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CJ Peale

"The war from Hill´s Revenge" by CJ Peale

SciFi/Fantasy text 9 out of 9 by CJ Peale.      ←Previous - Next→
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Some information on the war that is refrenced in the story about the war and here Hill met the 4 men he killed in the beginning.

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←- The Tour | Background on the weapons and ammunition to Hill's Revenge -→

The war that is refrenced to in the story is this. The war was fought between two countries, Etpika and Halday. The war was fought for 7 years over religion. Etpika invaded Halday trying to make them follow thier beliefs and follow their king. Halday refused and fought and pushed Etpika out of thier country. Now there is more tension than before because Halday is on the watch for any suspicious activity from Etpika.

Etpika is an industrial country known for its fine craftsman ship in weapons, armor, artillery, architecture and job oppertunites. The country is made up of every race, but is mainly home to the Yuaez, a man-like creature that has a long tail that is usually wrapped around his waist and average height is about 6"5", no Yuaez has blond or red hair only black and brown. The king of the country is a 76 year old Yuaz that has been king for close to 30 years. The country is pretty much like any other country, but ii is very forceful about its religion which is Angemon. Anyone who lives in the country must be apart of the Gutee which translates into "place of worship". If someone is caught in the country that isn"t part of a Gutee, they will be arrested and trialed. The only way you can enter the country without  being part of a Gutee is to have a signed piece of parchment from the border guards that says you are allowed to enter the country legally until a specific time. They have a very large army equipped with muskets that can fire different kind of ammunition, swords, axes and heavy cannons. The military like the country varies in races, but only the Yuaez can be part of the Honor Guard which are specially trained hand to hand soldiers that wear bright silver armor and are usually standing behind the main infantry so they dont retreat. 

Halday is known for its lush farmland and ideology. There isn"t an actual police force in the country, but the towns have a group of soldiers known as The Hunters who find and arrest criminals. There is a king, but his role is to deal with foriegn affairs and some domestic when he is asked. The king, however, has final say when he is performing his duties. Halday has a small trained army, but relies mostly on militia to make up thier army. The weapons that most people have are muskets that usually can only fire "Buck and ball" and "Scatterburn." The best weapons are in the armory in Fort Hillsmead and only the trained military has access to it. They have many different religions and are known for thier tolerance in beliefs. Most citizens are farmers, carpenters, blacksmiths, merchants and tailors. Even though not as technologically advanced as Etpika the Haldasians are known for thier ability to fight. Most of Halday"s population is human, but many elves live there who were once slaves, but were freed 100 years ago during King Fredrick the Rich in 692-7 ED.

In 783-2 Etpika sent a force of about 8,000 infantry, 600 calvary and 36 heavy cannons into Halday. The Etpika Army took over the town of Townesend and used it as a base of operations in Halday. When word spread that they had been invaded the trained army of Halday was sent to Townesend where they met the Etpika army on an open field and fought. It resulted in the Halday army being defeated and having to retreat. Halday then called for the militia and almost everyone came. They werent equipped as well, but knew how to fight nontheless. Battle after battle both armies went at it with Halday"s forces losing more than half of the engagments. It got to the point where Halday"s forces hired mercenaries called "The Clan", which was a group that was made up of elves who were renown for thier shooting abilites. Finally during the Battle of Timberweed Creek the tide of the war turned after Halday"s army forced Etpika"s forces back through Peak Pass. Col. James Hill lead an attack of about 140 militia men into a forest area and fought for 6 hours against 300 Etpika infantrymen resulting in winning the battle. By the 5th year of the war Col. Hill was captured and sent to a makeshift prison in Willow Manor outside of Townesend. He was imprisoned with 4 other men whome he became friends with. He told them about his family and invited them over if they got out alive. He was imprisoned for 4 months when finally a group of Rangers (men that only carry a flintlock pistol and poisoned knifes who travel the country side providing information on enemy movments). After they left they continued to fight in the war for another 2 years. By the end of the war over there was over 12,000 causulties and about 20,000 homeless from Etpika"s army burning towns. 

After the war Col. Hill was asked to carry a satchel to the capital city of Kadsin. During this time was when the 4 men went to his home and killed his wife and sold his children. On Hill"s way back he met an elf who fought alongside him in the war and was a memeber of "The Clan". He tagged along Hill from then on.     

←- The Tour | Background on the weapons and ammunition to Hill's Revenge -→

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'The war from Hill's Revenge':
 • Created by: :-) CJ Peale
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Background on the weapons and ammunition to Hill's Revenge

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