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Paulien ´Náriël´ van der Krift

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Paulien ´Náriël´ van der Krift

Paulien is my name. I am writing a high-fantasy book called 'Children of Ílma'. See my Lothlorien for Illustrations.

Children of Ílma #1
Children of Ílma #2
A Winter Night in Camelot
Children of Ilma #14
Children of Ilma #15
Children of Ilma #16
Children of Ilma #17
Children of Ilma #18
Children of Ílma #10
Children of Ílma #11
Children of Ilma #12
Children of Ílma #13
Children of Ílma #3
Children of Ílma #4
Children of Ílma #5
Children of Ílma #6
Children of Ílma #7
Children of Ílma #8
Children of Ílma #9
Children of ílma Introduction
Song of Faith
Song of Hope

10 Mar 2003:-) Inês 'Morgaine' Courinha
i FINALLY could get this thing to work and post a comment, not only because you're my mellon-nin but also because i JUST HAD TO!!

Mellon-nin, i must say first that i'm not that wordless anymore because i read your stories 2 days ago, but was completely wordless when i started and finished reading... you have a SIMPLY IMPRESSIVE AMAZING GREAT AND WONDEROUS IMAGINATION! I've really never met someone with an imagination like yours! it's trully really impressive!! Ilmaríssé is TRULY an impressive world that can make one's imagination fly away... I'm IMPRESSED, really!!2
Besides, Silian is just oh-so-cute!!! tee-hee!!^^ You both are cute and are so cute toghether!!^^ I'm just loving your story, but more than all, the tons of imagination you put in it!!

keep up, i'll be waiting2)

your mellon-nin
Morgaine of the Shire

just a curiosity ---> In Gilrien, the houses are made of Ollival... well, in portuguese, olival is a forest of olive trees, from which we make olive oil!!14 just for curiosity!^^

:-) Paulien 'Náriël' van der Krift replies: "Náriël>>
Oh, thank you Morgaine! And you made it! Thank god....you darn computer! GRRR!
OH! I really feel like saying "thank you" for days and days! You're....so great, really! Even though I only know you of the internet, you're a true friend!
Thank you once again! *giggles* But I would never had this imagination if it wasn't for a lot of other people! Like Tolkien, C.S. Lewis and many others. But most things I didn't make completely up. Many things are based on others. Like Silian, he based on Sebzero (don't tell him *hihi*). Lúthien Anarion is my other best friend (beside Sebzero). Oh yeah, about Ilmarissë; because you're so fascinated my maps, I decided to make another one of entire Ilmarissë. It's nut fully detailed though, but I hope you would like it. Though I hardly doubt you would. And you really think Silian's cute? *hihihi*
By the way, could you understand it right? And was the spelling a bit correct? I am not so good in English as you are mellon-nin.2^^
Funny that you have a forest called like that! Olival! Kinda wierd name actually. I could have made something better up...oh well!
Thank you much, mellon-nin. And how about flying away sometime? And where would you like to go to?"
11 Mar 2003:-) Inês 'Morgaine' Courinha
awwww thank you for your kind words!!^^ you're a tru tru friend too^^ *hugssssss* internet can be a really good place to meet new people ne?2) *Morgaine opens a bottle of champgne!!... no, apple juice12* To the internet!!, ehhe12
is silian really based on sebzero??? loooooooooooooooooooool that's great i didn't knew that!! and don't worry, i won't tell him, ihihi12)) major cuteneeesssss!!!
are u making a detailed map of Ilmarisse?? coooool i must see it2) sure i'll like!! everything that come to mess up with my here twisted imagination is welcome!!
and yes, i understood everything2 hum, about the english thinguie, don't forget i've got more years of english at school too!! but believe me, your english is incredible for your age!! friends of mine with my age don't speak half of you;p

lol olival is not the name of a single forest... is... well, a group of olive trees if you understand me!!2 actually i have a few friends which live in a part of lisbon called olivais, which is olival in the plural12 that material is famous around here, eheh12)
about flying... check elftown!2

namarie mellon-nin^^
Morgaine of the Shire

:-) Paulien 'Náriël' van der Krift replies: "Nariel>> Yeah! Party! *Nariel joines Morgaine in the party with the bottle of Apple champange*
I'm not in love with Sebzero, don't you think that! He's just my best friend!
It's too bad that I can't fully detail the map, cause that would be too big for the scanner and a little unclear.
Oh and by the way, olives are grose!-Nariel Elenilimba"
22 Apr 2003:-) Laura Biles
Just wanted to say, I LOVE your songs! They're very inspiring and beautiful. Keep your quill up!


:-) Paulien 'Náriël' van der Krift replies: "Guess what? I finished your character! I am dreadly sorry it took so long! I had a complete list of drawings and I got a test-week of school in two weeks and I began early with studying (gotta get higher than f's if I wanna make this year). I'm gonna send it to you real soon! Thanks for your patient! And for your comment too! ^__^"
24 Jul 2003:-) Kelinor3
I really enjoyed the story in Ilmarisse, so good! ^^ keep it up!

:-) Paulien 'Náriël' van der Krift replies: "You did!? Wow, thank you! But I must say, I am going to replace those stories with better versions! You should read them again when I do!"
27 Dec 2003:-) Chelsea Castonguay
wow, what an impressive list! I'm off to do some reading yay! Come visit me for quesdillas sometime! yay!

:-) Paulien 'Náriël' van der Krift replies: "Yay! Let me know what you think!"
1 Jan 2004:-) Save Already Do Not Want Last Name Online
Hi there.

I've reached to the Wiseman's house now, and I like your story very much. You've got good fantasy, and I clearly you've spend a lot of time in thinking this all out. I really like reading your story. 2

One tip, when naming the chapter, if you from just before the 10 and 11 in the file's name, take away one _ and don't do that with the 1 number chapter's, number 10 an 11 will come to stand behind 9, most likely. I made the same mistake when uploading my chapters, most people do.

:-) Paulien 'Náriël' van der Krift replies: "You really do!? Oh I'm so glad to hear that! Thank you very much!!
Oh I know what you mean, I guess you're right about that. Thanks for the tip!!"
7 Aug 200645 Talis
I have read al of the children of ilma series and I loved it it was really good I hope you finish this piece of work as it shows SOO much promise.
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