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Charley Holden

Charley Holden

Charley Her levels of unneeded sarcasm are very high today

I hate these things cause i never know what to put.

I like Kingdom hearts,Avatar and i acationaly draw fairys and i love to read it is my hobby and i love music.I sometimes write i am in the middle of an idea at the moment. and when i draw i think i am not very good and when i do draw i mostly do black and white i am not good with colour. I love Onimusha two, Kingdom hearts 2 is the best, devil may cry, i spend my life at the moment on final fantasy dirge of cerberus and i cant wait for the new kingdom hearts game thats suposed to be out soon. I love assasins creed and i pretty much live for my games, be it video games or card games. I love cosplay and anime and manga are a hue part of my life. I love to write but agai n m stuff isnt very good its like a huge brain meldown
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Movies and TV Shows
Doctor who is good as is avatar the last air bender,I am a big fan of Oban star racers and i have the box sets. I like star treck the movies old and new,I also like lord of the rings and the ultmimate star wars.the matrix and i really enjoyed them and i love the film the breakfast club and Constantine loved the music video thing for it. I love doctor who. Star treck star wars and star gate are also some of my favorites. I have recently started bleach and im loving that as well. I love fantasy as an entire genre so its so hard to name any awesome films cause I am bombarded with so many
Favorite Fantasy/Scifi Books
Books are a great love of mine. If im not gameing i will be reading so its kind of hard to name a favorite but how about tales of a goth librarian. But i was litteraly sat here for ten minuets thinking of it
Favorite Music
I enjoy lots cinema bizzare,three days grace,death cab for cutie,likin park,my chemical romance, the music from kingdom hearts,perfect circle, AFI, The smiths, bullet for my valetine, lost prophets, good charlotte, breaking benjamin, six am, lost prophets, panic at the disco,VNV nation, asp, poets of the fall, black stone cherry, HIM, simple plan, go audio, the black out, TCH, Jet, rolling stones, derec and the dominos especially layla, the kinks, crazy town, night core,
Friends at Elfwood
Friends at Elfwood: Barbara J. Wickham(Subject of admiration) , Reanne Sinclair(Subject of admiration) , Adele Lorienne(Idol) , Rebecca Sinz(Subject of admiration) , Gemma Christina thorpe(Friend) , Molly Kate Hanrahan(Friend) , Charlotte jade wood(Friend) , Mark Boston(Zombie) , Nathie Block(Subject of admiration) , Dona Nora(Friend) , Noah and The Whale(Friend) , Gemma Christina thorpe(Fan) , John R Farley Jr(Builder) , Mara Chirtes(Friend) , Lewis Daniel Murray(Robot) and Rosie Biddie(Friend) .

Guestbook for Nightmarechild

6 Oct 2010:-) John R Farley Jr
Happy birthday if I missed it.

A parsnip cake with coconut frosting for you. 6

:-) Charley Holden replies: "Evil parsnips i shall lick off the icing and glare at the cake"
6 Oct 2010:-) Gemma Christina thorpe
*hug* <3
7 Oct 2010:-) Charley Holden
27 Oct 2010:-) Lewis Daniel Murray
i have invaded your profile!

:-) Charley Holden replies: "GRRRRR SPACE INVADER"
3 Nov 2010:-) Reanne Sinclair
I think I’m losing my marbles! Have you seen them? They’re shiny ... and there are quite a few of them *frowns as she looks about*

I’m trying to write 5 chapters of my story, Otherworld, for a friend for her birthday, which is on December 16th ... I’m running out of tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiime! lol

How’re you doing? What have you been up to?

:-) Charley Holden replies: "Nippon the loss of marbles is bad.sorry I haven’t been on the school ban this site"
8 Dec 2010:-) John R Farley Jr
I like regular buttered popcorn. I don’t like the butter they use at the theater. It’s like dipping your fingers in motor oil. 10

I have some parsnip candy if you want, for some reason people don’t like it. I’ll even cover them with lemon frosting and a chocolate drizzle. 14

:-) Charley Holden replies: "I hear ya about the popcorn butter in cinemas it’s gross"
25 Dec 2010:-) Reanne Sinclair
Merry Christmas Isis!

:-) Charley Holden replies: "Thanks sorry i havent been on i na while my old school blocked this site."
2 Nov 2011:-) Rosie Biddie
Hi! I see you really like Final Fantasy. I’ve got quite an obsession with it myself. I own the games from VII to XII.
So my question is to you, which game is your favorite, and why? =]

((Edit: I would mark ’Stella’ as Spam. Her comment is above mine, and she posted the exact same thing to my page. just thought I’d let you know.))

:-) Charley Holden replies: "Well i have 12 and dirge of cerberus but i have played on x2 as well. Thats a very hard question. But i would have to say Dirge of cerberus because of the fighting style that allows you to fire and not just select the option to attack. That and the story line is the best ive come across. What about you what ones your favorite"
13 Jan 2012:-) Rosie Biddie
I haven’t played Dirge of Cerberus yet, but I’m looking forward to it. In fact the only thing I have seen from Compilation of FFVII is Advent Children. XD and I’d really love to play through Crisis Core one of these days.
...well, I just realized what a hard question that is to answer. Which Final Fantasy is my favorite?...I’ll have to say Final Fantasy X, probably, and that’s for purely nostalgic reasons. Other than Ten it would definitely be VII. But IX is also another favorite of mine, and so is X-2. As for XII, I hated it at first, but I was expecting a turn-based battle system. Bad idea. After I got used it, I started to like it because it kind of reminded me of Runescape. (Only with very good graphics and no annoying other players )
Plus who doesn’t love Ivalice? Like seriously? 14
Yesterday I bought Final Fantasy: Tactics for Gameboy Advance and I’ve been kind of addicted to that one as well.
Okay, I’m rambling now, I’ll spare your poor eyes and just say I like em all. xD

:-) Charley Holden replies: "See told you it was a hard question. Well im curently trying to find ps2 ff games. But i am also curently into kingdom hearts as it has ff charachters in it and the fighting style is simelar to dirge of cerberus. But i really hate the turn based gameplay it pisses me of. But 12 also annoys me cause you cant attack properly like in doc or kh."
30 Aug 2012:-) Faith Gerhardt
Hello! Do you like dragons or werewolves? If you do and have time can you please look at my gallery!
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Charley Holden

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