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Joanna H. Weaver

"Incidents & Accidents Scenes III & IV" by Joanna H. Weaver

SciFi/Fantasy text 2 out of 2 by Joanna H. Weaver.      ←Previous - Next→
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These are Scenes (Chapters) three and four in an fantasy book that I am writing entirely for my own pleasure.
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Scene Three

Time: Night Of December 28th

    Two figures moved through the darkness to the red brick house in the medium sized city. One was tall and one not very tall. The shorter (a woman with short bright blue hair) was giggling and appeared to be under the influence of drink. The tall man however, was quite sober and conducted the girl to the red-brick house.

     As they stood on the steps unlocking the door more of their appearance was revealed by the door-light. The man was tall, long limbed, solid looking, with greying light brown hair and a well trimmed beard. He looked to be in his mid 30's. The woman was younger, in her twenties perhaps. Her hair would have proven to be about the same color as the man's if it hadn't been dyed a vivid sea blue. It was very straight and cut in layers that went down to her ears. She was short and well figured. Her eyes were very large and the same color as her hair. Her pretty face was slightly obscured by heavy stage make-up that had smudged. She was wearing a skintight sparkling dress of a silver material that wouldn't have looked out of place at a dance club. The man had lent her his coat which was much to long, but she was wearing it anyway.

     The door now being unlocked the two proceeded to enter the house, locking the door behind them. The hallway was very narrow and high ceilinged with many sharp bends. The man whispered an explanation to the girl and, telling her to stay where she was, continued down the passageway to the room beyond. Yawning unconcernedly the girl walked around the corridor. She came to another of the sharp bends. In the corner created by the sharp change of direction stood a shadowy figure. It raised its head slowly when it noticed the girl. The figure was of a person highly obscured by the dark. It's dark hair blended into the shadows as did it's cloths (jeans and a turtleneck). The figure's eyes shone eerily in the darkness. The girl looked quizzically at the figure. The figure continued to stare fixedly at her. Then it stepped towards her. Now she could see from its face that it was male. It stopped walking and stood looking. For a moment it looked almost normal, but then something shifted and the insane look of longing re-appeared in the eyes. It stepped closer, lip curled.

     "Uh...Hey..." said the girl, defensively and uncertainly.

     Running footsteps were heard and the bearded man came running down the passageway carrying a flashlight. The light made the advancing person look even more insane due to the fact that he looked perfectly ordinary other than the mad look in his eyes and (when he curled his lip) that his canine teeth were unusually long and sharp-looking.

     "No, Emmanuel! No!" yelled the brown-haired man (rather like he was addressing a disobedient dog) as he grabbed the other around the middle and pulled him of the girl just in time to stop him from biting her. Throwing the vampire against the wall (which put him out for awhile) the older man grabbed hold of the woman's arm and pulled her (looking bewildered and rather sleepy) out of the corridor and up the stairs.

Scene Four

Time: Night of the 29th of December

    Alan Di Stefano drove through the night to the house where he lived with his two older brothers. He passed large fields, grassy hills, and occasional bushes, before turning onto a road that cut through a feild and into a wood. Along the way there were scattering of houses here and there. As the number of houses increased the trees decreased and a city started to form. There were streets lined with shops, apartment buildings, and homes. There were smaller, more disreputable looking shops with pubs, mystic's shops, and the occasional barber shop. Al navigated these streets easily and turned down a street where the trees had been covered with lights, for Christmas had come and New Year's was approaching. Near the end of the street Alan pulled into the driveway of a tall red-brick building. After opening the car door, getting out, closing it agian, and manually locking it, he mounted the steps to the building. There was one light on in the building, on the first floor in what was the kitchen. Alan opened the wooden door and stepped into the hall, locking it behind him. The hall was high ceilinged and very narrow as well as having many sharp curves.

     "Are you o.k, Emmanuel?" asked Al as he peered around the door frame at the end of the hall.

     "Yes, I'm fine. You can come in." Was the reply.

     So Alan stepped into the kitchen. There was a pot on the stove with steam coming off the top. And on a chair near the stove a man sat. He was resting his head on one of his hands and his dark hair hung down obscuring his face. When Al came in he straitened and looked up, "Where have you been?" he asked.

     Al sighed, "I was out in the country finding myself a job: Magical Rescue Squad. I will start my training tomorrow. It should bring in a little money." He walked over and sat down at the table. Emmanuel sighed and put his head in his hands agian, "I can't help thinking that its all my fault. If it wasn't for me you could be going to collage right now, and I would be the one working..." He stood up, walked over to the table, and, sitting down agian, pensively examined the salt shaker that was resting there.

     "No, Emmanuel!" Said Alan earnestly. "Its not your fault! It wasn't your fault the car hit a tree! It wasn't your fault you lost so much blood."

     "Ha!" Emmanuel laughed eerily, "Blood! Yes, thats the problem here."

     No one spoke or moved for a while until Al got up and went over to the pot of soup. He took a bowl of it and sat backdown to eat. "Where's Jackson?" he asked as he sipped at his soup.

    Emmanuel frowned, "He's upstairs with Christine."


    "A girl he picked up from a pub last night." Emmanuel got up and got some soup for himself, "She was drunk and had no where to stay. Apparently something happened to her family, but she didn't say what. I suspect murder. Jackson offered that she could stay here with us."

    Alan played with his soup and glanced up at his brother, "And...And will it be hard for you, will it be hard not to bite her?"

    "Yes! Yes, it will be hard!" Emmanuel glared at his soup, "And it doesn't help matters that she's pretty."

     "Well I'm sure you'll do fine." said Al somewhat unconfidently.

     The vampire shook his head, "No...No, Al, I already tried to bite her last night! And would have too if Jackson hadn't prevented me. I've learned to control myself with you and Jackson, but its harder with strangers...especially women."

     Al continued to take the optimistic stance.

     After a few minutes of listening to Al's reassurances Emmanuel shook his head and got up from the table saying, "Look, I'm tired. I haven't slept for two nights (not to mention the days). I'm doing to bed!" and with that he cleared his bowl and walked up the staircase to his bedroom.

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3 Feb 2007:-) Musty Zein
Nice story so far. Hope your write more for it. Anyways, good stuff and keep writing!
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'Incidents & Accidents Scenes III & IV':
 • Created by: :-) Joanna H. Weaver
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