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Mik Burns

SciFi & Fantasy Artwork by Mik Burns

Mik has fun with his art, and acquires the drift of many sci-fi and fantasy genres.

1950's Aliens
1999 Christmas
2000 Halloween
Alien Bounty Hunter
Alien Engineer (closeup)
Alien Female
Alien Insectoid
Alien Naga
Alien Pilot
Alien Scout
Angelic Warrior
Building Block Angel
Castle Guard
Corporate Operative
Cowboy Ronin
Crab Clan Samurai
Destro Mercenary (crates)
Dwarf Ranger 2
Fantasy Adventuring Party
Fantasy Adventuring Party 2
Garage Elf
Gnome Necromancer
Half-Orc Barbarian
Half-Orc Cleric
Halfling Barbarian
Hooded Boogeyman
Human Druid
Human Space Mage with Familiar
Jack 'O Lantern, Superhero
Kender Adventurer
Kung Fu Grip Reaper
Lava Kobold, Superhero
Lizard Ninja
Magic Dagger
Magic Sword
Magma, Super Villain
Maho-Tsukai Blood Scrolls
Masterwork Nunchaku
Masterwork Short Sword
Mega Power Armor Man
Midnight Swim
Moon Elf Adventurer
Moon Elf Adventurer 2
Moon Elf Adventurer 3
Moon Elf Casualty
Naga Warrior
Oni no-Elena
Scottish Terrier
Scrollworks Bot
Sea Elf and Water Elemental
Sea Elf Body Tattoo (back)
Sea Elf Body Tattoo (front)
Seamus McWallace
Seamus McWallace 2
Soilent Green
Space Crates
Space Marine
Space Psi
Space Village
Spook Dick
Sureshot, Super Villain
Toasting Faery
Vaya Con Xenos, colorized
Wendie the Good Witch

11 Jul 200245 Jennifer Cox
THank you for comments, I like the legomen spin on your character, rather entertaining.

:-) Mik Burns replies: "Thanks a lot, come back anytime!"
20 Sep 200245 Olivia Hu
Thanks for the comment!

:-) Mik Burns replies: "Not a problem, anytime!"
20 Sep 2002:-) Cool4dude
a lot of your stuff reminds me of units and character from Ogre Battle, or Tatics ogre, they are all pretty cool.

:-) Mik Burns replies: "Ogre Battle huh? Never heard of it, but it sounds like something right up my alley, I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the comments. Rock on..."
8 Feb 200345 PerditaWoodley angel
Lego dudes!!!!!!! MORE MORE!!!!

:-) Mik Burns replies: "Fanquarter!!! Fanquarter!!! Thanks..."
17 Feb 2004:-)
Great gallery!

:-) Mik Burns replies: "Thanks a bunch, I appreciate that!"
19 Jul 200445 Anna 'Charlie' Magnusson
Wohwa! Very nice and cool pictures!!
Go you! Go you!

:-) Mik Burns replies: "I'm going, I'm going!!!"
20 Jul 200445 TMul
I've always loved your stuff. It's fantastic to see it set out here. Nice work M 2

:-) Mik Burns replies: "Hey y'all look, it's my long time friend and buddy, Todd Muldrew! Rock on man, thanks for stopping by and checking out my wee cornershop of sci-fi art!"
20 Oct 200445 Anonymous
Hey Mikel, I just wanted to tell you congratulations on 10 years, your baby girl, and going back to school,I'm really happy for you. Your drawings are wonderful. Take care, from someone you used to know.

:-) Mik Burns replies: "Hey y'all look, it's, err, umm, I don't know who it is exactly! Thanks for the kind words though, I appreciate it, and thanks for stopping by and finding my little nook out here. You know, I've got an email link up yonder, give me a shout, seriously. Rock on! (cue X-Files music...)"
30 Jan 200845 Anon.
Your gallery was fun to browse through, especially the sci-fi stuff and the lego-style people. Would be nice to see more backgrounds and some new picture updates.


:-) Mik Burns replies: "Getting new stuff is arduous...you’re right though, these pics are old, way too old. Thanks for stopping by!"
30 Jan 2008:-) Green Phoenix
*gives the guestbook a good kick on the way out, for functionality* That last comment was, mine ~

:-) Mik Burns replies: "*joins in said kicking*"
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