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Nick P. ´LimeGreenSquid´ Marton

Nick P. 'LimeGreenSquid' Marton

Nick is just some weirdo, nerdy-freaky, long-haired guy who likes drawing big, beautiful, natural women and their barefeet, as well as demons and cartoons and the like.

Hi.  I'm Nick.  Also known as LimeGreenSquid, or LimeGreenPickle.  I was born April 1st, 1980, and raised in BC, Canada for 23 years, and then moved to St.John's, Newfoundland in 2003 to be with my love (we met online).
My goal in my art is to normalize the idea that fat girls, plump women, chubby chicks, Big Beautiful Woman are indeed Beautiful, and Sexy, and deserve to be the object of desire as much as un-chubby girls.  To throw down the evil ideas that only anorexic, sickly stick-women are the absolute concept of "beauty" in society, and replant the world with seeds of, "Well, hey ... she's plump, and she's actually kinda cute and sexy!"  But also to promote natural beauty of all kinds - there are some naturally thin girls out their who do still turn my head.  To promote activity and healthy natural body sizes - There are many fit fat girls out there who have more healthy energy than most of their thin friends!

I don't claim to be this colossally great artist by any means, but i do what i do, and what i like to do, to my own lazy patience, directly affected by inspiration for a piece.  My media are simple: A:) Mechanical Pencils, and B:) Pencil Crayons (aka "colored pencils" or "leads" in Newfie-speak). 

This Gallery is for my Fan Art, characters like Samus (i didn't fatten her), and Smurfette and Mega Man and He-man, etc...
It's not a very big gallery, but i don't often do fan art stuff, so that's just logical. 

I am re-opening this gallery after the server crash pretty much killed my original Fan Art page a couple weeks after the ticket finally went through.  So, here's to hoping for some comments again!

Well, i hope you enjoy my gallery!  
If you don't enjoy it, and you feel the need to comment, i respectfully ask that you use intelligence in your criticisms.  I've had too many cowardly, brainless, closed-minded (but how can they be closed-minded without a brain?) insulters, "U draw faat chiks 2 much, u suk and shud dye!" who are too cowardly to even leave a name of any sort! 
So, if you think one of my pieces is stupid, tell me in proper english the aspects in which it could be improved (other than, "draw her thin and without body hair!"), or don't comment at all.  You only prove yourself to be the stupid one if you don't.  How can i take seriously the words of someone who only says the insult, without valid reason, who doesn't even have the confidence in what they are saying to leave their name, right?


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Guestbook for Nmarton2

25 Apr 200945 Nick(Tippy)
After looking through your gallery i do admit your work is beautiful. And i shouldn’t have critisized your work. I myself are a manga/anime artist(though im not japaneese, im actually black) and draw people. Though i have never taken the "Chubby" aproach in any of my comics. I might have to try that.

P.S.- Jasmine in my opinion is a very healthy "stick" but it iz what it iz!!!

-Nick Tippins "Tippy"
27 Jun 200945 Corsair
I truly appreciate your art. I married fertility goddess and have loved every minute. Why anyone would be attracted to women built like pre-teen boys is beyond me.
6 Aug 200945 Anon.
I gotta say I never actually knew that there were men like you in the world. I am a normal body weight, but I have always felt unhappy and uncomfortable in my body, because I feel like I am not pretty to societies standards because my stomach isn’t flat. When I saw your drawings I just couldn’t look away. I am not as large as those women, but when I looked at those pictures I felt as if they had no problem with that and they were so beautiful in the way that they are. Which made me realize that I shouldn’t be so unhappy with my body when it is perfect beautiful, and my boyfriend thinks so too. I was always worried he was secretly disgusted but now I know that was just my own insecurities talking. Thank you so much for doing this kind of art, it truely has changed my own self image and the way I see real beauty. I also love the fact that you appreciate natural body hair. I always thought that it was so unfair how women had to shave their arms and legs when men didn’t have to, or else they would be highly undesirable. I am glad there are men like you in the world. Thank you

:-) Nick P. 'LimeGreenSquid' Marton replies: "This is the type of comment that makes me happiest and validates what i’m doing to myself when i get a little low. Thank you very much, and i am very happy to have helped you battle insecurity. It’s one of the biggest relationship killers. The fact that my happy fat ladies helped you see yourself as beautiful even if "imperfect" to the bogus "standard" helps remind me i am helping a little.
Thank you again.
And yes, natural body hair is beautiful and sexy and it’s really a shame how it’s just removed and never spoken of again for no reason at all.
25 Aug 200945 Alexis Canty
I must say your art is very tasteful. You make this big girl very proud. I would love to see more african american women in your art. The reason why is cause I am african american. I would highly appreciate it.
8 Dec 2009:-) Alanna Soupen
I love your drawings, they are really beautiful! Just want to know- how come you draw them with body hair? So many people are repulsed by body hair and its kinda stupid. Sorry if you have answered this question before, i’ve only just joined.

:-) Nick P. 'LimeGreenSquid' Marton replies: "Well, i draw women with body hair because i find it sexy and beautiful. I was already on my path towards enjoying curvier girls after creating my "I Hate Supermodels" website, and so my indoctrinated beauty standards were already beginning to crumble. Perhaps that’s the reason, i don’t really think there’s any reason other than it’s something programmed into my DNA to be attracted to the bushiness of my mate.
Anyhoo, it all was triggered when i was hanging out with my friends, three girls, average in size, 2 of which were going to teach me and the 3rd girl how to belly dance, cuz i’d seen pictures of male belly dancers among belly dancing photos online i searched for. I never played it through, it must have been my primate male brain trying to see as many bare feet and bared chubby bellies as i can. Well, we’d finished trying the belly dancing and were sat down and talking. The one girl had her arm in some sort of position where i could fully see a thick patch of dark blond fur, and my initial reaction before i could think of anything was that i was turned on.
It was the same with feet, i just felt turned on from seeing a really detailed drawing in a Marvel Swimsuit Issue comic book of Psylocke’s foot perched on the ball of the foot, at the edge of a swimming pool, angled just so that her heel and sole were visible as well as 3 toes, the rest hidden by the angle. I was just turned on. Don’t know why, didn’t want to think i was one of "those", didn’t want to acknowledge the "fetish" (even though i still fight that word for terms like personal, harmless, sexual interests - only less wordy, haha. Because everyone has something they like that they believe they should be embarrassed about.
But yah, sorry for the rant. And i will always try to answer people’s questions if they sound like they are coming from a genuine curiosity - and even lower standards, as the message is what’s most important. We all like what we like - as long as we’re not hurting anyone who isn’t requesting to be hurt, nor involving children, it’s our own damned business, and nothing to be ashamed of, so stop shaming (is what i tell the world)!"
9 Dec 2009:-) Alanna Soupen
Thanks! Once again i really admire the drawings 2 There needs to be more people out there who want to appreciate different kinds of beauty
21 Feb 201045 Kate
Hmmmmm, well, I do support some of you ideas and like your drawings. (Shaving is wierd in general, irrational, and the only good reasons to do so involve temperature and iching....)

There is a very precarious balance betwixt beauty and health. I believe that people should be happy with who they are and not compare themsevles to others’ standards, but obesity is a serious and terrifying health problem.... and there is no way around that particular fact, sorry lad.

But I do congradulate you for your apperciatition of unstandardized beauty.
27 Oct 201045 Scott Butler
Awesome Job. You are uniquely talented.
4 Sep 201145 Anon.
20 Jul 201245 Kyndal
More power to you love! 1

:-) Nick P. 'LimeGreenSquid' Marton replies: "Thank you!"
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Nick P. 'LimeGreenSquid' Marton

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