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Krista A. Bucholtz *Pookabunny*

"Quarlani" by Krista A. Bucholtz *Pookabunny*

SciFi/Fantasy Picture 28 out of 37 by Krista A. Bucholtz *Pookabunny*.      ←Previous - Next→
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SciFi and Fantasy Art Quarlani by Krista A. Bucholtz *Pookabunny*
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Quarlani breaks her usual silence and speaks: Yes, I am a dragon trained monk, and a worshipper of Bahamut. It is not that uncommon as many a lawful dragon have become intruiged by the martial arts. My master is a silver of great skill and wisdom.
And yes, I am one of the highly trained dragon slayers of my temple, but only to protect the silvers from the red dragons who on occation feel a need to prove themselves against us.

This is Quarlani (soul in elven) a monk dragon slayer. From a temple that had a mixture of monks, student of the dragon (from a source book.. dragon taught monks) and dragon slayers (good only, to protect the temple from evil dragon enemies). The Silver Cloud Monestary is run by an ancient silver dragon who polymorphed to learn martial arts, and trained elvish students over many lifetimes. Quarlani is on a quest to find a red dragon who attacked the temple and stole a sacred item from the temple.

(pencil sketch, 2003)

5 Aug 200445 Cap'n Thrakki
I like the pose (seems like she is about to perform a jump kick), though her face seems a little odd. Character concept is certainly unique, if perhaps a bit far-fetched. *ponders how Quarlani, monk or not, can not only survive a red dragon--but SLAY it--when she is unarmed and basically unarmored.* Must be some pretty small or weak red dragons...either that or she's unnaturally strong to the point of being able to kick through and break scales/bones.

:-) Krista A. Bucholtz *Pookabunny* replies: "Believe it or not, it's much much easier then would be first assumed.First, she is a mixture of monk main class, and a dragonslayer prestige class (now at 18th lvl. 0.o 9 monk/9 Dragon slayer) (one more based after other slayer classes that give a +1 hit/+1d6 dmg every other level towards slaying thier chosen foe)THEN take the proper feats.. there is a martial arts book by 'chain bikinni' that has a 'break through' feat where by giving up a stunning attack you can ignore natural ac bonuses. (so the dragon is REALY easy to hit)Add on a pair of dragon bane gauntlets +3 (just like the weapon.. only there is no base damage besides her monk unarmed damage, and they are the straps wrapped around her hands.)From the same book, she has magical bracers that allow a ref check to block one attack a round (can we say no bite attack? lolDon't forget the monk's improved evasion and great reflex saves.. that dragon could never hit her with it's breath weapon.It's REALY frightening, but she can take down a red dragon (who is Mature adult or younger) by herself. But I don't actually like to power game at all... but I do enjoy specializing with some characters. If it's not a dragon she's equal to a monk/fighter of the same level. (I played her up from 8th level.)Hope that helped in today's class of 'How a monk can slay a dragon 101' lol"
13 Dec 200445 Cap'n Thrakki
An interesting lesson! Of course this is from the standpoint of D&D rules and stats (I think?). I was trying to imagine it from a "realistic" perspective--how her battle with a dragon itself would look--and I just couldn't see it; it would seem like her fists and feet would be too small to even make a dragon notice her, let alone be able to break one's bones 2

This, of course, comes from a biased opinion, though, because in my own writings, it is impossible for any melee fighter to solo a dragon; I don't care if you've got shiny armor and a sword--one hit from a 22,000 pound dragon, and you're down for the count, headed for the grave!

:-) Krista A. Bucholtz *Pookabunny* replies: "Um.. picture many quick blows to the vitals, that are strong enough to break through dragon scales (much like how a martial artist can break through rows of wood or stone) to hit, rip, wound, weaken and bring the dragon down. (not to mention the monk's ability to jump 'very high' gives a good reach to most dragon 'vital' areas)"
16 Dec 200445 Nugra
*stares speechless*..... -can't say much because she's to cool for words!
17 Apr 200545 Zainas_flames (on neopets)
OH.MY.GOD.i love this picture i love the dragon in the background,the pose,i like everything about it!Keep it up!
23 Jun 200545 Cap'n Thrakki
I hope you don’t get annoyed by me responding to this again (I sometimes check back on comments that result in replies)—but I can’t resist dorky debates like these sometimes 10

A couple concessions: First, Quarlani has the advantage of fantasy on her side—a genre in which technically anything is possible—including female (elven) monks slaying dragons without the need for weapons. Second, it has a certain sexiness to it (even moreso than the female dragonslayers who just use swords to kill)…

That said—how can Quarlani survive a hit from a dragon? You said she can block their bite attack—how? Imagine trying to block something like that! She can also dodge their flame attack, but indefinitely? How can she manage to not get hit through the entirety of a battle with one? A claw attack should rip her in half. Or is her skin rock hard from her training? Even if she can kick a dragon along the chest—and shatter scale—it would seem to me that’s a far cry from damaging vital organs (the scales are just the armor plating, after all). The only vitals I could think of would be the head and maybe the neck; hitting other areas would SEEM to me an exercise in futility, because the organs are so deep within, and the bones very thick (though maybe she is strong enough to break them).

I would imagine Quarlani would have an advantage in the beginning of a battle, as the dragon she was facing would have no idea she could do serious damage whilst unarmed—and yet, when a dragon did realize her abilities, what would stop it from flying away, or performing dive-bomb attacks? How could Quarlani counter that? The only way I could see would be if she could break a wing-bone before the dragon had the opportunity to get airborn. Or does she only fight dragons indoors, in caves, or in heavily forested areas? If worst came to worst, the dragon could run away—and four legs do tend to be better than two for those purposes. Furthermore, if she can potentially beat a dragon to death, it makes no sense to me that she is only ‘equal’ as a fighter to things NOT dragon; she should fell a man in one blow. Chalk that up to silly D&D rules?

Despite all this, I’m not flaming the character concept at all—I’m actually intrigued by it, because I hadn’t ever seen it done before. I’m just engaging with you in a battle of wits, so to speak 10 It would be interesting to see an updated Quarlani picture (or story?), showing her actually fighting a dragon (or already having slain it). Just a friendly suggestion.

--The Cap'n

1 Krista A. Bucholtz *Pookabunny* replies: "Not a problem. I don't mind.how can Quarlani survive a hit from a dragon? (18th lvl... nuff said. 12 )
You said she can block their bite attack—how? (I can't remember the book, but she has a pair of bracers that let you make a reflex save, DC15 I think, to block/deflect one melee attack a round.)
She can also dodge their flame attack, but indefinitely? (She has improved evasion, a reflex save for half or none, and she has a REALY high reflex bonus. 0.o But typically the dragon is down within a few rounds, and with the time between breath weapons it only gets about one or two off during the whole combat.)
Even if she can kick a dragon along the chest—and shatter scale—it would seem to me that’s a far cry from damaging vital organs (*shrugs* I always assuemed it's the same way that real, and fantasy martial arts masters break through metal sheets, or many blocks of stone to smash the one on the bottom, leaving the rest untouched.)
what would stop it from flying away, or performing dive-bomb attacks? (Not much, that's where her major flaw lies. She does try to focus and break the wings early on though. Also Monks.. at least in 3rd ed have incredible leaping distances, as long as she could get it within one round she can typically catch up to it.)
I just tend to leave it to 'it's fantasy'. It's the same way that a knight could use a vorpal sword on a great wyrm red dragon to decapitate it, even though it's sword isn't even the length of the dragon's neck width. 0.o
I know, D&D isn't perfect, but by the rules she's a pretty darned good dragon slayer. She's still rather brutal against non-dragons (18th lvl character multiclass monk/dragonslayer) but her expertise lies in dragon fighting.Oh, and having an adventuring party of friends doesn't hurt one bit either. 12"
27 Jun 200545 Mystic_Dolphin (from Neo)
Silver Dragons now. Okay. Cool.
15 Jul 200545 Cap'n Thrakki
I didn't realize it was possible to hit a layer of bricks, and leave all of them unscathed but the bottom one? It sounds like a defiance of physics to me--and this is talking from a real-life perspective.

Anyway, here's another challenge: I see a problem with the idea of hitting the top metal sheet (or top layer of scales, if you will) to make the one on the bottom break--all of the metal sheets are hard objects, therefore the force of the blow is not dispersed very well; what is below the dragon's scales? Most likely very tough, powerful muscles. And muscles are FAR better at absorbing and dispersing blunt force than bone, or say scale.

To use an example: what would happen if you were to place a pillow between two stone blocks? The top stone would probably fracture when the martial artist hit it, but the pillow would absorb the force and prevent it from reaching the bottom stone, leaving it unscathed.

Because of this, I would think damaging vital organs in the chest region, for example, would be very difficult due to the thick muscles, particularly in the breast area; you need big muscles to fly. Now, if Quarlani was focusing the brunt of her attacks on the dragon's head, this point is moot, since there's more bone and scale there than muscle, relatively speaking. And I guess if she landed a well-placed jumping kick to the dragon's jaw and broke it, she could eliminate its bite attack at the same time as striking the "vital" head area.

And yeah, it’s pretty silly when you think that if she can slay a dragon so fast, a humanoid could give her difficulty; if she can crack scale, she should be able to do it to plate armor, too! And if someone wasn't wearing armor at all, well, yikes. Of course, if this were allowed, Qualani would be like a walking goddess of destruction, killing any one that faced her.

To turn the tables, I wonder what would happen if she faced a dragon that had an ability similar to hers: that is, a dragon elfslayer? How about a dragon that recognized her, thus not starting the fight at an automatic disadvantage?

As opposed to D&D (or some other games or writings) the dragons in my story are things you wouldn't want to mess with: all of them have the ability through a bioligical bacterial process to turn all four sets of claws just a bit harder than diamond--at will. And some types are venomous; if you think a snakebite is bad, think of the amount of poison a dragon could inject with its fangs (probably enough to kill 100 humans). They also are not slow, or lacking in initiative or intelligence. Breath weapons are used prudently, not haphazardly. Finally, their scales are bi or tri-layered, the top being hard like normal scales, the bottom ones being pliant; they flex more easily than they break, thus vastly increasing shock absorption. To me, that's a true dragon--something that would be an extreme asset to have as a friend...and something you DON'T want as an enemy.
15 Jul 200545 Cap'n Thrakki
From a technical rule standpoint, that explains it. I do not, however, play D&D. So my perspective winds up coming from one created through reading books or playing online MMORPGs.

When I think of battles (in writing, at least), I try to assume something of a "realistic" perspective. For instance, in my own writing, when designing dragons, the first point of comparison I thought of was an elephant. So I thought, given the weight of this beast, and its terrible strength, would, say, a medieval knight stand a chance against a full grown African Elephant? No. Now imagine adding 50% to said elephant's weight, more strength, flight, fire breath, scales harder than elephant skin (elephant's skin can be thick enough itself to stop lighter calibre bullet rounds), and you have something that no one person, unless they are a very powerful magic user, could consider taking on 2

To me, the easiest way a dragon could kill any supposed dragon slayer would be to knock them down and pin them, then rend, stomp, or roast to death. You can't dodge a dragon if it’s holding you down, nor can you outmuscle its strength, or overcome its immense weight. Traditional dragons rely too much on breath weapons, IMO. Why use fire when claws achieve a similar result, and for less energy? Also, dragons usually wind up making stupid mistakes in battles that give the advantage to the slayer.

Anyway, you can see how the concept of dragon slayers seems strange to me, and especially how Quarlani is unique (but kudos to you for avoiding the cliche knight dragon-slayer concept and doing something different)! It's tough for ME to imagine her battle with a dragon, given the (unusual?) perspective I have on things. That's why I start asking questions like: how does she block a dragon's bite, kill one unarmed, or survive a hit from its claws? I suppose D&D doesn't NEED to explain how or why--and it IS fantasy, after all. Although I still imagine, even using D&D rules, it must be very embarrassing for the typical haughty dragon to engage in battle with Quarlani--and find itself on the receiving end of a flurry of this “harmless” female elf’s kicks and punches, taking the beating of its life. And if Quarlani is slaying the dragons in a "few rounds", it sounds like she performs quickly (though I am not sure how long a round typically constitutes, or how many hits are involved in one). I had thought her battle with a dragon would actually be a drawn-out process that would take her some time, and be even a little gory, with broken bits of scales and blood (mostly dragon, but some her own) scattered across the combat area. What ever way you look at it though, talk about destroying the ego! 1 From a human perspective, I would liken it to getting your butt kicked by an angry, "human-slayer" chipmunk. The weight, strength, and toughness advantage you have over the chipmunk would be similar to the advantage a dragon would have over a human or elf. Boy, would that hurt the confidence!

:-) Krista A. Bucholtz *Pookabunny* replies: "Lol.. yup that's about it. D&D can be pretty silly at times. And don't worry, I love these types of polite debates. My husband and I do this all the time. 1By a basic visualization, picture the small elven woman against a red dragon who is.. lets say, 40 feet long.
The dragon is haughty and doens't realy see the threat for what it is, he breathes fire, she uses evasion and it doesn't affect her. She moves much faster then he expects (monk's high speed and inproved initiative) and before he knows it she's leaping over 60' in the air and doing a round house kick to his head (end of the charge.)
Now they face off, dragons are rather slow for initiative so she goes first. Uses 'flurry of blows' (monk ability), to hit him 4 times faster then he can blink. She knows how to make her hits count (power attack feat, which takes away from percision but adds to damage) but she can't hit through his armor as well. In her youth in the mountains she learned the ability to break through ice, then stone, then metal blocks, ignoring the top ones and hitting the bottom bricks. She focuses during her hits (a feat called 'strike though' that lets you use up a stunning blow to ignore natural armor for a round) and now due to training the dragon is about as armored as a naked human to her blows.
At the worst it dives in with claws, bite, wings, tail. The worst is the bite. Her magical bracers (again, wraps) basically deflect one attack with a reflex save. Hmm. tough to visualize, I like to picture it as more of the magic of her helping her to dodge, and block off the side of it's mouth. If I can think of a better image for how a magic item like that works I'll use it. 12
In a very fantasy, martial arts maneuver (think again of FANTASY martial arts, the finger poke taking down the brutal warrior) she hits him so fast that you can't see her arms and feet move.
Through her natural brutal, killing damage (monks have vicious unarmed attacks that due lethal damage), her training as a dragon slayer (ie. bonus damage) the magical dragon bane hand wraps/gauntlets (doing extra damage), her powerful attacks, and trained to punch through natural armor to hit the soft insides of creatures... the dragon tends to fall within 6-18 seconds (ie. 1-3 rounds).It's scary, but think again of fantasy martial arts movies, the finger poke and the warrior falls. Mind you with all of her heavy training against dragons her training in other places is lacking. She had trouble hitting somebody trained not to use armor, she had trouble with real armor, and her blows just are not even a fraction as powerful due to lack of magic and training with humanoid forms.It's silly, I know, but it's fantasy and typically you have to go with 'suspension of disbelief' with D&D at times. 12Oh, with the pin, I bet that would work if he could catch her. 0.o There is another flaw. I should keep my husband from reading your ideas or Quarlani will be in heaps of trouble. lol
and yes, she usualy does come out REALY hurt, nearly dead from these encounters. It's a very rare, and very lucky (or unlucky for the DM) set of dice rolls that keep her realatively un-scathed.
I rarely make so focused, powerhouse characters like this, but sometimes it is fun for a concept to actually go through, figure out exactly the best way an elf could slay a dragon unarmed, and go with it. ^^"
28 Aug 200545 Cutie20066
I wonder what the dragon in the background means.....
18 Feb 200645 Fire Griffen
Nice power stance...
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