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Toni J Kaukinen

SciFi & Fantasy Fiction and Stories by Toni J Kaukinen

Toni is waaaay over his head.

The Church of the Machine
I Steal, Therefore I Am
A Night in the Life of: E
A Night in the Life of: Sebastian
Hale and Hearty 1
An Ivory Tale, Chapter One: Of Wine, Auspicious Oaths and Primroses
An Ivory Tale, Chapter Two: Faithful Hounds and Their Masters
An Ivory Tale, Chapter Three: When in Doubt, Doubt the Obvious
An Ivory Tale, Chapter Four: Poetry, Jokes and Birds
An Ivory Tale, Chapter Five: The Basics of Flight
An Ivory Tale, Chapter Six: Kick Him While He's Down
An Ivory Tale, Chapter Seven: Fallings, Failings
An Ivory Tale, Chapter Eight: The Cradle and the Grave
An Ivory Tale, Chapter Nine: Home is Where the Heart Bleeds
An Ivory Tale, Chapter Ten: A Grey Wolf in a Sheep's Skin
Pretty Things with Light and Air - One
Never Yank A Fox's Tail
St. Croix, Can You Help Me?
Hale and Hearty 2 (partial)
Transportation for Life -- 1
The Spitz, Part One
The Sun and Two Moons

2 Feb 2006:-) Wadenstein3
hello, you told me a loooooong time ago that I had to let you know when I uplaoded another story.. well I have now ;p It's not the same style as the other stories though, it's the beginning of a bigger story. Not the fairy tale-type that my other stories are. Read it if you want to 2
3 Jun 2006:-) Laura A. Wellington
**hits toni with a brick** um.... **points at empty space beside her** he did it. Well, sorry about that, just seemed like something to do. Hope it doesn't affect your writing skills, because that would suc--- (reads bad language clause) ---be bad. I read a few of your stories here, including An Ivory Tale (or at least started that one) and I think I'm in love. With your stories. Because they are amazing. Keep writing, even though everytime I come here I want to hit myself with a brick, knowing that I'll never amount to your amazing level of brilliance. **bows down, presenting gifts of apeasement** I don't know what you want, so it's intentionally vague...
20 Aug 200645 Monday
FINTROLL, TURISAS, SONATA, AYREON!!!! you have great taste for music12
12 Sep 2006:-) Mats Fällman
You should really try to sell you short stories to some fantasy magazines, as www.strangehorizons.com, www.chizine.com or www.shadowrealms.com. On average you get 7cents per word, and one A4 usually has 400 words. Up to 10000 word stories are accepted. The thing is that you can´t submit stuff you publish here at Elfwood... but anyways..
24 Nov 2008:-) Danielle N B
I don’t usually look for written work here (actually I have trouble finding material to read in general because I don’t usually have time), but I discovered your work and really enjoyed An Ivory Tale, and thought I’d drop a comment. It seems you aren’t around, but I have to say it is grating to read a great story and not know how it continues or ends, which marks great writing. 1 Great work!

:-) Toni J Kaukinen replies: "Well, actually, I’m back -- for a bit, anyway! Ivory 10 was uploaded and updated just a bit ago.

In any case, thank you! I appreciate comments. 2"
10 Dec 2008:-) Danielle N B
Just out of curiosity, how long has it taken you, on average, to write each chapter of An Ivory Tale?

:-) Toni J Kaukinen replies: "Considering it’s been between a week and a year... I’d say a month or three on average."
23 Sep 200945 Anon.
Hey, I don’t even know if you remember me, or check your page anymore, but just in case, I’d like to say...
Thanks for introducing me to Sonata Arctica what seems like oh so long ago! They are touring over here and I am going to see them next week! Very excited and it’s all thanks to you!
28 Aug 201045 Priscilla Valdez
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11 Mar 2011:-) Emma Stephenson
Thank you for the lovely comments you left on my writing account. Would you look at my pictures as well?

3 Toni J Kaukinen replies: "Gave them a quick looksee! You’ll see how neurotic I am about the media of drawing once you read my comments."
21 Mar 2011:-) Ethan Childress
Thanks to your tag this morning I found two great story tellers today. I’ll be commenting on you work as I get through them. Thanks for tagging.

:-) Toni J Kaukinen replies: "Oh, but thank you for your tag as well -- please take your time with my stuff. A lot of it is, well, out-dated and unfixed -- even the newest three, which I don’t hold in much regard. However, I’ll have to pop over to your page and take a look at the stuff there. I’ve skimmed through some briefly, but university tends to make one a complete ADHD reader... sigh.

Still, again, thank you very much for the Fave. It’s my first, and I appreciate the words you included there. 2"
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