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Timothy Walsh

Timothy Walsh

Timothy is a less conventional fantasy writer who writes about the world and has the naive notion he can change it through metaphor.
Hey, thanks for stopping by. I'm a young writer from (nearby) Dallas, Texas. I'm probably different from most of you in that I've never done roleplaying (don't really want to, though it seems fun), and I've only passingly read fantasy books. I do however get into a lot of things with fantasy (well, mostly mythological) elements in them. I don't think I have a very conventional outlook on the world, so my approach to most things is also somewhat nonconventional. I take inspiration from a lot of things, but music probably offers the most. I love classical music from the Romantic period (Mahler, Wagner, Debussy), and modern ones like Shostakovich. I also love heavy bands like Black Sabbath, Down, Metallica, Opeth, Tool; and punkier stuff like Mudvayne, Rancid, Pennywise, and Bad Religion. I'm really open to anything that tries to provoke something from the listener that might otherwise go unnoticed. I certainly also take a great deal of inspiration from other writers (and poets). As said above, I don't typically read standard fantasy, but most of my favorite works have ties to that genre. I do however love Tolkien. I also enjoy Ray Bradbury (read Something Wicked This Way Comes) Joseph Conrad (Heart of Darkness; its tough, but its also a masterpiece) and going along with that, TS Eliot. I love all writing, but particularly enjoy modernism if for no other reason than it leaves questions that help to find an answer. Anyway, not to digress TOO far, I appreciate you visiting my gallery, and hope you enjoy it. Also, PLEASE leave (constructive) comments, its the only way to grow. If you have a chance, visit my friends Darrell 'kell' Pestana and Stephan P. Calloway

Guestbook for Pennywise

7 Nov 200245 Stephan P. Calloway
Welcome to the Woods!!
( *** traditional first comment dance *** )
You are VERY gifted. I've read your first two, am REALLY into 'Konfus Vogul' and can hardly wait until your next installment!!!

:-) Timothy Walsh replies: "Thank you, that's very inspiring to read. I have a new "chapter" of the Konfus Vogel story coming. I'm trying to take my time with it, but I'll put what I have as it gets refined enough for display. Anyway, thanks for the kind words and encouragement. You yourself are very talented, it means a lot."
19 Nov 2002:-) Darrell Scott Pestana
Welcome to the woods, Timothy, thanks for your visit to my humble tree-hut, I can do naught but echoe the wisdom of my friend Stephen, looking forward to more as it becomes available, but I really appreciate what you said about taking your time, that is extremely important!!!
Take care...

:-) Timothy Walsh replies: "Yeah, I'm definitely taking my time (everything so far are just drafts anyway; but there presentable) Anyway, thanks for the encouragement and advice."
20 Nov 200245 Stephan P. Calloway
( *** impatiently drumming fingers, waiting for next installment of 'Konfus Vogul' *** )

:-) Timothy Walsh replies: "The new chapter's up. I have a newer draft of it that I'll get up as soon as possible. I'm about half way through the next chapter (and a couple after that are already down in draft form). Hopefully I can get more of it up real soon. Thanks a lot for your support."
29 Nov 2002:-) Caitlin Schneider
*Reads comment above* Ah the easy part is writing the stuff, then you have to go back and change the spelling and the other stuff so it does'nt sound like a 2nd graders writing. Yes indeed, i have my own book isnt posted here though, been writing for three years, only recently has it gotten serious though, i'll be back when the updates come2

:-) Timothy Walsh replies: "Yeah, gotta love editing. Its a little frustrating to go back and see all the "brain-fart" errors, but its also a good feeling to correct them and have it read the way you want to. I'd love to read some of your work. Thanks for your comments."
7 Dec 200245 Alyssa Whitney
"..Anything that tries to provoke something from the listener that might otherwise go unnoticed..." i really like that. You are an amazingly talented writer. Your writing has that ability too, you know.. Substitute listener with reader. I'm quite honored and a little embarrased that you read my stuff.. But i'm glad that you visited me ^_^ it was a pleasure to read your works today!

:-) Timothy Walsh replies: "Thank you very much, that really means a lot to me. I however must disagree with you; you have absolutely no reason to be embarassed about your work (and I like the picture of yourself you have up; its candid, that's cool). I'm glad you liked what I have here, I'm hoping to have more up very soon."
20 Feb 2003:-) Nicole M. Russo
I took far too long to say something about your comment, Timothy, but I want to say thank you so much for it and your suggestions. As for your writing, I agree with everyone who has commented here so far...you have an amazing talent, your stories are wonderfun.
11 Mar 2003:-) Faraz Hussain
Love 'Konfus Vogul'. Just love how the story is written (not many cruddy errors and whatnot.... *sits in corner cussing at his own work*). =).
4 Apr 200345 Ludovica Wing Shuen Price
You are probably one of the most talented writers I have seen (so far) on Wyvern's. Unfortunately I haven't been round a lot, but a lot of what I have seen has been no way up to your standard. You have a very good style, that still needs some polishing (but then, don't we all???); for instance, some of your sentence structures and choice of words are not exactly what I would have chosen. But overall, your tech and style is very engaging and very promising nonetheless.
I left a couple of comments about, and will probably be back soon to leave more 12 In the meantime, keep up the excellent work!
14 Apr 2003:-) Foxspirit
No picture?? Boo hoo.
30 Oct 2003:-) Shelby Kristen Irons
Hey Timothy. Just wanted to let you know that Chapter 2 of Behind the Glass is now posted. You seemed excited about Chapter 1 so I wanted to let you know that there is more of the story now. Thanks for visiting my gallery and I look forward to hearing from you!
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Timothy Walsh

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