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Leo Ratliff

"Perversion" by Leo Ratliff

SciFi/Fantasy Picture 9 out of 13 by Leo Ratliff.      ←Previous - Next→
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SciFi and Fantasy Art Perversion by Leo Ratliff
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Just something I doodled one day when I was bored.

1 Jul 200345 Meysam nn
Hey guys , if u don't know this gentleman who was our leadership against the devil (shah) so plz don't talk about him such a this way , he was really a great man , god bless his soul in heaven . I'm persian and i know him very well . And maybe it is because of the bad and misunderstanding advertisements . Believe me plz .But ofcourse all our leader and muslims are not honest and true .
13 Oct 200345 METAL MANIAC
If that pig in the picture had'nt started messing with us years ago,Reagan,2 Bushes and a Carter would not be considered demons now would they? Try freedom,and democracy,it has its faults,but i'll take it any day.It sure beats eating dirt and living in a cave.Take a shower,you might not be so bitter.
7 Jul 200445 Amy
this man is a good muslim he was brave and GREAT
27 Sep 200545 Bagdolldragon
Its me again. just wanted to say, I,m not one of those chritian bods, or dogooders, either. What is it the pagans say? Do as you will, that it hurt no man?
27 Sep 200545 Bagdolldragon
whether the man was good or bad, the picture is good. However, from an older person,I have learned that,there will always be war and hate , unless BOTH parties are prepared to forget the past and look to the future,WITHOUT greed. THINK, WHAT are we leaving our children? more war, more hate.If there is life on other worlds, will they want us in such a condition?Please, forgive, even if you cant forget.
15 Nov 200545 Vera
I find it amusing that this art raises a lot of anger! I think people forgot to look at how nicely the drawing is made!
21 Mar 200645 Anonymous
And you call yourself an artist! Ha ha ha

Imam Khomeini is at "Behesht zahra". Do a google search and try and copy any of the pictures, you might get more attention!

For those of you who are not old enough to know but want to know why we are in a world of hate, you too can do a google search for the Imam Khomeini.

Today i realized something that i didn’t realize before. The art world is no longer full of starving artists, rather, it is full of brain washed, uneducated, war mongering, money grabbing chicken ****s who like to beat on some nation hero who has been dead for almost 30 years to make a name for themselves. Shame on you, shame on those people who think the art world is has a place for hate!

:-) Leo Ratliff replies: "You’re stupid first of all. The drawing isn’t even about the ayatolla you’re refering to. And second of all, I guess you’re the chicken**** since you post anonymously. And third, it’s an undead holy man, how much funnier can you get. As for the rest of you haters, if you don’t like it, don’t look. BTW, for the comment by "thenextone", the drawing was in fact done when I was 15, which was 23 yrs ago so I guess you’re right when you say it seems adolescent."
5 May 200645 Jenny
5 May 200645 Jenny

5 May 200645 Jenny
I'm surprised everyone isn't getting angry at 'Osama' and his comments that are obviously mocking the whole situation.

First of, I do not agree with ANY of Imam Khomeini's views on Israel. His main point was that the Palestinian people lived there long before the Israelis did. But let me point out one thing, if everyone had the land they originally lived in, things would be a lot different today! America wouldn't be 'the land of immigrants', South America wouldn't be 'Spanish', Australia would be largely uninhabited, there would have never been any British influence in India, etc. To sum it up there would be no colonisation and imperialism floating around at all. But in reality there is! So what makes Palestine so special that they have a right, no no, the DUTY to annihilate Israel and take back their land. How about the Native Americans take back over America and all African Americans will be forced back to Africa and all European Americans will be forced back to Europe. And if we want to keep going back how about Africa gets to annihilate everyone because all life started in Africa so they are OBVIOUSLY the chosen people. Or better yet lets ANNIHILATE all major religions besides Judaism, seeing as the major religions just branch off from it. You see... IT WOULDN'T WORK!! GET THIS THROUGH YOUR HEAD PEOPLE! Israel has offered land to the Palestinian people and in return they have said no way we want all or nothing and have sent COUNTLESS suicide bombers into Israel. I bet you didn't know that the majority [almost 90%] of Palestinian casualties are young men who are either suicide bombers, terrorists, or fighting in the military, where as around 40% of Israeli casualties are ELDERLY AND INFANT CIVILIAN WOMEN, not women in the armed forces, but CIVILIANS. And I also bet that you didn't know that the largest group of people donating money to Palestine [for the civilians who are getting screwed over in this palestinian/israeli conflict] are AMERICAN JEWS! We don't want to fight you! We WANT you to leave us in PEACE! I am disgusted with the situation going on in Palestine.

And while this has little to do with the picture [which is lovely I must say] you people standing up in Imam Khomeini's defence should learn your facts before opening your mouths. To anonymous the artist never even mentioned Imam Khomeini's name or anything bad about him so how can you say that he is full of hate when you are the 'chicken shit' that is attacking his drawing ability?!
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 • Created by: :-) Leo Ratliff
 • Copyright: ©Leo Ratliff. All rights reserved!

 • Keywords: Art, Ayatolla, Comedy, Desert, Evil, Fantasy, Funny, Iran, Iraq, Komeni, Middle east, Sand, Shaw, Snake, Turban, Turkey
 • Categories: Angels, Religious, Spiritual, Holy, Demons, Imps, Devils, Beholders..., Head or Facial Study, Humourous or Cute Things, Man, Men, Royalty, Kings, Princes, Princesses, etc
 • Techniques: Pencil/Graphite Pen
 • Views: 750
 • Resolution: 375x589

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