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Frank A. Mogensen

"Freedom!" by Frank A. Mogensen

SciFi/Fantasy text 3 out of 12 by Frank A. Mogensen.      ←Previous - Next→
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Actually, this is the start of a story I am about to write. Just wanted to put out this little preview, though, mainly because it's my first battle-description ever. So, leave a comment, and tell me what you think.
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←- Death's Poem | The Children of the Night part one -→

”Men! Today we will defend our country!” General Aval of the Final Union Army shouted his encouragement to his men. He sat upon his horse, a tall, white gelding. His army was the largest ever seen in the land of the Final Union. It consisted of all the free races: Men, Elves and Dwarves.

   No-one cheered his words. No-one cheers when they are about to face battle. The Army of Darkness had flokked to the borders of the Final Union, and was now preparing to launch a final attack, to finally invade the Union-lands. To take over all of Midaria.

   The Army of Darkness was the even larger an army than the Union army. It consisted of orcs, trolls, dark elves and goblins. The dark races had long tried to invade the Final Union-lands, but alone they stood no chance against the Union-army. Now, however, all the dark races had aligned, and formed The Army of Darkness.

   General Aval looked upon his giant army. Once again he started speaking. His voice was magnified by the magic of a wizard standing at his side. “We stand before a great challenge. A great battle, which will be remembered for all eternity. Today, you fight for freedom. Your freedom. The freedom of your wives, your children, your parents, and the rest of your family. You fight for the freedom of your neighbour. You fight for the freedom of his children. You fight for the freedom of the world!”

   Some in the masses actually cheered a bit at this. But most looked even more grim and determined. If you looked into the eyes of the warriors, you would see nothing but death. They knew what awaited them. They knew the odds were against them.

   “Some of you will die today,” Aval continued. They all knew that this was a lie. All of them would die. They did not stand a chance.

   A man amongst the soldiers emptied his stomach on the ground in front of him.

   “But remember what you fight for - remember who you fight for! - and you will find strength! The almighty Destin will look upon us, and see our battle! And she will smile upon us! And she will grant us strength! She will give us luck in this battle!”

   Some of the soilders did the sign of Destin in the air before them. Some other soldiers emptied their stomachs.

   Destin was the Godess of luck. She was said to grant strength to those who needed it. And to aid warriors fighting for freedom.

   The sky was overcast on this day. The clouds grey. A faint mist hung in the air. Aval looked up at the sky, his long, black hair spilling back from his face, revealing his features. He seemed a young man, yet he was not. For he was of the elven kin. His eyes were blue as the ocean, and his face hard as stone. “The sun,” he said, “will shine upon us… When it does, we will win… Just hold out until the sun shines upon us! That is the sign. That is the proof that Destin has heard our plea.”

   The soldiers nodded. Every single one of them nodded. They would hold out until the sun shone. They would win this fight. The odds were overwhelming, but they would win. For the sake of freedom.

   The General once again looked upon his men. His eyes burning like fire. “The battle is soon upon us. For freedom!” He pulled his sword, wheeled his horse aroud, and stormed against the black masses of The Army of Darkness his sword held high.

   His men was not slow to follow him. The all shouted their battlecry – “For freedom!” – and stormed after their general.

   On the other side of the field, The Army of Darkness saw this, and ran forwards shouting wordless cries of evil.

   The two armies clashed in the middle of the grassy field. Aval saw many of his men die by the filthy hands of orcs and goblins. Crimson streaks blighted the green field. Aval brought death where he rode. He brought his sword down in an orc’s face here, chopped the head of a goblin there.

   The screams of wounded and dying hung in the air. Aval payed them no heed. His stopping to help others would lead to his own demise. So he rode on, killing what he could of the evil fiends.

   Suddenly, his horse screamed out in pain. A small goblin had inserted his axe neatly into the white gelding’s left shoulder. Horse and rider went down.

   Aval was quick to get to his feet. He looked about him, and saw masses of men and fiends fighting everywhere. A goblin came at him, axe raised. Aval caught the blow on his shield, and struck the goblin across it’s stomach with his sword. The goblin cryed out as he fell over, his guts spilling on the ground.

   Aval looked up a moment. The sky was still gray. Destin had not heared their plea yet, it seemed. Very well, they would just have to hold out.

   “Freedom, freedom!” A soldier shouted. It was a bannerman. Other soldiers, elves, human and dwarves, flokked around him. Aval reasoned he should do the same. He ran over to the bannerman, slipping in blood and gore as he ran. Then he fell over. Within a second, orcs and goblins was over him, ready to kill him. Fortunately, the bannerman had seen his general, and shot a bundle of arrows at the attackers. An elf as the bannerman was, he quickly saved his general form the threat.

   Aval stumbled over to the bannerman. “Thank you,” he said, his face full of blood and grime.

   “Thank me later, if Destin smiles upon us,” he replied grimly.

   “Destin will smile upon us.”

   “I hope so.”

   Aval was not sure if he believed it fully himself, so he agreed with the bannerman.

   Suddenly, a man was slung up in the air somewhere in the battlefield, and landed spread-eagled in front of Aval. The general stared at the vent in horror. “What in misery’s name is happening?!”

   Then he heard the shouts in front of him. “Trolls! The trolls are coming!”

   Suddenly,  a great, gray shape appeared in the masses. The goblins and orcs moved to make space for the big troll. The troll moved slowly, but purposefully towards the small group of men that had massed around the bannerman and their general. It wielded a great club.

   One of the men, a young human, started to cry. “Oh gods and godesses,” he sobbed, “I don’t want to die!”

   Another soldier, an elf, started to calm him. “Death will come to all. It is like entering a sleep. And belive me, if The Army of Darkness wins, you’ll be better off dead.”

   By reason or other, this actually calmed the man down.

   A dwarf moved to the front of the small group. “I will slay the troll. I have long experience.” The dwarf was Goblan, a famous troll-slayer, dragon-slayer and also the leader of the dwarves. “He will die by my axe!”

   Aval spoke up. “You are a brave man, Goblan, but this is not your battle to fight alone. We, your brothers in arms, will fight by your side!” The other men nodded their agreement.

   Then, the troll reached the group.

←- Death's Poem | The Children of the Night part one -→

26 Jul 2005:-) Ruth 'Cookie Monster' Browne
It's got the ring of high fantasy, all right. And I liked your description of the soldiers before the battle; I think that I'd also throw up in their place...
Oh, yes, one thing: "flocked" as in, "the men flocked to the banner", is spelled with a c, not two k's ("flocked", not "flokked").
Me likes the troll, and General Aval is cool. Next chapter!


1 Frank A. Mogensen replies: "Thanks, and I know I have some typos here and there, and that's cos when I write, I sometimes start thinking in norwegian, and in norwegian ot would be with two k's.. and I will probably not put the entire story out here, it's a dark fantasy, unfinished, and just not very good.."
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 • Created by: :-) Frank A. Mogensen
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