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Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain

"Kyla´s Song (11 and 12)" by Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain

SciFi/Fantasy text 25 out of 29 by Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain.      ←Previous - Next→
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DO NOT READ THIS STORY IF YOU HAVENT READ 'KYLA'S STORY'!!! Wow, here it is, the ending to Kyla's Song... I am really pleased with the way it turned out ^_^
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←- Kyla's Song (9 and 10) | Kyla's Gift (1 and 2) -→
Kyla's Song
*Chapter 11*

Nearly 3 days later, Kyla and Starsley reached the spot where they had first met. Kyla dismounted and walked up to Starsley.

Well, this is it,’ Starsley said, ‘It’ll be low tide in 10 minutes and I should get back to Hearton.’ Kyla looked sadly at her Unicorn friend.

I’ll miss you,’ she said, throwing her arms about the Unicorns neck in a goodbye hug. When they parted, Starsley looked affectionately at the girl.

I’ll miss you too!’ She said, ‘You can keep in touch now, with the gift Dawnelle gave you,’ Starsley reminded her.

I will,’ Kyla assured her, placing a hand on the Unicorn’s neck. Suddenly, Starsley got an excited look in her eyes.

Wait here,’ She told the girl. She trotted off into the woods and was gone for a minute.

When she came back, she was bringing a lovely pink blossom. Kyla cupped her hands and held them out to the Unicorn. Starsley dropped the flower into them.

Tie it to my hair,’ the Unicorn instructed her, indicating the tail hair Kyla wore around her neck. The girl did as she was told and the flower became a pendant.

It’s beautiful, I’ve never seen a flower like it!’ Kyla exclaimed.

It is a Unicorn blossom and it will never wilt or die. May you always remember your time here when you look at it,’ Starsley said.

I will,’ Kyla replied, ‘Thank you!

I should go now,’ Starsley told Kyla reluctantly.

Goodbye Starsley,’ Kyla said.

Goodbye Kyla,’ The Unicorn replied. She walked into the trees and, in a few seconds, was gone. Kyla watched her go, and, when she could no longer see the Unicorn, she turned back to her horse, mounted, and rode towards the beach that faced Yoxina Isle.

*     *     *

It had been a few days since Conan, Debono, and Morina had come to Hobith. Head Mage Barrok, and his wife Kayeah, had invited them to stay with them for a while. So far, Conan had not left his room. He didn’t eat or speak. He seamed to be in a state of shock. Kayeah also had stopped eating or speaking much. Barrok went on with his Head Mage duties with a heavy heart, only doing them because he knew he was needed.

*     *     *

When Kyla reached Wex, Menneya came running out of the house.

“Kyla!” she cried, “You’re alive!”

“Of course I am,” Kyla replied, surprised, “What would make you think that I wasn’t?”

“Conan told me through mind speech,” The woman replied, pain in her eyes.

“Where is he?” Kyla asked, hurredly.

“In Hobith, staying with the Head Mage. Your aunt and uncle are there too,” Menneya told her, “I wont tell them yet, I’ll let you do it in person.” she added. Kyla nodded and quickly rode off towards Hobith.

*     *     *

Morina was in the kitchen sitting by a window, that looked towards the front gate, thinking about her niece. She stared, unmoving, at the gate when, suddenly, she saw someone on a horse, riding towards it. The woman stood up, knocking her chair over. She looked hard at the figure on the horse. She gave a choked squeak and ran out the door. Debono, who had heard the chair clatter, came running after her. When Morina reached Kyla, who was dismounting, she screamed and nearly fainted.

“Kyla!” she exclaimed, and before she said anything else, she had crushed her niece in a suffocating hug. Debono ran over and the three of them stood there hugging and crying.

Morina and Debono led Kyla inside and, before the girl could say anything, Morina spoke first.

“There is something you must be told,” she said to the girl.

“What is it?” Kyla asked.

“Come with us,” Debono instructed her. He and Morina led her upstairs. They stopped in front of a closed door.

“Wait here,” Morina whispered. Kyla opened her mouth to protest, but decided not to and closed it. Her aunt and uncle went inside.

Barrok and Kayeah sat in the room, silently going about their work. Morina stepped foreword.

“Kayeah,” she began, her sister looked up, “I have something to tell you.” Kayeah was puzzled by the delight on Morina’s face.

“What is it?” Kayeah asked.

“It’s Kyla,” Morina began, Kayeah’s and Barrok’s eyes grew big, “She’s alive and she's come home!” Morina told her quickly. Debono stepped forewords and put an arm around his wife’s shoulders. Shock and excitement filled both Barrok's and Kayeah's eyes.

“I think now would be the time to tell her the truth,” Debono said. Speechless, Barrok nodded.

“She’s waiting outside,” Morina explained. She went over to the door and opened it. “You can come in now Kyla,” she said. The girl walked in and saw the Head Mage and his wife.

“Kyla?” Kayeah whispered, shakily.

“Yes?” Kyla replied, questioningly.

“Oh my…” Kayeah gasped, and her words caught in her throat. Barrok, seeing her falter, stepped forewords.

“Kyla,” he began, “We… We are your parents.” Kyla stood, shocked into silence. She looked at Morina, who nodded.

*     *     *

After shedding many tears, sharing many hugs, and explaining many important details, Kyla turned to Debono and Morina, who had joined them.

“Where is Conan?” She asked.

“He’s been in his room since we got here,” Debono told her.

“Where is his room?” Kyla wanted to know, standing up. Barrok told her where it was and Kyla went to find her Mage teacher.

When Kyla reached the door to Conan’s room, she stopped. Reaching up a hand, slowly, she knocked. A familiar voice, answered in a pained tone.

“No thanks Morina, I don’t want any lunch.” Kyla gulped and opened her mouth to speak.

“I’m not Morina,” she said, quietly. There was a long silence followed by a crash and some loud thumps. The door to the room was swung wide open. There stood Conan, his hair hanging around his face, unkempt, a look of incredible hope on his tear stained face.

“No, I don’t believe it…” he gasped, “It can’t be…” Kyla smiled up at him.

“It is,” she said, softly.

*Chapter 12*

Conan stared at Kyla for a few more seconds. Suddenly, he swept her up in his arms. He held her against him for a long time. Finally Conan let Kyla go and cupped her face in his hands. He smoothed the hair away from her face as the two Mages stared into each other’s eyes. After a few seconds, that seemed to last forever to Kyla, Conan leaned down and kissed her lips, gently. His hands found their way to her back and she wrapped hers around his neck, tangling her fingers in his hair. Conan and Kyla held each other for a long time, delighting in their closeness.

When they finally parted, Conan grabbed Kyla’s hands and squeezed her fingers.

“I love you,” he whispered, his face close to hers, “Please, will you marry me?” Kyla laughed, quietly.

“Oh Conan,” she replied, in a whisper, “I love you too!” She pulled him close and kissed him again. When she drew away, she blushed, smiling.

“I’m guessing that means yes…” Conan said, hopefully. Kyla nodded, holding his gaze with her eyes. Conan’s face broke into a wide grin. He kissed his love one more time.

*     *     *

After a quick explanation to Kyla’s parents and her aunt and uncle, the 5 Mages and Morina sat down to hear the story of what had become of Kyla. The girl began her story and talked for nearly an hour, explaining things here and there. When she drew near the end, where she had left her Unicorn friend Starsley behind, she remembered the necklace that was a gift from the Unicorn. Smiling at the memory of the giving, Kyla drew it over her neck and found that, even though it should have been crushed in all the hugs she had shared, it was somehow still as perfect and beautiful as ever. As soon as she removed it, Conan stood up, abruptly.

“What is it, Conan?” Kyla asked, worriedly.

“I…” he paused, then a grin spread across his face, “I can feel you!” he told his love. Barrok gasped.

“So can I!” The man cried, standing as well.

“It must have something to do with that necklace,” Debono observed, “because I can also feel you, Kyla.” The three who had spoken, turned to Kayeah. She nodded, a smile on her lips.

“Kyla, put that necklace back on,” Conan instructed. Kyla obeyed. Conan closed his eyes and Barrok, Debono, and Kayeah did the same. A few seconds later, Conan opened his eyes. He smiled.

“It is the necklace,” He said. One by one, the other three Mages opened their eyes and nodded in agreement. “May I see it?” Conan asked the girl, holding out his hands. Kyla took the flower necklace off and handed it to the Mage. He examined the thin white hair closely. Without looking away from it, he asked, “Where did this hair come from?”

“From Starsley,” she replied, then added, “the Unicorn.”

“Amazing…” Conan murmured, “Unicorns must be able to shield themselves from other magic. And anyone in possession of a part of a Unicorn must also be shielded by their power.” The Mage looked at his love. Kyla smiled at him, and nodded. Intrigued by this new discovery, Conan, Barrok, and Debono began to ask her more about her new friends. Kyla then proceeded to explain what she had learned about the Unicorns’ power… and hers.

*The End*

←- Kyla's Song (9 and 10) | Kyla's Gift (1 and 2) -→

10 Dec 200345 Anonymous
Finally they notice they love each other oh well great story can't wait to see how you put my idea in with the third book
dragon story

12 Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain replies: "  hehe, yeah, I always hate how in books and movies they procrastinate and deny their feelings or just plain dont recognize them!!! It's sooo annoying!! but the story is better that way (cause it adds suspense!) ^_^ .... I think you'll like the third book.. I didnt use your exact idea, but i did put in dragons ^_^ me loves dragons!!"
10 Dec 200345 Nessa
damn, that was awesome, nance!!!!i freaked out when she came home and awwww, conan and kyla together!! Finallly! yay!!thats so romantic, i cant wait to read ur next story, im sooo excited, ur doin an excellent job in this story, i love it, keep it up sweetie 2

1 Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain replies: "hehe, thanks sweetie!!! You are the best!!! *loves you!!* ... They are sooooo perfect for each other!!!!! hehe ^_^"
10 Dec 200345 Holly R. Knobloch
*does first comment dance but trips and falls flat on face...blushes and gets up* YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I KNEW IT!!!!!! that soooooooo romantic!! i love this romantic stuff! hehe! weeeeeeeee!!!! i'm jelous...i think i like Conan! hehe just kidding! *blushes* you prob think i'm weird now....o well i am! hehe! anyways! i love this chapter!!! Its definitally my favorite! PLEASE POST THE NEXT STORY SOON!!!!!!!! i'm dying to find out what's up!!!!!! hehe! hurry!! great job!

1 Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain replies: "  *picks you up and dusts you off* I love romantic stuff too!!!!! it took me so long to write that part, hehe, it had to be just right and I couldn't write it for a while >P ... but I'm really glad that I waited until I had the right inspiration!! I'm so glad you liked it!!!"
12 Dec 200345 Chibi queen
i knew they would kiss! I knew it!! And they're even gonna get married now!!I KNEW IT!!!!!!!!!YYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


...ok srry, that was a little weird. But i luv it! i guess i'm a sucker for romance, and i didn't even know it! woah! this is awesome, though! POST MORE! POST MORE! YAAAAYYY!!!!!

1 Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain replies: "  HOORAY!!!!! I love romantical stuff!!!!! ...... dont worry, weirdness is always accepted here ^_^ (especially since I am weird too 1) I am such a sucker for romance!!!!!!! The first two chapters of Kyla's Gift are comming!!!!! YAAAAYYYY!!!! ^_^"
22 Dec 2003:-) Melissa Jones
Finally! I thought they would never figure out that they loved each other! 2 *skips off to read the sequel* 1

1 Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain replies: "  hehe,yeah, they are such procrastinators 10 .... Yay!"
22 Dec 2003:-) Jay Dobrowski Gorton
I am a romantic at heart, and I did enjoy the moment when they reunited. Then he proposed, but I won't kill the moment.

It's interestomg to see what the powers actually are, because they seem too random for you NOT to have a larger plan for them.

:-) Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain replies: "Ah, but the proposal is so wonderful!!! My plan for the powers will become more clear eventually, and they will have an affect on something else that happens to her... but that is for another story... ^_^"
3 Jan 200445 The Lizard Lady
hey, nancy!! im baaaaaaaaacck! OMG!!! this is Awesome !!!!!!!! i luv it, i luv it, I LUV IT!!! this is sooooooooooooooooo completely and totally AWESOME!!! YOU R AWESOME!!!!!!AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME, AWWWESSOOMMME!!!! YYYYYYYYYYYYYYYAAAAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!*smacks self* SMACK! get hold of urself, girl!!!!!! im ok, im cool, im good. any way the story is wonderful! Keep on writing these awesome stories!

13 Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain replies: "  hehehe ^_^ Thank you sooooo much!!!! Man I'm gonna get such a big head from all this praise! *smacks self* you'd better not!! *smacks self again* I wont dont worry! hehe, anyway... ^_^"
26 Oct 200545 Zaete
I've got only 9 letters for this: B-E-A-U-T-I-F-U-L!!!
I can't belive you haven't got published! GET PUBLISHED!!!! You would be as rich as J.K Rowling!!!! *calms down*

I wish I could write as nice as you.... *sob*

11 Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain replies: "Thank you!! I'm glad you enjoyed my work 2I may get published, but I'm not that good yet 10You'll get better 2 who knows, maybe I will think you are as good as me ^^ I dont even think I'm that great 10"
29 Jan 200645 Hinote
I don't usually leave messages, but I loved your story. I only have one question. In the first story Conan and Kyla intertwine their magic, but in the second one you don't say anything about it, is this because grown insignificant? Any way, it's still awesome. I have only one thing left to say, Tamora Pierce rules!!!!

1 Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain replies: "Thank you! 1 I'm glad you enjoyed my story! And yes, basically it's not really mentioned because they've both grown very used to it... the mention of it here is how Conan can and then can't sense Kyla... no other mages can sense each other that way. It's due to their connection. And yes, she does rule!! 1"
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'Kyla's Song (11 and 12)':
 • Created by: :-) Nancy Kelaria Chamberlain
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 • Categories: Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc.
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