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Katarina V. Baralić

"Moon power-chapter 1" by Katarina V. Baralić

SciFi/Fantasy text 6 out of 11 by Katarina V. Baralić.      ←Previous - Next→
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Imagine this: you are a school student and you have all that ordinary teenage problems-you are in love with a cute boy and he asked you out, you have crazy best friend and nasty teachers AND you are a witch. How would you feel? Let's see how my main character feels ^_^
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“Hello there! My name is Goisy and I’m the one who is going to tell you all about…”

I shook my head and that made her stop talking.

,,WHAT?”, she asked obviously very annoyed by my reaction, “You always do that when I start…”

“When you start acting like an idiot, Goisy.”

“I’m just kidding!”

“Well, at last stop kidding like an idiot!”

Soon, teacher entered the classroom and all students were on their seats again.

“I’m not idiot”, she said, “I am not.”

“Well, sugar, of course you’re not. You’re my best friend and I would not like an idiot to be my friend, wouldn’t I?”

Rethy, shut up.”

“Well, both of us should shut up. Mr. Roberts will be angry.”

I looked at the teacher, but, he was so busy writing mathematics assignment on the blackboard he didn’t even notice how loud we were talking.

“Yeah, right”, she smiled, “Mr. Roberts is one stupid senile man. He won’t notice a big fat damn monster if it comes in while he’s writing on the blackboard.”

“Ha ha ha. Well, if you want to know, he is going to ask you to finish that thing he is writing down, so you better get prepared.”

“How do you know that? Of course he is not going to call me to the blackboard. He never does.”

“We’ll see”, I just smiled.

Mr. Roberts stopped writing and looked at the class. He didn’t even notice mess and noise. Ok, I must confess, maybe Goisy had been right about him. He was a stupid jerk.

Goisy Addents”, he said, “Can you please finish this assignment?”

Goisy reddened and quickly stood up.

“I’m going to kill you after this class”, she whispered before leaving her seat, but I only smiled.

“You know I never lie”, I told her.


Rethy!”, I heard someone calling my name. I was with Goisy, of course, in huge corridor of our second floor, waiting for another class to start.

Erit”, she smiled when she saw who was calling me, “How nice to see you. I suppose you wanted to talk to my dear friend Rethy. Or, you want to ask her something?”

Goisy, will you shut up?”, I whispered.

Ow, hello Erit. It’s so nice you came on the second floor. I know you guys for fourth class don’t like to visit us from second.”

“Well”, he said, “It’s too sunny today and on my dear fourth floor is too warm. I couldn’t stand that, so I just had to come here.”

“On second? Well, you could have gone on first, or third”, I said and he smiled.

Oh, how I love that half-smile! It’s so damn gorgeous-make him look even more handsome than usual.

“Well, they don’t have so nice ladies on those floors”, he said still watching me.

I could hear Goisy laughing.

“Stop that!”, I told her angrily.

“What?”, Erit was confused. Ok, he was handsome, but he wasn’t as smart, I must say.

“Oh, I didn’t mean you. Goisy.”                                                                                              Oh, Goisy! How nice to see you! Well, I believe you’re here with Rethy. How sweet.”

“Well, if you forgot, I’ve already greeted you, Erit. You’re such jerc!”, she shook her head.

“You were here all the time?”, he frowned, “Well, sorry, but I think I haven’t noticed you.”

“Oh, you’re so polite,” she rolled her eyes.

Goisy, I think it’s time for you to leave us alone for a moment”, I told her and she looked angry, “Please, don’t be mad at me.”

“Well, I’m not mad at you, Rethy. I’m mad at him.

Than, she left.

“I’m sorry about that. You know Goisy. She is always so stubborn.”

“I could tell”, he smiled making me quiver again.

“I think class will start soon”, I looked at the door of my classroom. All students were inside waiting for our biology teacher to come, “I think you should better leave.”

“Sure”, he said, “But, I wanted to ask you something before that.”

He wants to ask me something, I smiled for myself, Please let it be what I hope it will be! Please…

“Will you go to that stupid dance on Saturday with me?”

Oh God. Oh God! My dream is coming true!

“On Saturday?”, I asked, “Well, I think I’m free on that day, so, I’ll probably be able to come.”

But, in my mind answer was much simpler: Yes!

“Ok. Inform me if you change your mind.”

“So you can call someone else?”, I teased him.

“No. To know if I am going or not. If you won’t be there, there’s no space for me either.”

Oh, he’s so sweet!

“Well, I think I’ll just have to go, then”, I told him.

“That sound much, much better”, he said and kissed me on the cheek.

Oh, how wonderful I felt after that!

Teacher came to the classroom soon after I returned. We were watching some boring movie about animals, but I couldn’t pay any attention. I was so excited.



“Hello, dear!”, my mother told me when I arrived home, “How was in school today?”

“Good. Fine. Wonderful.”

“Oh, my! So, what happened when you’re so happy?”

“Noting special. One cute boy just asked me to go to the dance with him.”

“Really? How nice of him.”

“Yeah. He’s really sweet.”

I went to my room and picked up some books from my shelf.

“The only problem is”, I told mum, I don’t know if I’m going to make it.”

“I’ve forgotten that trip you’re making with witches on Friday night.”

“Yes. That night is very important for us. It’s full moon and that’s the best time for practicing magic.”

“I’m sure you’ll finish it till Saturday night.”

“Probably”, I said, “We’ll have to wait and see.”


I closed my eyes and asked a simple question: Will we finish our trip before Saturday night?

Answer came to me: You will.

I smiled. So, I will be able to go to the dance after all.

I have to phone Goisy and tell her! Oh, boy, I’m so excited!


Tap. Tap. Tap.

I went to the window and opened it. I could smell rain and that was such good feeling. I love that smell. It so reminds me on time when I was really young-I really loved playing on rain.

Hmmm…. I think I was doing that when I met Felina.

Felina saw me there, on rain, completely wet, and came to talk with me. I remember I thought she was going to scold me-you know when foolish adults start talking things like: “What are you doing there? Do you want to get fever? Go back home! Can’t you see it’s raining?”

But, no, Felina was not acting like that. I liked her from the first moment. Ok, she is too weird to be true, but, she is an extraordinary person. Ok, I’ll tell you something else. She always wears pink. I don’t know why. Almost everything she has is pink. Shirts, dresses, trousers… Even her underwear (at least she always says so… She is not THAT stupid to show her pink panties and bra to every person that asks her what color they are! Well, she’s not stupid at all. She is too smart!)

Hmmm….. What else can I say about Felina? Ah, yes. She’s a witch. Ta-da! There. I’ve said it.

Well, where was I? Ah, yes. I was standing on the rain.

Felina came to me and we had a very interesting talk. She asked me if I had seen things. I told her: “Of course. Everyone see things, don’t they?”

But, she only laughed.

“I mean, do you SEE things?”

“Which kind of things do you want me to see? I don’t really understand you…”

“Past. Present. Future. Do you see it?”

“N-n-no. Am I normal? I don’t see such things.”

Huh, I was really smart for my ages, you know. My parents taught me even what past, present and future mean. Yeah!

“Well, then you are normal”, she sounded disappointed and I noticed she wanted to leave.

“No, please! Don’t go!”, I begged.

“I have to. I saw a girl with that kind of powers last night in my dream. I need to find her.”

“But, I have other powers!”, I told her.

She looked at me.

“How do you know that?”

“Well, I can ask a question in my mind. You know, any type of question-it doesn’t matter.”

“Do you get answer?”


She looked even more confused.

“Ok than”, she said at last, “Let me try you.”

“Sure”, I smiled trying not to look too scared.

“How old am I?”

It was easy. I imagined a question in my mind.

How old is this pink woman?

She is 152 years old.


Oh, my!


“You are”, I stammered “You are 152”

“Correct”, she smiled, “Honey, would you mind if I ask you few more questions before making a decision?”

“Sure”, I told her again.

“All right. So… When is the rain going to stop?”

I asked the question.

In two minutes.

“In two minutes.”

Then she took out pocket watch-big, fancy and pink, of course- and started counting time. One. Two. Three. Four seconds….

Two minutes passed.

“Well, it’s not raining anymore, so, good answer.”

“What’s the next question?”

“How did you know I am going to ask more?”

“I asked.”

“Oh, well. I guess I’ll just have to ask you another one, than. Who am I?”

Who is this strange pink woman who is 152 years old?

She is Felina, moon witch.

I repeated the answer to her and she was really pleased with me.

“Well, I’ll see you soon, honey”, she smiled again.

“Wait!”, I cried, “Can you answer one question for me?”

“Why don’t you ask your mind?”

“It’s not polite. I want to hear that answer from you!”

“Okay, than. Spill it.”

“What does the moon witch mean?”

“Moon gives as power.”


Well, you’re one of us now,  honey.”

“I am?”

“Of course.”

I remember she disappeared then and I noticed something big and silver-white watching me from the black evening sky. Moon. Full moon.


I closed window and went to bed. It’s not full moon now, so, the only power I can use are my questions. But, on Friday night…. It will be interesting.

And, on Saturday..... That will be too good to be true. Will Erin kiss me?

I don’t want to ask. I want to find out myself.



←- The Land of Despair 7-10 | Fairy game -→

8 May 2008:-) Katie whitephoenix Barnes
hey, 1st comment *dances randomly-not such a great idea whilst in class* still, put some more on, that beginning was great. moon witch...interesting, i have a friend who’s a witch...shes cool
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'Moon power-chapter 1':
 • Created by: :-) Katarina V. Baralić
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