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Jenna ´Kumo´ Talley

Jenna 'Kumo' Talley

Jenna is cynicism laced with sarcasm.
You know the drill by now, every so often, I revamp my Elfwood site. It's getting to be about that time again but it seems that Elfwood is having some mod troubles again. IMAGINE THAT. *eyeroll* Anyway since it IS a bio, I'm 20, got ovaries, and like to sit and do stuff. There, it's exhilerating I know. I've also gotten some annoying comments by anonymous posters. Which I always find amusing but I'm a growedup and got more important things to waste time on. So only members can post.

Guestbook for Misato

21 Nov 200245 Just Pierce McDowell
Wow, your stuff is just...friggin' impressive. All it took was one sketch to draw me into your gallery. Your lines are solid, your compositions are good (your backgrounds are a little lacking, but hey, we all have things to work on). I'll definitely be back for more.

:-) Jenna 'Kumo' Talley replies: "engh. yes, I'm workin on da backgrounds. Finally. After... however many years. lmao. But thank you for your comments. 1"
29 Nov 200245 Sarah Hampton
SQUEE! I wuv your art like WOW! It's all so Spiffy-o-riffic! Plus your playlist is a lot like mine, imagine that xD I LOVE YOUR STYLE!! Keep drawing fereva! O-o!
24 Dec 2002:-) Karla Karasu Bender
*wavies* HIYA KUMO-CHAN!!!!!!!!! I linked yoo ^o^
28 Dec 2002:-) Belphegor A Catastrophe
WOW. This is quite amazing artwork you have here, you are very talented. I enjoyed alking through your gallery, and I agree: I ALSO LOATHE CHURCH! They are frocing me to get confirmed. *growls* Anyway, off the topic, supreme artwork! Let me know when you update!
5 Jan 200345 Fionna Tam
I love your art Kumo! Such prettiness! ~*hugs all the furries* Mind if I link you?

:-) Jenna 'Kumo' Talley replies: "*squeesh* Thankeeee! Sure you can link! I can use all the publicity. ^_~ nah but as soon as I get unlazy I'll get more links to all the people who kick ass (yes this includes you) and put links up in my bio page. Yummy! *skips and frolicks away*"
15 Jan 200345 Megan Lewis
OMG!! This stuff is so amazing...love the furries!
The way you draw in incredible....
24 Jan 2003:-) Karla Karasu Bender
Bwatah!!! I hug thee! *hugs* XD
12 Apr 2003:-) Kristal Ann Ewing
Wow, I love your art. So much emotion goes into the making of your characters. It brings alot of life to your art, and makes them alot of fun to look at. ^_^ I hope you continue to create.
8 May 200345 Kat 'Indigo' Deloren
OMG you little HOOCH.

How dare you have a EW gally and NOT tell me?!?! *cling-cling-heart-heart-heart*

Love you Kumo-ish.
4 Feb 2005:-)
Your art is great you have room to improve with that said go mudbugs from bossier my self good to have a fellow artist from good ol louisiana!!!!
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Jenna 'Kumo' Talley

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