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Rachel White

"D A R K: Prologue" by Rachel White

SciFi/Fantasy text 10 out of 10 by Rachel White.      ←Previous - Next→
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Err, this may be a bit too long to be a prologue, but oh well. It's not going to make any sense at all until probably the second book in my D A R K trilogy. I got a bit carried away with it.....since you've already read the other chapters, you'll know that Kaje and Axl are Demons. And........I hope you like this, because it is kinda confusing.

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←- D A R K Chapter 2 | Bio: Lament Blackhammer -→

The light of the full moon barely penetrated the dark forests of Chagage. Almost everything was as it should be, but the sound of heavy breathing and crunch of dead leaves betrayed the elf that sprinted through the trees. Not even when thorns had scratched the elf’s arm up so badly that blood had stained the sleeve and part of the torso of his shirt bright crimson, did he stop.

The elf was old, his hair streaked with gray, but he ran as though he were young. Only when his foot caught a root and sent him flying through the air and crashing noisily against a pile of dead leaves did he finally stop. Bits of snow started to float down.

The elf got up, brushed some of the dead leaves off of his clothes and started again, slower. Much later, when the snow had created a fine powered blanket over the forest floor, did the elf stop. He glanced around fearfully, clutching an object to his chest.

He stared into the darkest shadow, as if willing something to emerge, but still looking terrified.

“I see you have arrived.”

The elf gasped and turned at the sound of a voice directly behind him, but could not see anyone. When he spoke, his voice trembled. “I’m here, I’ve done what you asked, n-now show yourself and stop playing with me!”

“So you think you can tell us what to do?” said another voice in a tone that was both amused and slightly angry.

“Umm, no, I-I-I’m sorry! I didn’t mean…I wasn’t trying to tell you what to do, I just -”

The elf was interrupted by the first voice. “Save your little speeches and lies for someone who actually cares.”

“How on earth am I lying to you?” The elf accidentally shouted. He could have wet his pants right there, and would’ve run away if he could move his frozen muscles.

“Didn’t anyone ever teach you, elf, to shut your mouth and keep it shut? You don’t talk back to the people who can kill you…” The second, colder voice trailed off in laughter. The elf whimpered.

“Look at it cry, Kaje,” the first voice sneered, “the thing looks old and it’s crying like a little newborn! The last time I made a sound like that I wasn’t even two years old. Are elves really so pathetic?”

“Look,” the elf pleaded, “I have what you wanted. Can’t I go now? Please?!”

The elf turned to where the second speaker, Kaje, stood in shadow. Kaje edged out into the moonlight, and the elf saw for the first time his face.

He suspected that the speakers weren’t just any elf, and his suspicions were confirmed once he saw Kaje’s form.

Though the elf could not see the details of Kaje’s face, it was clear he wasn’t entirely elven. What looked like large, feathery wings sprouted from his back, and though they were folded at the moment, the elf suspected the wingspan would certainly be over ten feet, maybe even twenty. For the rest of Kaje’s features, they were normal, though his ears were pierced in several different places with bits of silver abnormally twisted to look like fangs, spikes, and one an almost exact copy of a wing.

“Hand it over,” Kaje hissed, raising his right hand slightly. The elf’s eyes flashed down, and saw that between the knuckles of the winged creatures glove were blades about an inch and a half long, curved slightly like claws.

“Hey now,” the first voice said to Kaje, as though he was cautioning him. It’s owner stepped out of the shadows as well, and the elf saw similar wings on it’s back.

“I’ve been waiting for ten years, Axl! I’m through waiting!” Kaje hissed at his companion Axl. He raised his other hand as though to punch Axl, but flexed his fingers, and claws exactly like the ones on his right hand sprang from sockets in his left glove.

Axl raised a finger to silence Kaje, turned to the elf, and otherwise ignored his angry companion. “Tell me, elf,” he said, but his voice was not as harsh as it had been before. “How did you acquire the, ah, item we needed?” He gestured at the object the elf clutched in his arms.

“I…I stole it from the Kain elders. I saw them, they were far away from their hall, and, well, you’ve had me searching for this for almost four years. I saw them lock it in a truck and I didn’t think, I just picked the lock and stole it! There wasn’t any magical defenses or anything, it was quite easy,” the elf said quickly, hoping the two winged elves would be a bit kinder if they knew how he had stolen it.

But it was the opposite - Kaje let out a cry of rage and stepped forward. “You realize what you’ve done?!” He shouted.

“Kaje, calm down! You want the entire forest to hear you? Be just a bit louder and hopefully the royal guard will hear you!” Axl hissed, referring to the royal castle that was hundreds of miles away.

Kaje took a deep breath. Just when the elf started to wonder if he would ever respond, Kaje snapped in a much quieter voice, “Well? Do you, elf?”

“I stole this piece of junk! Just what you’ve been wanting me to do for over four years!”

“It is not junk! How dare you - never mind. But you should’ve though of a better way to steal it! Now they will be on red alert, and there will be even more war over this! Our families…don’t you see how many lives you’ve put in danger?” Sadness mixed in with the rage as Kaje spoke the last sentence.

“No, Kaje, don’t you see? It’s right! As far as they know, any old thief stole it! They’ll never suspect us!” Axl grinned.

“What exactly is this, anyway?” The elf asked, holding up the item that seemed so important. As far as he could tell, it was the hilt of a sword, though it was oddly shaped. Nothing worth going through all the trouble for.

“None of your business, elf!” Kaje snarled, “give it here!”

The elf backed away, changing his mind in a snap. He didn’t know what made him do it, but he yelled, “No!” and turned to race away from the two winged elves.

He didn’t get very far before a hand flew out and grabbed his head, throwing him to the ground. The elf hit the ground jaw first. He heard teeth crack, but he was too dazed to feel much pain.

“Filthy little…” The elf dimly recognized Kaje’s voice. Kaje turned the limp elf over with his foot, and snatched the sword hilt from the old elf’s grasp.

“Why,” the elf gasped, fighting against the pain. “Why is that thing so important? I only stole it because you threatened my family…why…” he trailed off, unable to speak any more.

“It’s the key,” Axl whispered, “the key to overthrow them.

Who is them, the elf wanted to ask. But he couldn’t. He had lost.

Kaje concentrated on the hilt. His muscles tensed, and his forehead wrinkled up, as if he were trying to solve a great math problem while holding a heavy rock above his head. “I’ve never seen an energy weapon so difficult to light up,” he hissed through clenched teeth.

“Probably because it’s not yours, and because it’s owner is dead,” Axl said, and Kaje nodded.

The elf began to wonder just what this strange elf was trying to do. Were they insane?

“Yes!” Axl whispered excitedly.

The elf saw it too. What looked like purple-black electricity began to rise up and form a short blade. However, the blade only went up halfway before it stopped.

Kaje breathed out a sigh. “Only half…” he grumbled, “I wonder why? Why won’t it fill up all the way? I’m doing my best!” He sounded very angry and tired.

Axl’s eyes widened. “I think I know what it needs…”

Kaje shot him a questioning look.

“It makes perfect sense…it needs life energy, Kaje, not just regular energy. You have to kill someone with it.”

Kaje glanced at the elf. He smiled and said, “Perfect. Now we can dispose of that, too.”

Axl nodded. “Two birds, one stone.”

The elf grasped the meaning of their words. It took him longer than it normally would, as his mind had clouded. Even though it was hopeless, he tried to scramble to his feet. “No, you can’t! I have a family, a life! Please, please no!”

“It’s too late,” Kaje said coldly, and stabbed the elf with the energy blade. Even though it was only half formed, it still slipped easily through the elf’s ribs and ended his life quickly. The energy blade seemed to ripple as it absorbed the elf’s life energy, and slowly the rest of the blade formed.

“It’s complete…” Axl said, “We’ve been working on this for a long time, Kaje. And our fathers before us! To think it’s all over now -”

“No, Axl, it’s not all over. It’s only just begun. Come, let’s leave. We still have one more step to complete the prophecy.”

The two winged elves ran through the forest, faster than a normal elf. Once they were clear of the trees, they leapt into the air and spread their wings. Soaring like birds, they flew through the night and slept through the next day. The began their traveling again as soon as the sun set. They had no aversion to sunlight, they just preferred the safety of the darkness.

“What comes next, Axl? You know better than I do,” Kaje asked.

Axl sighed. “You know what’s next…”

“Does it really matter? Can it be anyone?”

Axl though it over before replying, “Not exactly. It has to be one with a particularly strong life force, or else it’ll just die. You know that I can sense ones life force, right? So that makes it a lot easier, and spares innocent lives.”

Kaje smirked a little as his friend spoke the last sentence. “Yes, because Heaven forbid we not be saints.”

Axl smiled a tight smile and said, “You know what I mean. This is one of the cities with the highest population, therefore we have a much better chance of finding one with the highest life force.”

“They’re just babies for crying out loud! What makes their life force so high?”

Axl shrugged. “Nobody knows what decided the level of ones life force. You know that. But you’d be surprised - some newborns have a higher life force than adults. Granted, these adults are usually very sick or have some sort of disease or something, but still.”

Kaje frowned and said, “That makes…no sense. Well, it does a bit, but not a lot.”

“Can we get on with this? We need to hurry, the energy could rain out of that any time!” Axl nodded to the energy dagger, which was strapped firmly to Kaje’s belt.

Axl crouched down and sneaked along the outer wall of the city, looking around carefully for guards or worse, royal soldiers. The royal family lived far away, but members of the Chentai Royal Soldier Unit could be anywhere, looking for conspiracies. He couldn’t hear Kaje behind him, but he knew he was there - Kaje moved in silence. Just like death.

“Get back!” Axl hissed, throwing his arm out to stop Kaje as he came around a corner and saw three guards standing there, spears in hand, chatting.

“Don’t just stop like that you freaking idiot, what’re you -” Axl clamped his hand over Kaje’s mouth, as he had spoken a little too loud in his irritation.

“Shut up!”

Too late - the guards turned their heads in synchronization. The biggest one murmured something to his companions and crept to the bushes Axl and Kaje now hid in, spear at the ready. Axl turned his head and opened his mouth to ask Kaje if they should run, but he had disappeared.

Like an eagle, Kaje dropped silently from the tree he had quickly climbed only the guard, sinking a knife into his neck. The other guards looked concerned, not knowing what had happened to their companion. Elves are so stupid, Axl thought.

Kaje jumped behind a tree as the guards began to move slowly toward the clump of trees and bushes where Axl and Kaje hid. Didn’t they know to alert the city? Well, the two winged elves had nothing to complain about - their mission was hard enough as it was, they didn’t need a big mess to clean up.

Kaje jumped out from behind the tree, flung his arm out, and a small fan of knives hurled themselves at the unsuspecting guards, sinking through the cheap armor like butter. One fell over, instantly killed. The other gasped and clutched his chest, fatally wounded. Axl darted over to him.

“What’s the quickest way into the city, you?” He snarled at the guard.

“Why should I tell you? You’ll only kill me afterwards….” the guard replied with labored breathing, trailing off at the end, but not dying.

“You’re already fatally wounded, elf. You might as well tell us how to get in and be done with it.”

“You talk about elves like you aren’t one,” the guard said, “and I’ll never tell you how to get in. At least I’ll die knowing I tried to protect the city.”

“I’m not an elf,” Axl said in his normal voice, while Kaje gathered his knives. “That’s fine, we’ll find another way, and we don’t plan on killing…very many people. Only the ones who get in the way,” Axl pulled out his dagger then, slitting the man’s throat and ending his life so he wouldn’t suffer any longer. He did not comment on how if the guard truly wanted to protect the city, he would have raised the alarm. Let him die happy.

“We’ll have to go over,” Axl told Kaje, who nodded. They ran up the side of the wall as far as they could, snapped open their wings, and rose the rest of the way on a small updraft. They landed in the darkest place they could incase of any archers. Folding their wings, they jumped from rooftop to rooftop until Axl sensed a very high life energy level within a small, clean house.

He could tell both the baby and the mother had abnormally high life energy levels, but the newborn was the target. He felt bad about killing the mother as well, but it had to be done. It had to…he shoved the guilt into the corner of his mind, where he could deal with it later.

Kaje swung easily through the window without a sound, and Axl followed. Silently, Kaje clamped his hand over the mothers mouth and nose, blocking her airways. She struggled for a minute, then became limp. Axl felt her life force fade out into whatever afterlife was out there.

The baby was nestled into a small pile of blankets, sleeping. It had a mop of red brown hair, which stuck up in many different directions. “Are you ready?” Kaje asked Axl.

Axl nodded, extremely nervous, and raised two fingers. He positioned them above the baby’s stomach, and muttered spells in the lost language of his people. The language had been used thousands of years ago, but it died out with most of the ones who spoke it. Most of it had been discovered again, but not all. Though the language was very powerful, it had no name, and few dared to use it for spells, because if you made one mistake, it could kill you. Many would say Axl was a fool for attempting it at such a young age, but he was confident he could create the seal needed.

He pulled the darkness from within him and poured as much energy as he dared into the spell. It was nearly complete, but his energy burned up quickly. He was now struggling to form the right words, much less stand. When, at last, it was complete, he fainted from fatigue.

Kaje leapt forward, the energy sword held high. He didn’t have much time before the seal faded, and it would all be pointless. He stabbed the shimmering blade into the baby’s chest, where the seal had formed, and marveled at how the baby hadn’t woke up before being knocked out by the spell. The markings began to suck the energy from the sword. Once the blade had been absorbed, the hilt shattered and faded into nothingness.

The symbols of the seal glowed as they absorbed the energy from the sword, and faded slowly until no evidence of the attack remained The bay lay there, unharmed.

Kaje was sure someone would find the mother dead soon. Maybe they would assume her heart failed. He didn’t care.

He picked up Axl’s unconscious form and put a foot on the edge of the window, but stopped, looking back at the child sleeping soundly.

“I’m going to expect a lot from you, kid,” he said, putting real meaning into the words, before turning and launching himself out the window.

Kaje flew through the night, getting himself and his friend as far away from the city as possible, only stopping to eat and drink. It would take Axl many months, maybe years, to recover from the spell.

But they would be welcomed like heroes at their clan. They would heal Axl, and all would be well. Their people would rise again.

That single thought killed Kaje’s mind, and determination drove him onward.

←- D A R K Chapter 2 | Bio: Lament Blackhammer -→

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'D A R K: Prologue':
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