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Michael Baker

"The Tower.htm" by Michael Baker

SciFi/Fantasy text 1 out of 1 by Michael Baker.      ←Previous - Next→
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A maiden is held hostage in her tower,  while a Unicorn and a waririor battle a troll and dragon to free her.

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In Arvendell, in Terathan, Across the mist enshrouded Land,

There stands a Lonely tower upon a Hill.

Upon a tree encrested mound, engulfed by flowers all around,

The Violet, Ivy and the Daffodil.

A Maiden fair there did dwell, alone she lived in Arvedell.

A mystery to all who in that land did dwell.

Of slender build and darkened tress, none with in the land possessed,

The beauty of which all who saw came enspelled.

Morwen she was called by Elves, Men knew her by that name as well.

All woodland creatures came up to her tower.

Men thought she was a woodland sprite, a fey who came out of the night,

And no one knew by whence she had this power.

There also lived in Terathan, and roamed across the wooded land,

A creature of golden mane and golden horn.

The Elven Realm have tales they sing, and woodland creatures call him king,

This creature that men call the Unicorn.

And Oft times in the midday sun the unicorn would come up at a run,

And stare across the field at Morwen’s Tower.

And she would bring him sheaths of hay and lumps of sugar and watch him play,

Lost in time from hour to hour.

And when the evening moon would rise, as darkness chased light from the skies,

The Unicorn would touch her nose to cheek.

Then sounding forth a cheerful neigh, would bound across the moonlit way,

Springing ore the trickling silver creek.

But The Troll king lived back in the hills, among the rocks and stones and rills,

Playing tricks on all who happened buy.

Some he turned to living stone, some he killed and gnawed their bones,

And some he turned their hair to grey and white.

But Morwen fair he sought to own, a trophy to sit by his throne,

And this was not a thing she would accept.

And so he trapped her in the tower, upon the hill amidst the flower.

A Black dragon there he used to guard his pet.

The Unicorn then heard of her plight, and traveled err the day and night,

To free the lovely Morwen from her spire.

The dragon sought to bar the way, to keep the unicorn at bay,

And with his dragons breath he loosed his fire.

Then morwen fair cried out, “please flee, I’ll not have one take hurt for me,

Though my fate be sealed within these walls of stone.”

And the Unicorn then stayed his pace, the Dragon then began his Chase,

And the Troll king laughed and gnawed upon a bone.

Beyond the realms of Elven Ken, Beyond the thoughts of mortal men,

The Unicorn and Dragon took their race.

Cross mountain tops of Icy Snow, through the fire pits of hell below,

Through the pathless voids of ethereal space.

But the dragon failed to catch his prey, and vowed there be another day,

For a reckoning between the two there was sure to be.

For Unicorn are swift indeed and none can dare to match there speed,

And the Unicorn remained unscathed and free.

For long hours the twain were gone, the maiden in her tower alone,

The Troll king wondered of his Dragons fate.

The land decayed of Dragons fire and mischief if the Troll kings ire,

And creatures of the dark displayed their hate.

Then Morwen sang soft and forlorn and wondered of the Unicorn,

The chirping birds seemed her only friends.

Through the night the song carried far, across the plains up to the stars.

And the Troll king made his demands again.

“If you will but come with me, I’ll free you from this menagerie,

And you can wander ‘cross the land again.

Flowers will spring up where you stride, Trees will grow where they have died,

This useless tragedy will finally end.”

Then Morwen look down on the Troll, Considering his words so bold,

But his eyes she only saw her death.

“I’ll not relent though here I’ll stay, if even till my dying day,

You speak your lies with every single breath”.

The Troll king then cried out in a rage, “Stay here then within your cage,

I’ll not waste another breath upon this plight.

For far away are other men, who might have held thee, then again,

They fear me more than they fear the night.”

And the Dragon returning said, ”I’ve chased the Unicorn through Dread,

Lands and realms and dimensions far away.

But yet he has eluded me and this I vow when he returns you’ll see

Him engulfed by dragons fire upon that day.”

In Morwens heart a fire was lit, of hope unbound and unfettered it

Sprang forth in song that carried through the night.

The dragon roared out in his wrath, his fire burned another path,

While the Troll king sat laughing with delight.

But through the darkness came a sound, both Troll and Dragon to confound,

A neigh as laughter filled the very air.

And in return her song she sang, and loudly through the hills it rang

And smile did Morwen the maiden fair.

Across the land a Silence fell, like death had come on Arvendell.

The only sound the singing from the tower.

The Troll king set his guards and spells, the Dragon ever watching cross the dell,

Upon the hill with no leaf or flower.

But across the land there stealthily strode, a knight unknown on any road.

As from the very earth he came to be.

And through the woods he tracked a path, and saw the dragons aftermath.

Through tearful eyes each trap he’d plainly see.

He passed them by not taking hurt, he left no traces in the dirt,

As silently the knight moved from tree to tree.

Up to the tower he nimbly crept. As the Troll king snored and the dragon slept,

And Morwen gently sing out her plea.

The Knight Walk boldly through the gat, unafraid of his own fate,

His silver mail shining in the light.

But neither Troll nor Dragon stirred, as the knight passed them both unheard

And through the door he vanished from all sight.

And in the Tower the two did meet, a racing of their hearts did beat.

And in embrace a comfort the did feel.

A healing of their hearts they shared, and of the souls they freely bared,

Knowing that the dread without was real.

But time did not allow the space, for the danger that they both must face,

A storm they could not weather out or ride.

With his blade drawn in brief farewell, The knight descended back to hell,

For in the tower long he would not hide.

Again he looked back up the stair, Morwen still was standing there,

And in salute, to his face he raised his sword.

“Valeran I am called fair maid, By Elven craft my sword was made,

Your freedom you will have upon my word”.

And thought the door again he went, the sun was rising, the moon was spent,

And in the glade light shimmered in the morn.

“Awake you minions of the night, face your defeat in mornings light,

an witness Arvendell as its reborn.

He Troll king came down from his lair. The Dragon roared into the air,

Spewing fire He rained flame onto the ground.

The Knight sword swung up in an arc, the flame split and missed its mark,

Valeran stood smiling midst the smoldering mound.

“Knight,” the Troll hissed as if a curse, “You think us twain you can disperse,

I’ve destroyed much mightier than thee.”

“I’ll turn you to half flesh and stone and then I’ll gnaw you to the bone,

You’ll wish you’d not laid your eyes on me.”

So Troll and Dragon sprung their trap, Valeran waited for their attack,

And Morwen stood there in anticipation.

The Dragon swung his mighty tail, Valeran leapt high above the trail,

His Blade swinging in retaliation.

And cutting deeply with his sword, the Dragon loosed and anguished roar,

As the knight landed sure of foot.

And feeling now both pain and ire, the Dragon spewed again his fire

Covering the land with ash and soot.

The Troll king growled and swung his mace, Valeran retreated back a pace

And met the Troll kings mace against his blade.

The Troll king the pressed his attack, Driving Valeran further back,

Amidst the flame now raging in the Glade.

But then with skill of unseen grace, unknown in men of any race,

Valeran leapt spinning in the air.

Past the Troll he came back down, landing Deftly on the ground,

And again he faced the allied pair.

“You cannot win you’ll not possess, this land or maid of darkened tress,

She’s not a prize to be taken ‘against her will.”

The Troll king laughed and raised his mace, the dragon moved aside a pace,

And his mighty lungs began to fill.

“With trifling words and little fight, you seek to change this maidens plight,

To this very end our minds our set.”

And with that the Troll king lunged, The knight Valeran to expunge,

So once again he might reclaim his pet.

Valeran shifted right then spun left, His sword flamed brightly as it cleft.

Across the Troll kings unprotected hide.

And the in pain the Troll king howled, and breathing fire the Dragon growled,

And came to where the injured Troll king lie.

Valeran shifted left and then moved right, the dragon kept the knight in sight.

Spitting fire to where the Knight had been.

And from the Tower there came a sound, a voice in song that filled the mound,

Surprised the dragon paused to listen.

And from the forest there came reply, a vocal harmony so sly,

It seemed to emanate from all around.

Then Morwen sang much stronger still, the voices seemed to fill the rill,

As the troll kings life seeped slowly to the ground.

The Troll then moaned, cursed and spat, The dragon spread his wings like a bat,

And took flight into the day lit sky.

High he flew, almost from sight, Morwen gazed down to the knight,

And to the ground where on the Troll did lie.

The knight sword lowered to the Troll, “You had your chance to leave you know,

Make no mistake this day you chose your fate.”

With a Final thrust the Troll was Dead, There came a cry of rage from over head,

As the Dragon diving downward spewed his hate.

And as the knight dove ‘cross the mound, the dragon fire struck the ground,

Consuming troll and plant and Stream.

And then a flash of gold was seen, a glint of white and silver sheen,

That shown through the haze of flame and steam.

It slammed The Dragon in the chest, and Morwen saw the Dragon wretch,

And slowly spiral downward from the sky.

Across the land a silence fell, as if afraid to break the spell,

That caused both Troll and Dragon now to die.

Morwen rushed down from her Tower and about the land began to scour,

For the Knight and Unicorn so dear.

Across the dell she saw a flash, of golden light amidst the ash,

And to her eyes there slowly came a tear.

But not in sadness or distress, did the maid of darkened tress,

Weep amidst the ash of dragon scorn.

For standing there amidst the glade, Valeran stood looking at the maid,

Beside him stood the king of the Unicorns.

And as the crossed the ruined mound, Trees and Plants sprang from the ground,

And Flowers of every kind began to bloom.

And all the hurt and evil done, by the Troll king just for fun

Was redressed by rising of the moon.

And then the Unicorn did speak, “this fight and sojourn has left me weak,

And I must now return to my own kind.

But look among the Stars at night and you’ll see me shining bright,

And hear me sing with in your mind.

And this brave Knight who fights alone, Shall be the next to claim the throne,

Of the enchanted realms and Elven land.

But as with all who rule I’ve seen, there’ll come a day he’ll need a queen,

But that choice must be made her own hand.”

An so the Unicorn King did leave, and For a while did Morwen grieve,

But as with all things time did heal those scars.

And Knight and Maid did share their love, and on nights clear they looked above,

And saw the Unicorn among the stars.

And if they listened quietly, they heard a song of joy and glee,

As if the Unicorn still played across the land.

And if you listen very still, You’ll hear the song upon the hill,

In the Tower, in Arvendell in Terathan.




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'The Tower.htm':
 • Created by: :-) Michael Baker
 • Copyright: ©Michael Baker. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Epic, Poetry, Tale
 • Categories: Dragons, Drakes, Wyverns, etc, Mythical Creatures & Assorted Monsters, Orc, Goblins, Trolls, Trollocs..., Warrior, Fighter, Mercenary, Knights, Paladins, Unicorns
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