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Mariposa Gollery

"Golden Flames" by Mariposa Gollery

SciFi/Fantasy text 5 out of 9 by Mariposa Gollery.      ←Previous - Next→
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This is a short story, featuring my anthropomorphic feathered snake character Zuniel. I got all her concepts off of Seventh Sanctum, the wonderful generator site. Anyway, this is a random story I wrote with her. Yay!

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Zuniel crouched behind the mostly demolished wall, leaning her back against it and panting, trying to get her breath back. She peeked out from behind it, trying to see if they were still behind her. Her hand strayed to the hilt of her sword, sliding it up until her knuckles were stopped by the smooth metal palm of the guard, and the hard fingers curled protectively around her hand. She didn't see anybody following her, and stood up slowly, backing away, her plumed tail sweeping out behind her to prevent her from tripping. Then she turned and ran again, getting farther and farther into the old ruins.

She had gone into the ruined city to escape the populated one only a few miles away for a while. She was sick of the whole Saru business, and had left a note at home before escaping from the persistent reporters. However, some strange attackers had jumped her, and she was lucky that she was quick on her feet and brought her sword with her. At least they weren't reporters, she thought grimly.

Zuniel was an anthropomorphic feathered serpent woman, with light green skin-like scales. They were soft and smooth, and felt much like skin, but were scales nonetheless. Her eyes were currently a deep red, almost black, of fear and irritation, but changed according to her mood. There were feathers sprouting out of her scales by her ears, and they ran down from there to the nape of her neck and thinned out again at the top of her spine. They were a mix of rainbow colors and mixed with her thin black hair, making it impossible to tell whether they were tied into the fine black strands or sprouting out of the scales underneath. Many of them were decorated with beads. When she opened her mouth to pant, her snake tongue flicked out, tasting the air for her pursuers. However, her teeth looked like a normal adult human's. Her clothes were tight and black, lace and swirling gold accents much in evidence, her revealing and tiny top pulled across her ample chest, and the abalone buttons looked about to burst. They didn't. Her tight short shorts were of the same black material, with less lace and gold, and instead of abalone buttons they zipped up with a tiny black zipper. She was currently wearing her favorite black gogo boots with the huge gold buckles, three or four of them on each one. The boots concealed most of the gold tattoos, swirling up her legs like flames that reached almost up to her knees. There were similar ones on her wrists that tried to lick at her elbows, in the same gold ink. On her fingers she wore many loose gold rings, some with gems and abalone, some just gold bands. They were one size too big for her so that in a fight they could slip off easily without taking her fingers with them. Her ears sported six or seven piercings each, the rings and studs growing smaller as they crept from the lobes to the top of the cartilages. There was a small gold stud in the corner of her nose. Her hair spilled down her back loosely, never put up for fear of breaking any feathers. It wasn't brushed out very much for the same reason. Her tail had the same coating of tiny green scales, but they turned into bright, colorful feathers that grew longer and longer until they were fantastic plumes.

The figure of Zuniel went into one of the crumbling, abandoned buildings, debating on whether to stay on the ground floor where it was more likely to be discovered, or advance to the second floor and have less escape routes, or even to go to what was once the third floor and was now the roof, giving her hardly any shelter but lots of observing space. She went to the second floor after hauling the rotting wood over to the doors and windows, trying to give her an alarm if they entered the building below her. Then she settled down to think where she had a pretty good view of surrounding area but still plenty of shelter.

What to do? Her knees were about six inches in front of her chest, and her hands rested on the hilt of her sword. She could move through the silent city carefully, and by the time she got to the edge she could make a dash for home, but she didn't like it. She could circle through the city, try to turn the tables on her attackers and kill them off one by one, but she didn't know how many there were. She could accidentally give herself away, and then when she was confident they were all gone the ones left would get her. Zuniel liked that plan even less. She could stay here until she was almost certain that they were gone, and watch her back all the way out.

In the end Zuniel decided to lay low for a few hours, maybe a day, and then make her way out carefully. There was one major flaw in that plan, however, and it flawed all her plans. She had been out all day, and running fast, and she was worn out. Her eyelids seemed hard to keep open, despite the fact that her blood was pumping through her veins nervously. Her head nodded and she jerked it up, trying to stay awake.

Suddenly there came a crash from below, and adrenaline forced her on her feet, sword drawn. She could hear at least one set of footsteps at the bottom of the stairs, and at least two still disentangling themselves from the rotting traps. Three at the least. Zuniel had fought more, but she was usually confident about who her opponents were and their fighting style, how advanced they were, and other important details like that. She had no idea what to expect.

Her legs spread apart, gaining her balance and she stared ahead, eyes a slightly lighter tone of red, showing that she had turned at least some of her fear into anger. The first assailant topped the stairs.

He was dressed in black, and wore a mask, but the pointed ears and strong snout couldn't be hidden. The man was a doberman anthro, and was probably a mercenary. She lifted her sword so that the tip was pointed at him. He drew a long knife, but she couldn't see a sword on him. Hopefully he wasn't as clever as Saru at concealing a sword. He didn't advance, but waited for his comrades. One dashed up, also only equipped with long knives. This one had a shorter snout and less pointy ears as well as a short tail-a pit bull anthro. He too waited. More came up, and eventually there were five of them, all dog anthropomorphics; the doberman, what looked like a German shepard, possibly a rottweiler, the pit bull, and what Zuniel guessed was a bull mastiff.

Slowly they advanced, circling around. Zuniel backed away, her tail sweeping behind her so that she didn't stumble and give them an opening. She stepped carefully over the rubble until her tail hit a wall, and she felt behind herself with one hand, the other keeping the sword steady, and found a window. The dogs closed in, and Zuniel could tell that she was outnumbered.

She smiled sweetly at the dogs, blew them a kiss with her free hand, and tumbled backwards out the window. The mastiff howled, and she twisted in the air. She hit the ground at a roll, and stopped when she ran into a wall. Then she picked herself up and dashed off again, sword still in hand. She was bleeding from a small cut where either she had nicked herself on the shoulder or had run over a sharp piece of rock. She saw this as a chance to mislead her followers.

Using her power-Temporal Ocean Aurora-she tried to make the light seem like the blood trail was leading in a different direction. She hoped that the strange attackers used their eyes instead of their noses, so she could buy herself some time. The light couldn't hide the blood's scent, or make the illusion smell real.

Zuniel heard howls behind her, but they weren't following her, they were going off to the right. She sped on, and after a minute or so let the power drop, hopefully leaving the dogs confused in the middle of the ruins. Meanwhile, she turned her head slightly and licked her shoulder, trying to stop the bleeding.

This time she kept running, ignoring her tiredness, and kept on westward, towards the welcome streets of home, or at least, partially welcome. But then another idea struck her, and she looped around, heading for another semi-complete building. She had heard hints that Satacha Saru might live in the abandoned city, and if she could find her partner in crime she would be safe. Nobody else had.

Zuniel inspected the building thoroughly. There were no hints of life or a possible hiding spot. She rushed to the highest floor and went to the nearest other building, inspecting that one as well. She also kept her eyes open for any signs of life at all. Even if she just caught another person like herself, getting away from city life by going to the ancient ruins, there would at least be two of them.

She zigzagged across the city, searching all the buildings and areas that looked like they might have a place of sanctuary. She found nothing, and her adrenaline was running out. She hadn't heard a howl since the dogs had followed the false trail. This could be good or bad.

Giving up on the hideout idea, Zuniel worked her way wearily towards home, trying to stay alert and keeping her sword in her hand.

Eventually she came to the abandoned city's edge, with only one or two remotely safe hiding spots between her and the vast plain to the current city and the lake. Glancing behind her once more, she stepped out, the sun nearly behind the horizon, leaving darkness as her only protection against prying eyes.


Zuniel had been walking for hours. Or was it minutes? She didn't care. It seemed like hours since she had left the ruins, but she couldn't be sure. Were the dogs still after her? Were they stalking her in the dark? Did it really matter? They weren't attacking her, and this was probably the best time for them to do it, so she had to assume that they weren't following behind.

Suddenly-lights, sound, how had she entered the city without noticing it? Groggily, Zuniel tried to look around and get her bearings, go home, but her eyes weren't focusing. She tried going by instinct, trying to just go the way that seemed right and hopefully get home, but she wound up getting into a completely different part of town-the rich part. Her brain was telling her that she shouldn't be here, but her feet still just wandered aimlessly, trying to get home, to get to her bed...

A hand grabbed her arm. A harsh voice asked something, demanded something, but she couldn't figure out what it was. Wearily, she tried to lift her sword, but her name was spoken and she looked up, confused.

"Zuniel, what are you doing here? You look awful, are you okay? What happened?"

She raised her eyes. An anthropomorphic cat had grabbed her arm, but now the hand was being pulled away, revealing a familiar face...Raimond?

Zuniel fainted.


She was warm...there was something soft under her...a bed? She made it home? Her memory was telling her something, but she couldn't listen, she was so tired...

"Zuniel? You're awake?"

It was Raimond's voice. The incident with the police came back, Raimond had been on patrol and hadn't noticed her until his fellow officer grabbed her. The officer had suspected that she was looking for a good place to rob or start a riot, seeing as she was a bit of a shady character, but she had fainted, and so Raimond must have taken her home, and now he would be off duty, and she should probably talk to him.

Zuniel struggled to open her eyes, but her lids were so heavy...

She gave up on her eyes, and tried to talk. Her mouth was dry, and she longed for a drink of water. She made a little croaking noise, and Raimond must have interpreted it because he put a glass to her lips and tilted it. Zuniel let the water flow into her mouth and it gave her the strength to open her eyes. She looked at the worried face of Raimond.

"Sorry," she said. "But I was so tired, and couldn't find my way home..."

Raimond hugged her, whispering in her ear. "It's okay, just tell me what happened."

Zuniel opened her mouth again. "I wanted to get away from the city...the reporters bugging me about Satacha were really getting on my nerves, so I decided to go to the abandoned city. I slipped out unnoticed luckily. I was just wandering around when these strange people attacked me...five anthro dogs. I don't know what they wanted from me, but they chased me into a building and I escaped by jumping out of a window...I think I got them off my trail, but I was so tired, it was too hard for me to tell. Raimond, I might have led them right here, but I don't know. I had been out all day, and running half the time, I was so tired I barely even noticed when I got into the city, let alone where I was going, and I was just so tired, I think my body realised that when you were there it was okay to pass out."

Raimond kissed her forehead. He was another anthro feathered snake, and a police officer. He had sky blue scales and black feathers with brown shaggy hair. He was otherwise much like her-he had a snake tongue and eyes, and his tail had long black plumes on the end. He hadn't changed out of his uniform.

"We'll look into the dogs," he said. "But for now, I'm just glad you're safe."

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'Golden Flames':
 • Created by: :-) Mariposa Gollery
 • Copyright: ©Mariposa Gollery. All rights reserved!

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 • Categories: Anthropomorphic (Furries), Magic and Sorcery, Spells, etc., Man, Men, Romance, Emotion, Love, Woman, Women
 • Submitted: 2010-06-14 00:33:28
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