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Melissa D. Saunders

Melissa D. Saunders

Melissa is an elf living in the wrong realm.

     Mae Govannen! Welcome to my gallery...I'm pleased you have stopped by and I hope you will enjoy the things you see here. Though I  draw various fantasy creatures, this gallery is for my faeries, elves, mermaids, dragons and other beings of mythology. What you see here is only a small selection of my work - to see more, I invite you to visit my website.

Like many artists, I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil. All through grade school teachers and family encouraged me to draw by asking for pictures. When I was in 8th grade a teacher told me to "think animation", and by the time I graduated high school, I was already enrolled at the Art Institute of Phoenix. I attended it for 2 years to learn computer animation and graduated with an Associate's Degree. However, though my training was centered around 3D animation, my true passion lies in just setting pencil (or pen or marker) to paper...I'm not much of a computer whiz and I've found that creating artwork by hand comes much more naturally to me.

I am greatly inspired by Nature...plants, animals, seasons, elements. I also love all things elven, faerie, and of course Lord of the Rings related! My favorite animals are wolves and rats, so they show up in my artwork often. I'm very much into wings of all types...especially butterfly and feathered ones. Style-wise I love Art Nouveau and Celtic knotwork.

A few things about me...I am originally from Kansas, but I now live in Arizona and I think it's way too HOT here! I love animals, and now work at Petsmart. I have several rats, all of which are spoiled rotten. I am Wiccan, which means my spirituality is based on Nature. I love mythology, especially Native American, and the study of totems and animal medicine fascinates me greatly.  

If you are interested in buying a print or commissioning me for some original artwork, please visit my website: www.artofaewendor.com 



Nature/Animals (especially wolves and rats), Wicca, SCA, Renaissance Faire, Belly Dancing, Fantasy, and of course, Drawing.
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Lord of the Rings trilogy, Labyrinth, Legend, Willow, The Dark Crystal, The Neverending Story...all the usual 80's fantasy movies.
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarillion
Favorite Music
Nightwish, Inkubus Sukkubus, Disturbed, Gorillaz, and any kind of world music but especially celtic, native american or belly dancing music, and also techno.

Guestbook for Msaunders

1 Jun 2007:-) Enoch T. Moore
I enjoyed your gallery. Your figure drawing is well done, as is your colouring, is it coloured pencils? What brand do you use?

6 Melissa D. Saunders replies: "Yeah I took figure drawing classes in school but I think as with anything practice makes perfect...and I'm a long way from perfect. I used to avoid drawing humans at all but once I created my character Lupa I realized I was going to have to get better at it. As I said in the previous comment, I don't really have a preference for colored pencils...I just keep them all mixed up in a box. "
1 Jun 2007:-) LL JJ
Welcome to the Woods!
I love your gallery; everything looks so real!
And the colouring is so pretty.
What do you use to colour your pictures?
Anyway, great job, and keep up the awesome work!

12 Melissa D. Saunders replies: "Thanks! I'm really excited to be here. I'm all about color with my artwork...sometimes I think that's what makes or breaks a picture. As far as pencils, I think I have 3 or 4 different brands all mixed together in a box. There's some Prang in there and I think some Crayola but not sure about the rest. I don't really have a preference...to me its not what you use its how you use it. "
2 Jun 200745 Apple Ament
I rarely leave comments for artists. This I feel you should know before reading on...
Your work is very evocative. I find it gently connects me with my wildself. I would love to read your writing.
I would like to see you try your hand not only at Elemental Beings, which you render so excellently, but at Deities. I think you'd really be able to pull spirit though to create Sacred Works.
May the muses continue to stand by, and the wee folk continue to whisper their secrets in your ear.
Lady Ament-Drake

44 Melissa D. Saunders replies: "Wow thank you so much! My art definately comes from somewhere spiritual, so I'm honored that it can reach another person in the same way. I will keep your suggestions in mind. Blessed Be! "
2 Jun 2007:-) Valarie FaerieLight Connell
You have a great gallery! I love your use of color. We have several things in common. 12 Keep up the great job and stop by my gallery to take a peek at some of the similarities. 2

1 Melissa D. Saunders replies: "Thank you and yes I stopped by your gallery and I see definate similarities...not only in artistic style but personality as well. If you couldn't tell already I am pagan too, I like how your art portrays the Goddesses. I think my favorite was the mermaid you did as a commission. I also love the celtic knotwork you put into your pictures. I often do the same with mine...it reminds me of intricately woven vines...fits nicely with the nature theme. Blessed Be! "
31 Aug 2007:-) Jessica maree quigley
Hey melissa i checked out ur website n im really excited as to see what the wolf soul is about do u reckon u can tell hehe catcha round bibi

:-) Melissa D. Saunders replies: "Yeah I'm working on adding a section to my main website about WolfSoul, though there is so much to tell so it might be a while before it's opened up. Just watch here for more artwork. =)"
28 Oct 2007:-) Jessica maree quigley
Hey melissa,i was wondering, because at my skool for my year 10 art i have a project,oil paint on canvas.The canvas is 50cm by 80cm.
I was wondering if i would be able to do one of your drawings because i am inspired and i admire your art soo much.You would take complete credit of it because it is your artwork of course.
I completely understand if you say no.
By the way im loving "wolf soul" on your website!!
Thanx heaps jess xo

1 Melissa D. Saunders replies: "Cool no one has ever done one of my pictures before! Go for it, and could I see what you did when you get finished? Glad you're liking WolfSoul by the way, it's definately been a LONG time in the making. "
29 Oct 2007:-) Jessica maree quigley
thanx soo much...u can certainly see the finished result gonna take me a while and its gunna be hard coz of all the detail u have put in it lol oh yer i should tell ya which one hey lol well i am thinkin of doing "the bitting side of love" i'll try my best hopefully it turns out good thanx heaps again!! 1

1 Melissa D. Saunders replies: "You're welcome...its kinda cool to have a fan. I'm always interested to see what other people do with my art, and how it influences them. Can't wait to see how it turns out. "
3 Jan 2008:-) John R Wenzel
Lately, your gallery is growing by leaps and bounds!

I�m glad to see it too; so many lovely new pieces!

Oh! My heartfelt congratulations on the Mod�s Choices too!

Looking forward to your next work(s)!

:-) Melissa D. Saunders replies: "Thanks, I’m glad to see someone notice my improvements. =)"
8 Oct 200845 Anon.
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Melissa D. Saunders

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