He looked closely; it was the man from the nightclub! And he seemed hurt.
    He pulled him up and hoisted him over his shoulder. It was only three blocks to Preston’s apartment so he carried him there. Once he got inside, he laid the man on the couch and covered him with a blanket. He didn’t know what else to do, he contemplated calling an ambulance for the man who looked beyond sick, but he didn’t know if he should considering what he thought the man was.
    Before Preston could be indecisive any longer, he felt himself being grabbed similarly as he was in the nightclub and the same fangs being sunk into his flesh. He was only in the desert, in his mind, moments before snapping back out and sitting back on his heels. The man’s eyes were closed, but he licked his lips.
    “Hello?” Preston asked, his hand over the blood that trickled lightly from his own neck.

    The man’s eyes flew open. He jumped as if he was startled upon seeing Preston there. He looked around himself nervously.

    “I’m sorry. I took you here because you were just lying outside on the ground. Are you ok?”

    “Who are you?” The meek, but rough voice came from the vampire.

    “My name is Preston.” He paused before asking, “What’s your name?”


    There was a silence, which was quite awkward for Preston. He asked Alec, “Did you have enough blood?”

    Alec jumped up off the couch and stared Preston in the eyes. “How do you know about… about that?”

    “You bit me twice.”

    Alec looked around nervously again, and spun quickly for the door. Preston, on instinct, reached out and grabbed his clothes. Instead of catching Alec like he was sure he would be able to do, he just went flying into the wall beside the door as the apparently super strong vampire made a swift exit. He flinched at the pain in his now slightly injured head, and looked up to see that his door had been broken through and there was no longer any sign of the vampire Alec.

    Crash! Went the chair, flying into the table. It was hit with such a force that the table legs collapsed as well, leaving just a single pile of wood on Agustus’ kitchen floor.
    “Argh!” He exclaimed, kicking at the wood. It flew through the room, ricocheting off the wall into the sink.  He couldn’t believe that Alec was still alive. After killing his sister Agatha, and hiring his vampire associate to kill Alec, he was sure that they both passed on to the next life. But no, his associate had failed. Had failed! And his only task was to kill a fledgling no less!
    But he couldn’t get too mad. It wasn’t the associate’s fault that he’d gotten caught by a hunter and killed. But still, if Agustus had a choice, he’d rather be the one sinking a knife into the heart of his associate. But now he had to kill Alec himself. What a drag. It would be so easy; it wouldn’t even be any fun. Even with the hunters running around like they were that night wouldn’t make it any more alluring than it already wasn’t. He sighed to himself. He decided he would have mercy on his destroyed kitchen table and hang out at the vampire bar for awhile. That would at least be a little interesting to hear the latest gossip about what hunters wounded which vampires. At least he’d get in a good laugh or two.
    The moment he walked into the bar, however, he knew he could have much, much more fun than he’d originally thought. Because standing at the bar was a wonderful, interesting red headed creature who called herself Lenaye. She was a hunter. She was the type of mortal who would stand beneath the “no human” sign that hung on the wall, casually licking her teeth and pursing her lips at the vampires that walked by. Why? Because every single vampire in the building knew she could kill them in less than a second if they dared look at her wrong. Everyone except Agustus that was. That was where his fun came in.
    “Hey darling.” He drawled to her, leaning beside her against the bar. Despite his unexpected appearance, her facial features showed no shock or fear. Only resentment.
    “Call me that again and you just might lose an important body part.” She threatened, her fingers casually gracing the top of the handle on her sheathed dagger, as if it were merely a habit by now to pull it out. Which it probably was by then, she'd been a hunter for many years now- and the one most known to be crueler than others. She had the most kills on her record and every vampire in that area knew it.

    “What, my tongue?” Agustus asked.

    She grinned and turned around in response, ordering a drink from the bar. The vampire bartender looked nervously from one to the other, knowing only luck would leave him alive if the two began to brawl.

    It took Agustus a second to realize what she had meant. He glared; his pride wounded that she’d outwitted him so quickly.

    He came up behind her, placing his arms around her and his palms on the bar. He pressed his stomach against her back so that she could do little more than squirm. But she didn’t try and get away, she knew she was trapped but she only casually glanced over her shoulder at the menacing vampire. “Careful who you mess with, little girl.”

    “I’ll be sure to tell all my little girlfriends to stay away from you.” She growled sarcastically.

    This was too much. But he couldn’t kill her; he had his business with Alec to care for first. He let her go, and spun her around to face him. “You’re lucky I have something more important to do than turn you into a shish kabob of sorts.” He turned his back to leave the bar. “Don’t be here when I get back, or you’ll be very sorry.”
←- Losing Blood Chapter Three | Losing Blood, Chapter Five -→

16 Aug 200445 Goddess
Ok i have no idea why that comment came out weird...Oh well...IM GOING TO READ YOUR OTHER STORIES NOW...
16 Aug 200445 Goddess
No comments? weird<grins>...well I just wanted to congratulate you on another good story...bravo!<claps>
14 Dec 200645 Velvet_Emo_Goth <mist
Wow. This a great story. I had me o the edge of my chair lol
25 Nov 2008:-) David of Valio
ha i love these stories
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'Losing Blood, Chapter Four':
 • Created by: :-) Stacey ´Midnight´ Twiggs
 • Copyright: ©Stacey ´Midnight´ Twiggs. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Ancient, Blood, Evil, Hunter, Lost, Mortal, Undead, Vampire, Vampires
 • Categories: Fights, Duels, Battles, Romance, Emotion, Love, Vampires, Zombies, Undeads, Dark, Gothic
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